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March 13, 2015


We arrived with plenty of time to find our seat.  AXS TV is in the house with a huge crane to guarantee they do not miss any of the action happening in the cage tonight.  The refs for the night are Kevin MacDonald and Kevin Mulhall.  The crowd is starting to fill and all of our mma friends are here.  This is our first time covering a show that is on AXS for CES so we are exciting to see how much better the production is.  Pete Czymbor and Kelly MacDonald are in the house which is surprising because Pete doesn't get out much.  My man Jake Aiken was here with over 60 Wounded Warriors in the house.  Let me recap the night for you all....

125 PRO CHAD KELLY (FAA 3-1) vs. JESSE GUTIERREZ (Connor's MMA 0-0)

Both fighters are working their strikes.  Jesse connects with a punch that drops Chad.  Chad is fine and works his way up.  Jesse connects with a leg kick and Chad counters with a left hook.  Jesse just misses with a roundhouse kick.  Chad gets the single leg and moves into half guard.  Jesse puts on a triangle and gets the tap with just seconds left.

Jesse Gutierrez defeats Chad Kelly via triangle at 4:59 in Rd 1.

125 PRO SARAH PAYANT (Gladiator BJJ 0-0) vs. JANICE MEYER (Power of One 0-0)

Sarah rushes in and goes for the takedown.  She gets it but as Janice is working her way up Sarah gets caught on the bottom.  She is working for an armbar but can't quite get it.  Sarah gets a nice sweep out of it but Janice is still on top.  Sarah is looking for an armbar again and Janice postures up.  They are back to their feet and Sarah pulls guard to get the fight back to the ground as the round ends.

Payant 10-9  I gave her the round due to more submission attempts

Rd 2:  Sarah connects with a right and gets the takedown.  Not much action and the ref stands them up.  Sarah gets in an outside leg kick.  They clinch up against the cage and both fall to the ground.  Janice is in half guard and Sarah is working an armbar from the bottom again.  Sarah is working another armbar as the round ends.

Meyer 10-9 but real close round

Rd 3:  They clinch up against the cage and Sarah plants Janice to the mat.  Janice is on top working the guard.  Sarah is looking for the armbar again but can't get it.  Sarah is looking for the triangle and sinks it in with a minute left.  She gets the tap.

Sarah Payant defeats Janice Meyer via tapout to triangle at 4:53 in Rd 3.

145 PRO JAMES MURRIN (Broadway JJ 2-2) vs. LIONEL YOUNG (Redline 6-13)

Lionel goes for the takedown and gets it.  Lionel postures up and is looking for some ground and pound.  James works his way up James gets the takedown.  Lionel is working an armbar but James recognizes it and gets his arm safe.  James is on top near the side as the round ends.

Young 10-9

Rd 2:  Lionel starts us off with an outside leg kick.  James goes for a takedown and Lionel pushes him to the mat and takes the half guard position.  James gets the sweep and as Lionel is standing, James gets in a knee to the body.  James postures up and gets in some ground and pound.  He sinks in a deep guillotine but Lionel pulls his head out in the clear.  They are back to their feet and James is getting in combo after combo against Lionel.  Lionel dives for a takedown and falls to the mat.  James jumps in with a downward punch and is in the guard as the round ends.

Murrin 10-9

Rd 3:  James starts the fight off with combos and backs Lionel up to the fence.  Lionel is on the ground taking lots of damage.  James stands up and backs off from the takedown.  James takes the back and works a rear naked choke for the tap.

James Murrin defeats Lionel Young via tapout to rear naked choke at 2 min?? in Rd 3.

155 PRO LEWIS CORAPI (Sityodtong 6-1) vs. JAY BAKANOWSKI (FAA 2-1)

Both fighters are being cautious.  Lewis connects with a punch that stumbles Jay to the mat.  He is fine and is back up within seconds.  These guys are kicking hard.  I can hear the snaps from the media table.  Lewis seems to be connecting more.  Lewis catches a kick and they clinch for a brief moment.  Lewis connects with a kick to the body that instantly leaves Jay's side red.

Corapi 10-9

Rd 2:  Right where we started!  Jay connects with a jab.  Lewis connects with a combo and Jay counters right back.  Jay connects with a short left that drops Lewis to the canvas.  He gets in 4 more punches and Kevin is forced to stop the fight.

Jay Bakanowski defeats Lewis Corapi via tko to strikes in Rd 2.

145 PRO KYLE BOCHNIAK (Broadway JJ 4-0) vs. DOMINIC WARR (Wai Kru 5-5)

Kyle lunges in with a combo.  Dom connects with an inside leg kic.  Kyle connects with a right hook that drops Dom.  He gets in one hammerfist and its done.

Kyle Bochniak defeats Dominic Warr via ko at 1:49 in Rd 1.

135 PRO KIN "KONG" MOY (Redline 6-1) vs. JOEY GOMEZ (Team Link NH 5-0)

They are swinging for the fences!  Both fighters are working their leg kicks.  Joey connects with a fistful of bricks that drops Moy out cold.

