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August 29, 2015


We arrived at Cage Titans with a little time to spare after we visited the Papa Gino's right around the corner.  We arrived at the venue and the show was sold out and we quickly found our seats.  There are a total of 18 fights on the night and 4 fights of them are pro.  Also on the night are  3 amateur title fights which are going to tear the roof off.  The ring announcer is Harry Jones and the photographer is Kelly MacDonald.  The national anthem has been sung and the fights are about to start.  Follow along with us while we keep you up to date as the fights happen.

185lb AM Jon Ciampa (0-0, Connors MMA) vs Kris Silck (0-0, Hard Knocks)

Kris connects with a jab.  They exchange knees and Jon trips Kris to the mat.  They bounce right back up and Jon is looking for another takedown.  Kris ends up yanking him to the mat and is in guard briefly before being bumped off.  They are back to their feet and Jon is thinking double leg.  He can't get it and Kris ends up getting a slamming takedown.  Jon works his way up and is looking for a takedown and gets it.

Real close round I give slight edge to Silck due to a few more strikes

Rd 2:  Kris gets in an inside leg kick.  Kris knees Jon to the body and hooks him down.  Kris has the side and is getting in some ground and pound.

Silck 10-9

Rd 3:  Kris connects with a right and suplexes Jon to the mat.  He is hurt and finishes him off with some ground and pound.

Kris Silck defeats Jon Ciampa via ko to strikes at 23 seconds in Rd 3.

125lb AM Jose Lugo (1-0, RAC) vs Miguel Trinadad (1-0, TriForce)

They both come out ready for battle.  Jose rushes in and Miguel has him in a guillotine.  He pulls guard and sinks it in deeper and gets the tap.

Miguel Trinadad defeats Jose Lugo via tapout to guillotine at 2:01 in Rd 1.

145lb AM Arslan Otciyev (2-1-1, Speedschool MMA) vs Billy Keenan (5-2, Redline)

Arslan gets the takedown and Billy wiggles free and they are back standing.  Arslan gets Billy back to the mat.  Arslan postures up and gets in some ground and pound.  Billy is looking for the armbar but can't get it locked up.

Otciyev 10-9

Rd 2:  Billy connects with a jab and gets hit in the cup.  Both fighters are exchanging kicks.  Arslan connects with one to the chin.  He gets the takedown and is now working the guard.  Arslan takes the back and slides off.  They are back to their feet.  Billy connects with 3 leg kicks and Arslan dives for another takedown.

Otciyev 10-9

Rd 3:  Billy connects with a superman punch.  Billy gets in a jab to the body.  Arslan is looking for a takedown and Billy reverses.  Billy trips him to the mat and Arlsan ends up in half guard.  Billy bucks him off and they are back standing.  Billy gets the takedown right as the round ends.

Keenan 10-9

Billy Keenan defeats Arslan Otciyev via split decision.  Not the way I had it but what do I know LOL.  Headline should read 'Billy The Kid Steals the Win'!  Not a bad ring to it eh Billy??  Congrats on the W.

Hvy AM Gravin Guillen (2-3, Indy) vs Jay Phillips (0-0, SSSF)

Gravin connects with a right hand.  Jay goes for the takedown and moves to full mount.  He finishes him off with some ground and pound.  Gravin turns and Jay sinks in the rear naked choke for the tap.

Jay Phillips defeats Gravin Guillen via submision rear naked choke at 1:32 in Rd 1.

125lb AM Mike Brown (3-4, Boston Combat) vs Ryan Kane (3-2, GFMMA)

Mike rushes in and slams Ryan to the mat.  He takes the back has the body lock.  Ryan turns into it and is now on top in the guard.  Razzle gets in some punches to the body and the head.  Ryan goes for the crucifix but gets pushed back to guard as the round ends.

Kane 10-9

Rd 2:  They clinch and Ryan hip tosses Mike to the mat.  He is now working the guard.  He gets pushed back and gets in a kick standing while Mike has his back to the mat.  Mike goes for a takedown and Ryan has a guillotine.  He can't get the finish but instead he gets the roll.  He moves up to the side and gets in a knee to the rib.  He has him in a choke and within seconds left in the round he lets it go.

Kane 10-9

Rd 3:  Both fighers exchange punches before they clinch up against the cage.  They are both working the clinch.  Mike connects with a jab and Ryan fires back.  Mike is bleeding above the right eye.  Mike gets the takedown and is on top as the round ends.

Brown 10-9

Ryan Kane defeats Mike Brown via unanimous decision.

