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December 1, 2015

Cage TItans 24 videos includes Title fight, 3 first round finishes

Battle of the Mannys (Torres Vs Bermudez)

Taylor Vs Carrier

Two undefeated beasts battle for the 145lb Amateur Title (Evans Vs McCrohan)

For the full fight review complete with photos and links to each fight's footage: click here

*Editor's note: I'd like to thank Mike and Shelly, the Cage Titans crew, and most importantly the fighters who gave me the support and time I needed while recovering from my latest surgery.  The videos are long overdue and I know it was tough for many of my friends to not have their fights available for sharing and for study, but I truly am grateful for the respect and restraint you all have shown by allowing me to recover in peace and without the stress that comes from nagging and unkind comments about how long it took.