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January 30, 2015

CES on Live play-by-play and review

The internet here is in and out so it may be that this isn't going to work out.  However the fights are live on and then televised later on

Chris Cole Vs Dan Cormier Flyweights start off the night for CES 27.  Three rounds of action ensue bringing the crowd to it's feet for the first bout of what is a highly anticipated card kicking off the CES MMA / AXS.Tv partnership in 2015.  The first and third rounds I scored heavily in favor of Chris Cole as he drew first blood and pushed a fervent pace.  Round 2 was a bit harder for me to score as Dan did more to establish his presence, but it may not have been his round in the end.  Unanimous Decision 30-27 Chris Cole.

Andres Jeudi KO's Jeff Anderson in the very first round.  It happened so fast I didnt have time to get the photos.  Jeff protests the stoppage and Andres is exuberant.

Eric Spicely Vs Kevin Haley Middleweights  ends in the first round after Haley pressures Spicely into the cage for a few moments.  Haley gets the takedown, but Spicely immediately went on the hunt for a heel hook.  The action was seemingly on hold while both men, a tangle of interwoven legs, sorted things out while Ref Kevin MacDonald patiently monitored the process until out of nowhere Haley cried out and the fight was over halted.

James Murrin Vs Robert Sullivan Featherweights
Round 1 Murrin seemed to be getting the better of the exchanges on the feet forcing Sullivan to look for his opportunity on the ground.  A short spell on his back and Murrin finds his way back to his feet, but is dragged to the mat once more until the round times out.  Sullivan ends the round on top and most likely is awarded the round by the fact that he had the majority of the round in a dominant position over Murrin.
Round 2 Sullivan pressures Murrin right away and finds a big high crotch single worthy of style points as Murrin goes up and over.  Sullivan works the top game landing some hard elbows and looking to pass into mount from Murrin's active half guard.  Murrin finds the cage edge and works his way up to his feet in the final minute of the round.
Round 3 and Sullivan is looking tired.  Murrin is clearly the more skilled striker, but Sullivan is a grinder and guts it out to finish his takedown.  Murrin locks up the guard while the crowd is crying for him to "Get Up!".  Obviously easier said than doen.  Again he finds his feet and now the Ginger is unwilling to alter his game plan.  He's going to continue to drag Murrin to the ground.  The crowd wins and Big Dan stands the fighters up.  Sullivan is forced to stand now as the last minutes of the round tick away.  Murrin bloddies the ginger up and the exhaustion is evident.  Sullivan can barely pedal away quick enough and his hands are lying at waist height as the bell sounds off.
I score this a split decision for Sullivan.  Apparently the Murrin supporters are feeling the odds are not in their favor.  29-28 30-27 30-27 comes off the cards for a Unanimous Decision for Robert Sullivan.

Rico Disciullo Vs Mark Kelleher Featherweights
Round 1 Rico and Mark exchange heavy leather.  Rico is still throwing bricks after the layoff.  Kelleher has a chin though and powers through more than one blistering combination.  Rico shows he is also able to endure punsihment as Kelleher delivers elbows, a soccer style headkick that lands, and submissions.  Mark takes the round by with slick moves and iron will determination.
Round 2 starts off with a bang as Rico comes off the line looking for the kill.  His intensity is met ounce for ounce by the game opponent in Kelleher.  A back and forth ground battle unfolds in this round.  Kelleher spends a few moments on his back.  At the 10sec mark Rico rallies with some solid shots landed upstairs.  They may be even at a round apiece.
Round 3 and Rico is setting his sights an the "W"  Kelleher is looking a bit more tired of the two.  He threw a roundhouse that Rico anticipated and ducks cleanly under.  Kelleher is distracted by the miss and Rico pounces on him at once.  Rico is working relentlessly to unhinge Mark, but in the end Mark is able to transition onto Rico's back once more and threaten deep submissions.  A tough one for me to score, but I think it will go to Rico.  30-27 29-28 29-28 Unanimous Decision Rico Disciullo

The televised portion of tonight's card is about to get started after a brief 15min intermission.