155lb AM Harry Beard (0-0, Connors MMA) vs Chris Mehu (2-1, Gate City MMA)

Chris gets the takedown and is in guard.  Beard gets the sweep and is now on top in guard.  Chris gets up and Harry gets in a kick to the body.  Chris connects with two leg kicks.  Chris gets the takedown and is on top in half butterfly .  Chris gets in some punches before the round ends.

Mehu 10-9

Rd 2:  Harry connects with a jab and Chris gets the takedown.  He passes to full mount and is getting some some heavy ground and pound.  The ref has seen enough and he stops the right.

Chris Mehu defeats Harry Beard via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:18 in Rd 2.

Hvy AM Jerrie Hall (0-0, Team Link NH) vs Jeff Soivilien (2-2, SSSF)

They behemoths rush in and clinch.  Jerrie gets hit in the cup and takes a minute.  Jeff is trying for the takedown but Jerrie won't go down!  Not much action and then at the 10 second Jeff gets in a combo as the round ends.

Soivilien 10-9

Rd 2:  They are clinching and Jeff is getting in some solid knees to the body.  Not much action and the ref breaks them up.  Jerrie gets in some punches and Jeff slams him to the mat.

Soivilien 10-9

Rd 3:  Jerrie connects with a good combo and the crowd goes wild.  Jeff is pressing Jerrie up against the cage.

Soivilien 10-9

Jeff Soivilien defeats Jerrie Hall unanimous decision.  As I said in my preview Hall would hold his own and that he did.  Great job Jeff on the W and he improves to 3-2.

145lb AM Max Barrett (5-4-1, GFMMA) vs David Espino (3-2, Trifecta)

David connects with a right kick.  Max is working the jab.  David connects with a head kick.  Max keeps on coming forward.  Max connects with a combo.  What a fight!!  Max connects with another right that sends David to the mat.  He looks for the takedown and gets it as the round ends.

Barrett 10-9

Rd 2:  Max connects again with another right that sends David to the mat.  He takes the back and has a body lock.  Max is getting in some ground and pound and the ref stands the fight up due to hit in the back of the head.  Max connects with another right and David fires back.

Barrett 10-9

Rd 3:  Max slips and connects with a right.  Max fires off a leg kick.  David gets in a combo.  David gets the takedown.  Max uses the cage and works his way up.  David gets the takedown again.  Max is working his way up and David gets in a few punches as the round ends.

Espino 10-9

Max Barrett defeats David Espino via unanimous decision.

170lb AM Tommy Arrington (0-0, Speed School) vs Steve Young (1-0, FightZone)

Tommy gets the takedown.  They bounce back up and Tommy connects with a right.  Young recovers and the fight goes on.  Tommy gets another takedown and they work their way back up.  Doctor stops the fight at the end of the round.  Cut near the eye perhaps is why they stopped it.

Tommy Arrington defeats Steve Young via doctor stoppage at start of Rd 2.

170lb AM Scott Sullivan (1-1, MAXX) vs Bobby Gasdia (2-0, SSSF)

Bobby connects with a punch that drops Scott to the mat.  Bobby gets in another 20 shot then the ref stops the fight.

Bobby Gasdia defeats Scott Sullivan via tko stoppage to strikes at 14 seconds in Rd 1.

Hvy AM Phil Kelly (2-1, Redline) vs Brendan Battles (0-0, GFMMA)

Brendan connects.  Phil works the takedown and Brendan works the side.  He takes the back and flattens Phil out.  He finishes him off with ground and pound.

Brendan Battles defeats Phil Kelly via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:40 in Rd 1.  Damn Battles is a monstah!

Undercard awards were given out, Otcieyev/Keenan and Barrett/Espino FOTN, Gasdia for ko, Phillips for submission.  Congrats guys.

115 AM Title Sarah Click (4-2 GFMMA) vs. Devon Estes (2-1 Martinez BJJ)

They are both swinging away.  Devon is connecting with some kicks.  Little blood is coming from Sarah's nose.  Sarah connects with a punch.  Excellent striking from Devon.

Estes 10-9

Rd 2:  Sarah connects with a kick.  Sarah connects with a looping right.  Sarah connected with two more punches.  Sarah connected and Devon connected.  The crowd is on their feet.

Click 10-9

Rd 3:  Both fighters are being cautious this round.  Sarah connects with a kick.  Sarah connects with a punch and it stuns Devon.  She connects with 1 more punch and Devon is out.

Sarah Click defeats Devon Estes via ko at 2:12 in Rd 3.  Click becomes the 115 Cage Titans Champ!

