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July 17, 2015

Bellator 140 highlights and updates

Parker Porter submits Erik Beddard in the second round via Americana.

Tugman vs Moy
First round sees Tugman owning the wrestling for a boring 5min wasting time doing no damage.
Round two and the tug train keeps rolling along on track and Kin gets cut deep on the forehead by an elbow.  Time gets called and the doc checks it out.  Time resumes and Moy makes a great effort to get back to his feet with seconds left on the clock.
Round three Kin pulls Tugman into the triangle and submits him.  The crowd goes wild.

Cardarelli vs Giovanella
First round both men are trading with the hands.  Remo has some success with his right and Billy has to defend the RNC for the last minute of the round.
Round two has both men trading standing nearly the entire time.  As the round closes Billy gets the better of two moments on the ground.
Round three has Remo wobbling Billy with a nice combination that started with a looping overhand right and ended with a right that puts Giovanella against the fence and eventually on the mat.  Billy battles back a little to late and although he covers Remo up to end the round.  The judges give it to Remo 30-27 29-28 29-28
Rivera is in the cage and Remo is awarded his purple belt for all the crowd to see.

Quinn vs
Round one Quinnis in control with solid pressure forward putting hands and shins where he wants.  His opponent thinks he wants to test the ground game waters and after sustaining much abuse at Quinn's hands thinks better of it, steps back and lets Quinn up to finish the round.
Round two and Quinn brings the scuffle to an end with a sweet arm in Guillotine.

Payant vs Medeiros
Round one has Payant coming out showing great hands however Medeiros slides in underneath for a slick takedown.  Kaylein slaps on a Kamura and takes Sarah's arm home for a trophy.  We hope Payant is alright as that looked to be extremely painful.

Hancock Vs Wadsworth
Round one gives the crowd some exciting exchanges.  The Lauzon fighter is getting battered every time Hancock lands his strikes.  Hancock is in control from start to finish and gets plenty of time to try for subs from the back while closing out the round.
Round two and Hancock is knocking His opponent silly.  Wadsworth spits his mouth piece out and quits on his feet.

Paige Vs Bears
Round one Page punches in and punches outfor a quick day of work at just a minute and change before connecting with and KO'ing Bears with a concealed right hand from nowhere.  Pay the man and let us know when he is fighting again.  He is entertaining as fuck.

Honeycutt Vs Bradley
Round one a lot of movement around the cage, but little more action coming from Honeycutt.
Round 2 ends after some decent Honeycutt dominant action.  Big Dan halts the action when an accidental head butt splits Bradley high up on the hairline over the left eye.  The doctor probably can see his skull because he says the fight is over resulting in a No Contest.

Ward vs Carroll
Round one is all Ward needs to KO Carroll.  Straight right puts Carroll out cold and stiff as a board.

Olson Vs Daley
Round one Olson and Daley give each other a thorough going over in the first.  Olson takes Daley down two times and controls the pace until the bell.
Round two and Daley is the fresher fighter.  He capitalizes on this and beats Olson into the mat with enough strikes that Olson couldn't defend and Big Dan steps in for the TKO stoppage.

Koreshkov vs Lima
Round one starts with Koreshkov hurling spinning back Crescent kicks with no results.  Lima gets the better of the exchanges on the feet and throws a low kick that takes Koreshkov to the mat.  Lima winds up on his butt and ends the round pressed up against the cage.
Round two goes by with little action damage to either fighter.  Lima is again taken down and ends the round on his back.
Round three exactly the same as round two.  Lima is behind three rounds to none.
Round five goes all five minutes with both men picking away at each other with strikes on the feet.  Lima loses the belt.