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November 21, 2014


We stopped by the Rockingham Mall across from the venue and ate some grub before heading to the show.  We meandered our way into the cageside area and quickly took a spot.  There were many familiar faces around the venue.  They are all pumped for the last Combat Zone of the year.  John Vena was the host for the evening.  The judges are Mike Walls, Flano and Alan Lau.  The referees are Kevin MacDonald and John English.  There are 9 fights total and 4 of them are professional ones.  DJ Mark Oliveri is handling the sound for the evening.  The two ring girls are looking beautiful and major props to one of the girls filling in for the open spot just a few hours before the event! Fights are about to start so please follow along with us as we recap the evening.

190 AM Kristian Lombari (0-5 Team Fury) vs. Sean Seaburg (0-1 Boom Athletics)

Seaburg starts us off with a kick.  Kristian gets the takedown and Sean works his way back up.  Sean rocks him with a right hand that drops Kristian.  He covers his back and moves to full mount.  Seaburg works a americana and gets the tap. Lombari came out tense and over aggressive and got caught.

Sean Seaburg defeats Kristian Lombari by tapout to americana at 1:15 in Rd 1.

150 AM David Brown (1-2 LVRT) vs. Jeff Beal (0-0 Dynamic Martial Athletics)

Brown gets in a quick combo and is fighting for a takedown.  He gets it by shoulder toss but can't maintain position and Beal bounces right back up.  Beal gets in a body shot and Brown connects with a 1-2 combo.  Brown is applying pressure to Beal and Beal punches his way out.  Beal connects with a right hand.  Brown connects with two kicks to the body followed up by 3 straight jabs.  Brown gets the takedown and is trying to get in some ground and pound.  They work their way back up as the round ends.

Brown 10-9

Rd 2:  Brown gets another shoulder toss takedown.  Beal works his way back up but gets caught in a guillotine briefly.  Brown works another guillotine and Beal goes out.  He falls to the ground and Brown gets in a few punches as the round stops.

David Brown defeats Jeff Beal by technical submission to guillotine 1:08 in Rd 2.

Catchweight AM Dylan Lockard (1-0 PMA) vs. Josh Harvey (2-0 Young's MMA)

Josh dives for a takedown and Dylan sprawls nicely.  Josh goes for another takedown and gets him down briefly but Dylan works his way up and takes his back.  Harvey defends it and they spin and Dylan ends up on the bottom and sinks in the triangle in just mere seconds.  About 5 seconds later and Josh is forced to tap.

Dylan Lockard defeats Josh Harvey by tapout to triangle at 1:48 in Rd 1.  Lockard is no joke.  Keep an eye out for this guy.  Rick Hawn and PMA has trained him well.

125 AM Jesse Gutierrez (2-3 Connors MMA) vs. Ryan Kane (2-1 CCFA)

Both fighters are starting out working their kicks.  These guys are hitting hard as nails.  Jesse just misses with a high kick.  Jesse got Ryan back pedaling.  Jesse goes for the takedown and gets it.  Jesse gets in a few hammerfists before the round ends.

Gutierrez 10-9

Rd 2:  Jesse starts us out with a leg kick.  Both fighters get in a solid shot to the head.  Jesse connects with a looping right.  Jesse gets in another leg kick.  Jesse connects with a spinning kick that stuns Kane.  He is trying to get the finish but runs out of time.

Gutierrez 10-9

Rd 3:  Jesse connects with a jab.  Jesse connects with a right hook.  Gutierrez continue to push the pace as he has this entire fight.  Jesse gets in a kick to the body.  Jesse gets the quick takedown as the round ends.

Gutierrez 10-9

Jesse Gutierrez defeats Ryan Kane by unanimous decision.  Fight of the night right here!  Jesse controlled the fight over a young Ryan Kane.  Kane just couldn't adjust to the southpaw.  He will be back though!  Kane has too much talent.  Congratulations to El Leche as Jesse earned his purple belt which was given to him inside the cage after his win from John Connors.

145 AM Danny Abad (2-2 Chainsaw Army) vs. Lloyd Fernandes (2-1 PMA)

Lloyd catches a leg kick and counters with an inside kick.  He gets the slamming takedown.  Abad defends and has a guillotine but can't get the finish.  Lloyd slams him down again and Abad works his way up.  Danny takes the back briefly and they fall to the ground.  Lloyd ends up in half guard and is trying to pass to full mount as the round ends.