Joey Gomez defeats Kin Moy via knockout in Rd 1.

225 PRO MIKE MUCITELLI (Tai Kai Jiu Jitsu 7-1) vs. TYLER KING (Connor's MMA 8-2)

Mike comes forward with a few jabs and picks Tyler up and slams him.  Tyler works his way up and they are swinging.  Tyler gets the takedown and is in half guard but gets pushed back to guard.  Mike threatens with an armbar and Tyler postures up and lets down a hammerfist.  Tyler is looking for the kimura and Mike gets the sweep.  They are back to their feet and Mike gets the sweep but Tyler takes the top position as the round ends.

King 10-9

Rd 2:  Mike misses with a kick and Tyler pushes him up against the cage.  They fall to the ground and Tyler is in half guard.  Tyler is maintaining the top position.  Little time goes by and the ref stands them up.  Tyler is looking for the takedown and he gets it.  He is in the guard as the round ends.

King 10-9

Rd 3:  Tyler gets a jumping knee and gets the takedown.  Tyler works the guard but not much action so the ref stands them up.  Tyler eats a head kick and scoops Mike down.  Tyler works an arm triangle and it looks deep.  Mike gets out of it and Tyler maintains the top position.  He is working some ground and pound as the round ends.

Tyler King defeats Mike Mucitelli via unanimous decision.

185 PRO TODD CHATTELLE (Tri-Force MMA 12-11) vs. ROGER CARROLL (RFS 15-11)

Roger rushes in and Todd catches him with a solid punch.  Both fighters are punching to kill.  Roger misses with a kick and slips and Todd lets him back up.  Todd seems to be getting the better of the stand up.  I couldn't see what happened but Todd was on the ground as the round ended.

Chatelle 10-9

Rd 2:  Carroll gets the takedown and is looking for a submission.  Todd bucks him off and they are back to their feet.  Carroll takes him down and works the submission.  That was some leprechaun trickery.

Roger Carroll defeats Todd Chattelle via tapout to Peruvian Necktie at 2:55 in Rd 2.

135 PRO ANDRE SOUKHAMTHATH (Blackzillians 8-2) vs. BRIAN KELLEHER (Maxum BJJ 11-7)

They clinch up against the cage and Brian is looking for the takedown.  Dre threatens with a guillotine but can't get the finish.  Brian gets the takedown and has a guillotine on.  Dre fights it and is now on top.  He gets in a knee to the body and a punch as Brian is getting to his feet.  Brian takes him down and Dre is trying to get to his feet.  Brian puts on another guillotine and Dre gets out of it again.  They are back to their feet swinging as the round ends.

Kelleher 10-9

Rd 2:  Brian works a quick takedown and is working the side.  As Dre is trying to get up Brian takes his back.  He is looking for the rear naked choke but Dre is defending well.  Finally with 10 seconds left Dre is able to get some space and turn into Brian to end up in guard as the round ends.

Kelleher 10-9

Rd 3:  Dre knows he needs to finish so he is coming out strong.  Brian gets the takedown and is looking for another submission.  Brian has the back and is looking to finish with rear naked choke now.

Kelleher 10-9

Brian Kelleher defeats Andre Soukhamthath via unanimous decision.

155 PRO LUIS FELIX (NE Combat 12-8) vs. REGGIE MERRIWEATHER (Genocide MMA 6-5)

Luis starts us off with a body kick.  Reggie is pushing Luis up against the cage.  Ref breaks it up and Luis gets the hip toss and they bounce right back up.  Felix gets another takedown and and Reggie gets right back up.  They are swinging for the fences!  They both connect and Luis hits with a kick then goes to the mat.  Reggie looks wobbly and Luis rushes in with an uppercut and finishes him off with some strikes.

Luis Felix defeats Reggie Merriweather via tko to strikes in Rd 1.

155 PRO RICK HAWN (19-4 Sityodtong/PMA ) vs. DEREK LOFFER (Down to Fight Martial Arts 9-2)

Both fighters are being cautious.  Rick presses Derek up against the cage and working some knees to the thigh.  Rick separates with an elbow.  Both fighters again are not committing to striking.

Hawn 10-9

Rd 2:  Rick misses with a high kick.  Rick connects with a combo.  Derek counters with a jab.  Rick looks for the takedown but is reversed.  Rick connects with a left punch.  Derek is hanging in there.  Rick gets the takedown and is working the side.

Hawn 10-9

Rd 3:  Both fighters are circling with not much engaging.  Hawk closes the gap and Derek gets in a short elbow.  They break and Hawn gets a combo.  Again not much engagment.

Hawn 10-9

Rick Hawn defeats Derek Loffer via unanimous decision.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Lewis Corapi and Jay Bakanowski
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Roger Carroll over Todd Chattelle
KO OF THE NIGHT: Joey Gomez over Kin Moy