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April 23, 2015


Combat Zone returns this Friday April 24th 2015 with their 53rd event!!  53, yes you read that right.  The event takes place at the Rockingham Park in Salem New Hampshire.  This event will be a mixed kickboxing and mixed martial arts event which is going to be a blast.  There also will be a pankration exhibition match between two young children who are sure to be beasts by the time they reach 18 years old.  There are a total of 13 matches for the night and I am excited to see some locals go at it in kickboxing.  Also on the card is a pro fight between Tim Caron and Shawn Summey and two amateur title fights.  The doors will open at 6:30pm so come and enjoy some cold ones. Let me break down the fight card for you.

140 AM KICK James Kerivan (1-1) Wai Kru vs. Chris Vaquerano (1-0) North Shore

At 140 lbs the first fight will be between James Kerivan and Chris Vaquerano in an amateur kickboxing match.  Kerivan is from Wai Kru and has a record of 1-1.  I am assuming that the records listed are their kickboxing records.  His opponent is Chris Vaquerano and he trains with North Shore and comes into this fight with a 1-0 record.  I am pumped to see my first kickboxing match live and these guys are ready to bring it.

225 AM KICK Steve Walker (0-0) Hard Knocks vs. Owen Finnegan (1-2) IKS

In the second kickboxing match of the night Steve Walker takes on Owen Finnegan at 225 lbs.  Walker trains with Hard Knocks MMA and he will be making his amateur debut.  His opponent is Owen Finnegan and he trains with IKS and comes into this fight with a 1-2 amateur record in kickboxing.  He has fought some mma fights back in 2002 and won one fight by submission and lost one fight by ko/tko to strikes.   Here is another good fight that should get the crowd pumped.

170 AM KICK Michael Taddi (0-0) Wai Kru vs. Erik Tseronis (0-0) Thrive

At 170lbs  Michael Taddi takes on Erik Tseronis in a kickboxing bout.  Taddi trains out of Wai Kru and Tseronis is out of Team Thrive.  Both of these fighters will be making their amateur debut.  I don't know much about Taddi but Tseronis can bring it with the best of them and loves bloody wars.  No blood on my laptop Tseronis!

175 AM KICK Jared Wolf (0-0) Havoc MMA vs. CJ Kelvin (0-0) LRVT

At a catch weight of 175 lbs Jared Wolf takes on CJ Kelvin in a kickboxing bout.  Wolf trains out of Havoc MMA and will be making his amateur debut.  Also making his amateur kickboxing debut is CJ Kelvin.  He trains out of Lake Region Valley Tudo.  Again both of these fighters have never kickboxed so we will have to see how this one pans out.

125 AM MMA Lisa Dellarusso (0-0) PMA vs. Hannah Murello (0-0)  Triumph MMA

Finally in an amateur mma bout at 125lbs Lisa Dellarusso takes on Hannah Murello.  Lisa trains out of PMA and will be making her amateur debut.  Her opponent is Hannah Murello and she is fighting out of Team Triumph.  She is also making her amateur debut.  Women's fights are always exciting and this one should be no different.

130 AM MMA Kerri Kennison (0-0) Team Link Hooksett vs. Jeanette Pomales (0-0) Sityodtong

In the second mma amateur bout Kerri Kennison challenges Jeanette Pomales at a catch weight of 130 lbs.  Yes this is the best card ever with 2 female bouts on it and kickboxing!  Kennison trains out of Team Link Hooksett and she will be making her amateur debut.  Her opponent is Jeanette Pomales and she also will be making her amateur debut.  Pomales trains out of team Sityodtong so we know she will be ready.  This is an exciting fight because it is two fresh female amateurs just starting the journey of their mma career and they are both from two great schools.

145 AM MMA Peter Ishiguro (1-0) Wai Kru vs. Shawn Malanson (0-0) Bucket Brigade

At 145 lbs Peter Ishiguro will be taking on Shawn Malanson in an amateur mma bout.  Peter comes into this fight with a 1-0 record and trains out of Wai Kru.  He won his first fight by ko/tko against CJ Kelvin at the previous Combat Zone 52.  Now he returns looking to improve to 2-0.  Peter looks really sharp as an amateur and showed a solid ground control.  His opponent is Shawn Malanson and he trains out of Bucket Brigade.  He will be making his amateur debut.  Another close battle and I think this one will be a fast paced one that is sure to please the fans.