Kyle Bochniak Vs Thomas English Featherweights
Round 1 The fighters meet in the middle of the cage.  English has serious hand speed and is easily landing combinations.  Bochniak is grinding through the round.  He's applying copious amounts of pressure to English pressing the man against the cage and dropping in for the shot and takedown with frequency.  By the end of the round both men are moving at a slightly slower pace.  We'll see who recovers in the break.
Round 2 Bochniak is the first to land a flush right hand that staggers English.  English tries to grab a single leg and eats his share of elbows and short strikes.  Bochniak then gets his own takedown.  Kyle then stuns the crowd by delivering several headbutts to the chest of Thomas.  Kyle is firmly on top and imposing his will. English is bleeding from the eyes.  Most likely a result of the elbows earlier in the round.  The round ends with both men on their feet swinging for the fences.  English is bloodied and feeling the pressure.  I give that round to Bochniak.
Round 3 Bochniak is just all over English.  At times he's outstriking him on the feet.  Other moments he's punishing him from above while in the half guard.  The entire round was a fast paced hyper active one delivered by Bochniak to which English had no reasonable answer.  I see the decision going to Bochniak.  Perhaps the judges will be in agreement.   They are.  Kyle Bochniak by Unanimous Decision

Dinis Paiva Vs Matt Doherty Bantamweights
Round 1 well there really wasn't a round 1.  Dinis rushes in on all fours they circle a bout two steps and and swing all at once there are bodies on the ground, Dinis is on top of Matt and Kevin the Ref is barreling in to stop the action.  Paiva KO's Doherty in 10sec.

Luis Felix Vs D'Juan Owens Lightweights
Round 1 Luis is calm and composed entering the round.  His opponent seems to be displaying some sort of unique hopping kick style.  Completely ineffective.  Luis lands a few choice punches from the south paw stance.  Owens finds himself on his ass a few times to many.  The Rockstar picks Owens up and drops him on the mat and works the side control until Owens finds a slight opening and gets to his feet.  A brief rally for Owens where he clinches and delivers a barrage of knees is defended with ease as Felix blocks most and times several well placed body shots backing off the quickly deflating Owens.
Round 2 Is Owens round for the first half to three quarters.  He is implementing more of the kicks and they are paying dividends.  A flurry peppered in between these kick sessions is having an effect on Owen's confidence.  A pivotal point in the round comes just after a round of kicks to the chest of Felix and we see the Rockstar take the round back with several big takedowns, heavy hands from the top, and top control to end the round.
Round 3 Felix takes this round to put Owens on the mat and beat him for everyone in the room who lives in RI.  The entire round from bell too bell was Felix.  I see this one going to Felix via Unanimous Decision.  30-27 x 3 for a Unanimous Decision in favor of Luis Felix.

Jon Manley Vs Brett Oteri Welterweights
Round 1 Manley starts out to strike and Oteri gets poked in the eye right off.  They wait around for about 4 minutes and then resume.  The round belongs to Manley until the last minute when Oteri catches Manley with staggering shots that force him to go into survival mode until the bell sounds.
Round 2 we see more Jon Manley striking and it's winning him the fight.  Brett gets in a takedown and Jon is back to his feet quickly,  Brett feints a low blow that earns him a few seconds rest until Dan Mirgliota and Kevin the Ref reviewed the supposed foul and found it was phantom.  At the restart Jon got in and made the most of it.  Jon finishes Brett Oteri with an Americana.

Julian Lane Vs Lucas Cruz Lightweights Title bout
Round 1 Is immediately a sprint.  Both men are throwing equal parrts punch to equal parts kicks.  Neither is landing big shots, but at the 4 minute mark Lucas reaches in and pulls the rug out from under Lane with a well timed takedown that gives him strong top postion and side control for nearly 55 seconds.  Lane scrambles to his feet with Cruz at his heels saved from another takedown attempt by the bell.
Round 2 goes without major incident.  Neither man left their comfort zones.  Lane threw plenty of strikes both with his hands and his feet while Cruz played patiently waiting to pounce at the four minute mark hoping to score takedown points.  Lane rebuked both attempts and the round ends with both men standing in a clinch.
Round 3 The standup war wages on.  Lane has traded places with Cruz this round as Cruz works the inside thigh of Lane's lead leg for the entire round.  A few Cruz takedown attempts are fruitless except for one where he lands a perfectly placed knee into Lane's left floating rib that causes Lane to cry out in pain.  Lane retaliates with several well placed hands on Cruz's face.
Round 4 Cruz is dominating from the top after a big hip toss. Lane is pretty much inactive on the bottom.  Cruz forces Lane to give up his back in the last minute of the round.  Lane survives despite being flattened out and nearly losing his neck to a RNC.
Round 5 Is pretty even.  Lane gets a takedown of his own.  With no real damaging shots landed and Cruz constantly pushing the pace I give the fight to Cruz for at least 4 out of 5 rounds.  Let's see what the judges think.  48-47 Lane 48-47 Cruz 48-47 Lane.  Julian Lane wins via split decision and keeps his title belt.

Chuck O'Neil Vs Emmanuel  Walo Welterweights Title bout
Round 1 Chuck KO's Emmanuel in just 11 seconds to keep the belt.