Fernandes 10-9

Rd 2:  Lloyd gets the takedown and Abad works his way up.  Lloyd takes his back and works a body triangle.  Lloyd is trying to get the finish by rear naked choke but Abad is staying active and doing a great job at defending.

Fernandes 10-9

Rd 3:  Abad connects with a kick to the body.  Abad gets a nasty guillotine.  Lloyd fights it and somehow gets out.  They are back up and Abad is working his striking.  Both fighters are exhausted.  Lloyd gets the takedown and moves to full mount as the round ends.

Fernandes 10-9

Lloyd Fernandes defeats Danny Abad by unanimous decision.  Awesome battle from both fighters.

Catchweight  PRO Ibrahim Eid (0-1) vs. Tim Caron (0-0 Burgess MMA)

Caron starts us off with a leg kick.  Eid lunges forward and gets caught with the in-flight-jumping-nut shot.  Ouch!  Fight resumes and Caron closes the gap and and takes him down.  He takes the back and works a rear naked choke for the tap.

Tim Caron defeats Ibrahim Eid via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:08 seconds in Rd 1.

155 PRO Pete San-Antonio (0-0 Mohawk Valley) vs. Ricky Sylvester (2-0 ATT)

Ricky misses with a lightening fast right.  Pete gets in an outside leg kick.  Pete fights for a takedown and Ricky defends it.  Ricky gets the hip toss takedown and moves to full mount.  He is looking for the rear naked choke but doesn't quite have the legs locked.  Pete slips out and is now working half guard.  They move back up to their feet and Pete gets the takedown.  He is working the side  and on their way back up he gets in a solid knee to the head of Ricky.  Ricky gets in a right hand as Pete gets another takedown.  Ricky works his way up and gets in 3 solid punches.  Pete gets in a jumping knee.  The crowd is going nuts.  Pete slams Ricky back to the mat and gets in two solid elbows as the round ends.

Pete 10-9

Rd 2:  Pete connects with a right.  Ricky connects with a right and down goes Pete.  Pete grabs for the armbar but Ricky defends it nicely.  Pete gets the takedown and works an arm triangle for the tap.

Pete San-Antonio defeats Ricky Sylvester by arm triangle at 2:34 seconds in Rd 2.  Fight was an insane back and forth battle.  This one takes over as fight of the night so far.

145 PRO Vovka Clay (1-0 Triumph MMA) vs. John Santos (2-1 Team Fury)

Vovka gets the takedown.  Vovka is trying to pull him away from the cage but John gets back to his feet.  Santos gets in a kick to the body.  Vovka works another takedown and slams him down right in his corner.  John works his way to his feet.  John connects with a solid right and Vovka goes down.  He grabs the legs an works his way back up.  Vovka gets the takedown and postures up.  He gets in two hammerfists before Santos gets some space and works his way up.   Clay is threatening with a d'arce as the round ends.

Clay 10-9

Rd 2:  Santos gets the takedown.  Clay works his way to his feet and Santos gets him down again.  He gets an illegal knee in that looked unintentional.  Clay takes a minute and the fight is back on.  Clay goes for a takedown and Santos defends it.  Clay tries again and gets it.  Santos uses the cage and stands up and Clay slams him back down.  Santos gives up his back and Clay works the rear naked choke for the tap.

Vovka Clay defeats John Santos by tapout to rear naked choke at 2:58 in Rd 2.

145 PRO Taylor Trahan (5-1 Team Link North) vs. Chris Foster (7-3 DCNU)

Foster comes forward and Trahan leads with an uppercut.  Foster counters and connects with a straight right and then follows it up with another that knocks Trahan out cold.

Chris Foster defeats Taylor Trahan via knockout punch in 19 seconds in Rd 1.  My god that was shockingly quick.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Ricky Sylvester vs. Pete San-Antonio
KO OF THE NIGHT:  Chris Foster over Taylor Trahan
SUB OF THE NIGHT: Dylan Lockard submission

Combat Zone closed out the year with a bang!  The show was packed with fight fans and the fighters delivered.  Next on the horizon is Combat Zone is having their next show January 30th and I believe Jake Pilla will be defending his belt on that card.  CES is also having a show that night so we will have to split the crew up.  We learned a few things from Combat Zone that will carry us into the next year.  First thing is Dylan Lockard has some awesome talent and he will be one to watch in 2015.  Secondly Chris Foster is back and in a big way with a huge statement to the 145lb division.  Special thanks to Combat Zone for having us and allowing us to cover the show.  Also thanks to Warchild for taking such great photos!  See you all next time and we will have to see if some of the photos will make it into our Best of Photos of 2014.