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March 20, 2015

Combat Zone 53 Full Fight Card

Combat Zone returns on April 24th to the Rockingham Park in Salem New Hampshire.  This show Combat Zone is bringing kickboxing into the event which should make for a nice variety.  As of right now there are 7 kickboxing and 7 fights of mixed martial arts.  Get your tickets early before they sell out.  The main event is a lightweight amateur fight between Dave Spero and Lloyd Fernandes which will be sure to be explosive.  There are many other Combat Zone fan favorites on the card so make sure you check it out below and let us know what fight you are most excited for.

** Amateur Kickboxing Bouts **
185 lbs.- Chris Silck (1-0) Hard Knocks vs. Crowsneck Boutin (0-0) Choi's MMA
140 lbs.- Akilah Johnson (0-0) Wai Kru vs. Laura Harcourt (0-0) Sitmanpong
145 lbs. - Nick Quirjazo (2-2) North Shore Muay Thai vs. Nick Valintino (1-1) Sitmanpong
170 lbs. - Michael Taddi (0-0) Wai Kru vs. Erik Tseronis (0-0) Thrive
175 lbs. - Jared Wolf (0-0) Havoc MMA vs. Cole Boulanger (1-0) Sitmanpong
175 lbs. - Matt Dubois (1-0) Wai Kru vs. Ross Lavine (1-0) Team Link Hooksett
** Amateur MMA Bouts **
155 lbs.- Ryan Dibartolemeo (3-3) Triumph MMA vs. Dave Brown (1-0) LRVT
125 lbs.- Lisa Dellarusso (0-0) PMA vs. Hannah Murello (0-0)  Triumph MMA
130 lbs.-  Kerri Kennison (0-0) Team Link Hooksett vs. Jeanette Pomales (0-0) Sityodtong
145 lbs.- Peter Ishiguro (1-0) Wai Kru vs. Shawn Malanson (0-0) Nuri
** Professional MMA Bout **
155 lbs. - Pete San Antonio (1-0) Mohawk Valley vs. Wayne Alquist (1-1) LRVT
** Flyweight Amateur Title Bout **
135 lbs.- Mike Scapacchio (3-0) Spero's MMA vs. Carl Langston (7-5) Youngs MMA
** Professional Kickboxing Bout **
205 lbs. - Mike Zichelle (0-0) Triumph MMA vs. Travis John Lurchen (16-3)
** Lightweight Amateur Title Bout **
155 lbs.- Dave Spero (5-2) Spero's MMA vs. Lloyd Fernandes (3-1) PMA