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January 12, 2016


If you all are like me then you have been anxiously awaiting to peep the upcoming Cage Titans full card for their show happening January 30th, 2016.  Well wait no more as they just posted it on their website at  There are a total of 21 fights on the card and check it out as their have been some changes!

155 PRO Keenan Raymond (Rivera Athletics 3-2) vs. Peter Barrett (Juniko 4-0)
115 PRO Jody-Lynn Reicher(0-2 Dunlop) vs. Danielle Hindley (0-0 SSSF)
145 PRO David Espino (Trifecta 0-0) vs. Max Barrett (0-0 Juniko)
155 AM TITLE Jose Rivera (4-3 Thornton MMA) vs. Joe Giannetti (SSSF 6-0)
145 AM TITLE FIGHT Don Shainis vs. Kris Moutinho (6-2 RAC)
125 AM TITLE FIGHT Rich Santiago (RAC 3-4) vs. Ryan Kane (Juniko 4-2)

155lb AM – Dan Bardallini (1-5, Rivera Athletics) vs Derek Peterson (1-3, Gillett’s MMA)
155lb AM – Matt Alger (0-1, Rivera Athletics) vs Alex Dolan (0-3, Independent)
155lb AM – Barry Liseno (1-3, Team DPG) vs Alex Ortiz (2-1, Speed School)
205lb AM – Ron Marshall (0-0, Team Anubis) vs Yorgan De Castro (2-2, Lauzon)
185lb AM – Chris Marriott (0-0-1, Team Anubis) vs Sean Bettencourt (2-1, Victory)
155lb AM – Derek Trahan (1-0, Santos) vs Swagith Pillai (1-0, Plus One)
Hvy AM – Jon Gruber (0-0, Team BKJA) vs Gary Watson (0-0, Victory)
155lb AM – Justin Bombardeir (0-0, MAXX) vs Antoine Caparotta (1-0, SSSF)
125lb AM – John Semenuk (0-0, Rivera Athletics) vs Sheriden Descristoforo (1-1, TriForce)
145lb AM – John Douma (2-0, TriForce) vs Shawn Melanson (3-0, Gate City)
125lb AM – Jose Lugo (1-1, Rivera Athletics) vs Nick Mancinone (2-3, FAA)
125lb AM – Miguel Trinadad (2-0, TriForce) vs Justin Valentin (3-0, Underdog)
175lb AM – James Collins (0-0, Rare Breed) vs Marty Naves (0-0, Lakeville)
145lb AM – Aaron Hughes (0-1, TriForce) vs Sean Murrin (0-0, Carlson Gracie)
135lb AM – Aaron Paul (0-0, Rare Breed) vs Marty Kelly (0-0, Carlson Gracie)