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October 2, 2015


Toe 2 Toe returns this Saturday October 3rd, 2015 at the Portland Expo.  This will be their 3rd event and they are going to have a memorable card.  Right now on the card there are 12 fights total in which 6 of them are pro.  Also on the card are 3 female fights which has to be some kind of a record if they can pull it off!  The main event is a title fight between THE Ryan Sanders and Lucas Cruz which is sure to be fight of the night contender.  I am also excited to see John Fain fight against J.A. Dudley and also one of my other favorite fighters Buck Pineau that night in the cage.  The first fight starts at 6:30pm so plan accordingly.  Let me break down the fight card for you all.

130 AM Rachael Joyce (Team Irish 0-0) vs. Christine Brothwell (0-0)

At 130 lbs Rachael Joyce will be taking on Christine Brothwell in the first female bout of the night.  Joyce trains with Team Irish and will be making her amateur debut.  Her opponent is Christine Brothwell and she also will be making her amateur debut.  Both of these girls are going to bring it and will be more than ready!

170 John McAndrews (2-1 Gate City MMA) vs. Frank Dellasala (1-1 Choi's)

At 170 lbs John McAndrews will be facing off against Frank Dellasala.  John trains with Gate City MMA and comes into this fight with a 2-1 record.  John has 1 win by ko/tko and 1 win by way of submission.  His one loss came by a decision to Sean Evans.  His opponent is Frank Dellasala and he comes into this fight with a 1-1 record.  He trains with Choi's Institute and has his sole victory by ko/tko.  His one loss came by submission against Pat Kelly.  As you can see both of these fighters records are very close in records and in return should make for an exciting fight.

205 AM Eric Moore (0-0) vs. Zeal McGrew (0-0)

Next up is a fight at 205 lbs against Eric Moore and Zeal McGrew.  I was not able to find out much information on either fighter but I believe they both are making their amateur debut.  We will all have to wait to find out how this one turns out together.

135 AM Jeanette Pomales (Sityodtong 1-1) vs. Hillary Cooledge (0-2 Independent)

At 135 lbs Jeanette Pomales takes on Hillary Cooledge in the second female showdown.  Pomales trains out of Team Sityodtong and comes into this fight with a 1-1 record.  She won her first bout via knockout against Kerri Kenneson in just 53 seconds of Rd 1.  She lost her second fight against Pam Sorenson via submission in Rd 1 at a previous Legacy event.  Her opponent is Hillary Cooledge and she is an independent fighter.  She comes into this fight hungry for her first win with a record of 0-2.  She lost both of her fights by decisions and has yet to be finished.  She looked a lot more comfortable in the cage in her second fight.  Both fighters are young in their mma career and are looking to make a name for themselves.  I see this one going to a decision.

185 AM Pat Casey (1-0 J Ross BJJ) vs. Nash Roy (2-1 Young's MMA)

Next up is Pat Casey challenging Nash Roy at 185 lbs.  Casey comes into this fight with a 1-0 record and trains with Jeremy Ross BJJ.  He won his first fight at WNXFA by ko/tko against Ray Johns.  He would love another KO this weekend at T2T3.  His opponent is Nash Roy who trains in Maine with Young's MMA.  Roy comes into this fight with a 2-1 record with 1 win by ko/tko and 1 win by submission.  His one loss came by the hands of Caleb Farrington in which he lost by submission at NEF 14.

185 AM Jon Deupree (0-0 Team Irish) vs. Shawn Bettincourt (1-0 Victory)

At 185 lbs Jon Deupree takes on Shawn Bettincourt this Saturday.  Deupree trains with Team Irish and will be making his amateur debut.  Being from Choi's you know he will be ready.  His opponent is Shawn Bettincourt and he trains with Victory MMA.  He is fresh off a very quick 1-0 victory by ko in just 15 seconds at Combat Zone 55.  Fight was too short to assess but Shawn looked in great shape and very impressive in his first amateur fight.  I think this one will be a fast paced battle.

150  AM Jimmy Jackson (2-2 Young's MMA) vs. Fernando Lopez (0-1)

In the last amateur fight Jimmy Jackson takes on Fernando Lopez at 150 lbs.  Jimmy comes into this fight with a 2-2 record out of Young's MMA.  He has 2 wins by submission and 1 loss by ko/tko and 1 by submission.  His opponent is Fernando Lopez and he is fighting out of California and comes into this fight with an 0-1 record.  In his only fight he lost a decision to Eric Prado.  I am anxious to see how he matches up with Maine fighter Jimmy Jackson.