155 AM Title Don Shainis (4-0 Redline/Victory) vs. Devin Carrier (3-2 Lauzon MMA)

Don gets the quick takedown.  Devin is working his way up and Don is relentless.  He takes him down again.  Devin works his way up from Don having his back and they have a nice exchange.  Don is going for a takedown as the round ends.

Shainis 10-9

Rd 2:  Don comes out looking for the takedown.  He gets it and Devin works his way back to his feet.  Don works another takedown and is trying to pass for full mount and Devin pushes him back and they are standing once again.  Don  is looking for a takedown and he gets it before the round ends.

Shainis 10-9

Rd 3:  Don clinches Devin up against the cage.  Don gets the takedown right as the round ends.

Shainis 10-9

Rd 4:  Don goes for a takedown and Devin reverses.  Devin moves to full mount briefly Don sweeps and is now on top in guard.  They are back to their feet and Devin connects with a nice exchange at the end of the round.

Carrier 10-9

Rd 5: Don is looking for the takedown.  Devin reverses and Devin connected with an uppercut.  Don goes for a low takedown and gets Devin to the mat.  Devin gets the sweep and Don reverses.  Man what a battle.  Don gets in two punches and has the back.

Shainis 10-9

Don Shainis defeats Devin Carrier via unanimous decision.  Shainis is still the champ!

145 AM Title Fight Jeff Perez ( 6-2 SBG East) vs. Kris Moutinho (5-2 Rivera Athletics)

They collided and Kris pushes him up against the cage.  Jeff goes for the choke and Kris slams him to the mat.  They are back to their feet and Kris is working the knees.  Jeff gets a takedown as the round ends.

Moutinho 10-9

Rd 2:  Jeff dunks under a punch and gets the takedown.  Jeff connects with a solid hammerfist.  Kris pushes Jeff off and they are standing.  Kris is working the knees to the body from the clinch.  Jeff gets another takedown and Kris escapes out the back and they are back to their feet.

Perez 10-9

Rd 3:  Kris gets the takedown and is in guard.  Jeff gets some space and moves back to his feet.  Kris is doing some foot stomps and working the clinch.

Moutinho 10-9

Rd 4:  Kris is clinching Jeff up against the cage.  Jeff gets a nice trip and Kris ends up in guard on the transition.  Kris went for a guillotine and Jeff gets the sweep.  He is in full mount briefly and gets pushed back to guard.

Perez 10-9

Rd 5:  They are both swinging hard.  Jeff pulls guard with a guillotine and can't get the tap.  Kris is in the guard and postures up with 10 seconds left and gets in some good shots.

Moutinho 10-9

Kris Moutinho defeats Jeff Perez via unanimous decision and becomes the 145 lb Cage Titans Champ!

170 PRO Louis Torres (1-3 Iron House BJJ)  vs.  Bobby Flynn (3-3 ProElite)

Bobby rushes in with a jumping knee.  They clinch and Bobby gets in some killer knees.  He rips Louis to the mat and moves right to full mount.  He lets out a barrage of ground and pound and then transitions to an arm triangle.

Bobby Flynn defeats Louis Torres via tapout to arm triangle at 1:55 in Rd 1.

***170 PRO Myles Reid (0-0 Dungeon MMA) vs. Carlos Correia ( 0-0 DCNU)*** 

Cancelled due to Myles Reid not showing up

185 PRO Ralph Johnson (FAF 9-14) vs. Cheyenne Vazquez (3-0 Sityodtong)

Ralph connects with a straight right that dropped Cheyenne out cold.

Ralph Johnson defeats Cheyenne Vazquez via ko at 12 seconds in Rd 1.

145 PRO Steve McCabe (7-16 Martinez BJJ) vs. Peter Barrett (3-0 GFMMA)

Steve misses with a kick.  Pete connected with a left and Steve goes to the mat.  He connects with a few leg kicks then lets him back up.  Steve keeps coming forward.  Pete gets in a good leg kick.  Both fighters exchange high kicks.  Peter connects with a combo sinks in a deep guillotine.

Peter Barrett defeats Steve McCabe via tapout to guillotine at 4:11 in Rd 1.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Sarah Click vs. Devon Estes, crowd was on their feet at the end!
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Nasty guillotine by Peter Barrett
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Without question Ralph Johnson over Cheyenne Vazquez

Cage Titans had a huge successful night.  Mr. Polvere and company sold out the place and the fights delivered.  Their next event will be on November 7th and they will have Sean Lally versus Joe Cloutier.  Special thanks to Cage Titans for the lovely hospitality and for the great view.   Also gotta give a shout out to Warchild for taking the photos for us and Nick Fontecchio for enjoying the fights with me and being another set of eyes for me.