155 AM MMA Dave Brown (1-0 ) LVRT vs. Fred Lear (3-0) Young's MMA

Just added is 155 lb fight between Dave Brown and Fred Lear.  Mad props to Fred Lear for taking this fight on just a few days notice.  Brown trains with LVRT and comes into this fight with a 1-0 record.  He has 1 win by submission at Combat Zone 51 against Jeff Beal.  Lear comes into this fight from Maine with Young's MMA.  He has a perfect 3-0 record with 2 wins by ko/tk and 1 by decision.  This was a nice addition to the card as I feel it will be an entertaining one and fast paced.

 Dylan "Demolition" Davis (11-1) Tang's TKD/NETT vs. Gunner Anthony Wyman (4-1)

In a special Pankration exhibition bout, Dylan Demolition Davis will grapple Gunner Anthony Wyman.  Dylan has an outstanding 11-1 record and has 2 belts at the ripe age of 9 years old.  Gunner has a 4-1 record and is only 10 years old!  This is amazing and these kids are going to go at it and we are going to find out who is the better grappler this Friday at Rockinham Park!

180 PRO MMA Tim Caron (1-0) Burgess MMA vs. Shawn Summey (2-1) Dragon's Lair

At 180lbs pro mma Tim Caron will face off against Shawn Summey. Caron trains out of Burgess MMA and comes into this fight with a 1-0 record. Tim won his first fight against Ibrahim Eid by submission in Rd 1.  Tim had an excellent amateur career with 3-0 record and there has been no stopping him to this day.  His opponent is Shawn Summey and he trains with Dragon's Lair.  He comes into this fight with a 2-1 record with 2 finishes by ko/tko for his wins.  His only loss came against Kevin Horowitz by decision.  It should be duly noted that Shawn hasn't fought since 2012 so hopefully cage rust won't be a factor.  This is going to be an awesome battle and I think it will come down to a decision.

155 PRO MMA Pete San Antonio (1-0) MVMMA vs. Franklin Isabel (4-11) CNBJJ 

In another last minute addition to the card Pete San Antonio takes on Franklin Isabel at 155 lbs pro.  San Antonio was originally on the card but his opponent dropped out and luckily they were able to find him a new one.  He comes into this fight with a 1-0 record and trains with Mohawk Valley MMA.  Combat Zone will remember his pro fight against Ricky Sylvester in which he won by submission in Rd 2 at Combat Zone 51.  His opponent is Franklin Isabel and he has a record of 4-11.  He trains with CNBJJ and he has struggled as of lately with 8 straight losses.  For the match up Isabel clearly has the nod for the experience but will it be enough to handle the explosiveness of San Antonio, I don't think so.  I see Pete taking this one in the 1st round.

135 AM TITLE Mike Scappacchio (3-0) Spero's MMA vs. Carl Langston (5-7) Youngs MMA

At 135 lbs Mike Scappacchio takes on Carl Langston for the amateur title.  Mike trains with Spero's MMA and comes into this fight with a 3-0 record.  He has all 3 of his wins for Combat Zone and by way of submission.  He would love to make this 4-0 and take home that belt.  His opponent is Carl Langston and he trains with Young's MMA.  He comes into this fight with a 4-7 record.  He has 1 win by ko/tko, 1 by submission and 2 by decision so far in his amateur career.  For his losses, he lost 2 by ko/tko to strikes, 2 submission and 3 by decision.  This is going to be another great battle for Combat Zone as Mike by nature is a finisher and I feel this will be his toughest opponent to date.  Langston has been improving each and every fight and with Young's MMA training and behind him is huge.  This one could very well come down to a decision and is going to be fun to watch.

155 AM TITLE Ryan Dibartolemeo (3-3) Triumph vs. Lloyd Fernandes (3-1) PMA

At 155 lbs amateur Ryan Dibartolemeo will face off against Lloyd Fernandes for the title.  Dibart comes into this fight with a 3-3 record and trains with Triumph MMA.  He started his career with 3 straight losses and then bounced back when he switched to Triumph with 3 straight wins.  He stepped in a few weeks back to fight for this belt and he is definitely worthy of the opportunity.  In his last 3 fight he won 2 by decision and 1 by submission.  His opponent is Lloyd Fernandes and he trains with PMA.  He comes into this fight with a 3-1 record with 2 wins by decision and 1 by submission.  His only loss came against James Hoyt by decision at a previous ECFC show.  Once again, another solid battle for Combat Zone and this one is going to be a close one.

There you have the complete breakdown of the Combat Zone show that will take place this Friday at Rockingham Park in Salem, NH.  There will be tickets available at the door but be careful cause this venue could sell out and you could be left in the dark.  Warchild and I will be making the drive north to cover the show for you all.  Special Thanks to Combat Zone for always keeping us in the loop with the press releases and the last minute changes in the card.  I know the matchmaker Ryan Fennelly will laugh at the number of times I have bugged him this week for the most up to date fight card!  Hope to see you all there.