115 PRO Jordi Gallardi ( 1-0 Team Link) vs. Ernesto Ornelas (1-5 Choi's)

In the first pro fight of the evening Jordi Gallardi will square off against Ernesto Ornelas at 115 lbs.  Gallardi trains out of Team Link and is a striker.  He comes into this fight with a 1-0 record with a split decision victory against Dan Cormier.  I was cage side for that fight and it was a real close awesome stand up absolute war.  His opponent is Ernesto Ornelas and he trains with Choi's Institute.  He comes into this fight with a 1-5 record as a pro.  He has 1 win by submission to strikes and 1 loss by ko/tko and 4 losses by submission.  I feel this is a real tough fight for Ernie as I am not sure if he is going to keep up with Jordi's strikes.

170 PRO Michael Cora (0-0 Gracie Tampa) vs. Andrew Tripp (Team Irish 0-0)

Next up is Michael Cora taking on Andrew Tripp in a 170 lb bout.  Cora trains with Gracie Tampa in Florida and will be making his pro debut.  He had a 6-2 record as an amateur wins by decision and tko stoppages.  Definitely a worth opponent for Tripp.  Tripp trains with Team Irish and will also be making his pro debut.  As an amateur Tripp had an 8-1 record with his only loss was to Jeff Hsu and he has fought on every Toe 2 Toe card to date.  This fight is going to be a real close battle and I think it is going to be a battle on the ground.

135 PRO Jaime Driver (Renzo Gracie Philly 0-0) vs. Erin Harpe (Gracie Tampa 0-0)

In the last female fight of the night Jamie Driver takes on Erin Harpe at 135 lbs professional.  Driver trains with Renzo Gracie Philly and will be making her pro debut.  As an amateur she had a 2-2 record 2 wins by decision and 2 losses by decision.  She looks to be very comfortable no matter where the fight goes.  Her opponent is Erin Harpe who is also making her pro debut.  She trains with Gracie Tampa and as an amateur had a 2-0 record with both wins by decision.  I feel this fight is going to be a great back and forth battle and if I were a betting man I would say it comes down to a decision!

185 PRO Buck Pineau (0-1 Team Irish) vs. Terry Janoski (0-0 Gracie Tampa)

Next up is at 185 lbs your boy Buck Pineau is taking on Terry Janoski.  Pineau trains with Team Irish now and comes into this fight with a pro record of 0-1.  He lost his first pro fight to Bryan Cromer due to a ref stoppage to a hand injury in Rd 1.  Buck had a great amateur career going 7-4 with many memorable wins up in Maine and in Mass.  Now he is ready and looking for his first pro victory and Buck is gonna bring it!  His opponent is Terry Janoski out of Florida and he trains with Gracie Tampa.  He will be making his pro debut and as an amateur he had a record of 5-3 with 3 wins by decision and 2 by submission.  This fight has fight of the night all over it so get ready fight fans!

265 PRO John Fain (Boston BJJ 1-0) vs. J.A. Dudley (Team Endgame 7-16)

In a heavyweight showdown John Fain takes on J.A. Dudley in what is sure to bring the house down.  Fain is the head coach of Boston BJJ/Triumph and he comes into this fight with a 1-0 record.  He has his 1 win by submission triangle against Jason Dolloff.  Fain had his previous fight for Bellator cancelled due to injury so he is more than ready for this one.  His opponent is J.A. Dudley and he trains with Team Endgame.  Dudley comes into this fight with a 7-16 record with 4 wins by sub and 3 wins by decision.  For his losses, he lost 4 by ko/tko, 2 subs and 9 losses by decision.  I see this fight being a battle for takedowns and a ground fight and I think it will come down to a decision.

155 TITLE FIGHT PRO Ryan Sanders (Young's MMA 8-7 ) vs. Lucas Cruz (7-3 CNBJJ)

At 155 lbs Ryan Sanders will battle Lucas Cruz for the Toe 2 Toe Title.  Sanders trains out of Young's MMA and comes into this fight with an 8-7 record.  He has 1 win by ko/tko and 7 wins by submission.  For his losses, he lost 1 by ko/tko, 1 by sub and 5 by decision.  Sanders has fought many tough fighters in his career and this one is going to be no different.  Lucas Cruz trains with Carlos Neto BJJ and comes into this fight with a 7-3 record.  At just 22 years old he has 2 ko/tko, 4 wins by sub and 1 decision.  He has never been finished with 3 losses to Rob Font, Julian Lane and Luis Felix.  Now two out of the three of those losses were by a split decision, that is how close they were.  This is going to be an exciting stand up fight and remember its 5 rounds!

There you have the complete breakdown of the Toe 2 Toe fight card that is happening this Saturday in Portland, Maine.  Warchild and I will be making the trip up north to cover the event for you all.  As you can see there are many exciting fights on the card so make sure to come out and see some awesome fights.  Prime Athletics will be there selling their merchandise so make sure you check them out as well and of course please stop by and say Hi if you see me around the cage!