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August 10, 2015


Cage Titans just released their full fight card for their upcoming show August 29th, 2015.  The show will be their 25th show and it will be held once again at the Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth Mass.  Tickets are still available and the fights start around 7pm.  The fight card contains 26 action packed bouts with 5 pro and 3 amateur title fights.  The fighting couple, Steve McCabe and Devon Estes will be in action as well as many huge staple of Cage Titan fighters.  You don't want to miss it and peep the fight card below.

145 PRO Steve McCabe (7-16 Martinez BJJ) vs. Peter Barrett (3-0 GFMMA)
145 PRO Dan Dubuque (DCNU 0-0) vs. Ruso Khubejashvili (2-2 Lauzon MMA)
185 PRO Ralph Johnson (FAF 9-14) vs. Cheyenne Vazquez (3-0 Sityodtong)
170 PRO Louis Torres (1-3 Iron House BJJ)  vs.  Bobby Flynn (3-3 ProElite)
170 PRO Myles Reid (0-0 Dungeon MMA) vs. Carlos Correia ( 0-0 DCNU)
145 AM Title Fight Jeff Perez ( 6-2 SBG East) vs. Kris Moutinho (5-2 Rivera Athletics)
115 AM Title Sarah Click ( 4-2 GFMMA) vs. Devon Estes (2-1 Martinez BJJ)
155 AM Title Don Shainis  ( 4-0 Redline/Victory) vs. Devin Carrier (3-2 Lauzon MMA)

170lb AM – Tommy Arrington (0-0, Speed School) vs Steve Young (1-0, FightZone)
Hvy AM – Jerri Hall (0-0, Team Link NH) vs Jeff Soivilien (2-2, SSSF)
155lb AM – Alex Ortiz (2-1, Speed School) vs Joe Giannetti (5-0, SSSF)
170lb AM – Barry Liseno (1-3, DPG) vs John McAndrews (1-1, Gate City MMA)
Hvy AM – Phil Kelly (2-1, Redline) vs Brendan Battles (0-0, GFMMA)
145lb AM – Aslan Otciev (2-1, KDojo) vs Billy Keenan (5-2, Redline)
135lb AM – Ryan Cushing (2-0, Indy) vs Max Barrett (5-4, GFMMA)
125lb AM – Mike Brown (3-4, Boston Combat) vs Ryan Kane (3-2, GFMMA)
Hvy AM – Gravin Guillen (2-3, Indy) vs Jay Phillips (0-0, SSSF)
155lb AM – Harry Beard (0-0, Connors MMA) vs Chris Mehu (2-1, Gate City MMA)
135lb AM – Yarty Kim (0-0, Redline) vs Danny Navarro (0-0, Defensive Edge)
125lb AM – Jose Lugo (1-0, RAC) vs Miguel Trinadad (1-0, TriForce)
185lb AM – Jon Ciampa (0-0, Connors MMA) vs Kris Silck (0-0, Hard Knocks)
125lb AM – Nick Amendola (1-0, Speed School) vs James Palmer (0-0, Defensive Edge)
145lb AM – Bryan Rossi (2-2, BAttlecrew MMA) vs David Espino (3-2, Trifecta)
170lb AM – Scott Sullivan (1-1, MAXX) vs Bobby Gasdia (2-0, SSSF)
145lb AM – Tim Cenabre (0-1, Speed School) vs Matt Waddell (0-0, Lauzon)
135lb AM – Jason Han (0-0, Speed School) vs Mike MacNeil (0-0, SSSF)