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January 2, 2016


The Boss, The Artist and I walked into Mohegan and quickly found our seats.  The fight card tonight is a mixed of amateur and professional fights.  Reality Fighting has once again put together an excellent card.  Kipp Kollar and his friends are shooting tshirts out into stands to the fight fans.  The refs are Kevin MacDonald, Brian Minor and Big Dan.  Many local fighter celebs are in attendance such as Matt Bessette, Joe Lauzon and Nick Newell.  The national anthem has been sung by Amber and the fights are about to start.

Tom Foley vs. Zack Watson

Tom starts us off with some kicks to the body.  These guys are swinging hard and Tom gets the takedown.  He is in half guard and has his legs tied up with Zack.  Tom gets loose and passes to full mount.  Due to CT rules they can't punch to the head from the ground so not much action.

Foley 10-9

Rd 2:  Tom is getting in some kicks to the body and Zack is countering.  Tom goes for the double leg takedown and gets it.  He is at the side briefly and then passes to full mount.  Tom connects with a couple of punches to the body before the round ends.

Foley 10-9

Rd 3:  Tom gets the quick takedown.  Tom has the side and moves to half guard.  He moves to full mount.  He is working a submission and Zack turns and Tom takes his back.  He works the rear naked choke for the tap.

Tom Foley defeats Zack Watson via tapout to rear naked choke at  2:50 in Rd 3.

Will Smith vs. Luis Finateri

Both fighters are being cautious and trying to figure out their timing.  Pretty even exchange and they clinch.  Luis connects as they punch their way out.  Will gets the quick takedown as the round ends.

Real close round, I say 10-9 to Will due to the takedown

Rd 2:  Smith seems to be getting the better of the exchanges so far.  Luis looks for a takedown but is stuffed.  Will connects with a punch after a minute has passed.

Smith 10-9

Rd 3:  Both fighters are being cautious and not much action.  Will dives for a low takedown and gets it.  He is in guard trying to get his arms free to posture up.  Will moves to half guard and Luis gets a sweep.  Luis has Will up against the cage and gets in two knees to the thigh before the round ends.

Smith 10-9

Will Smith defeats Luis Finateri via unanimous decision.

Pat Casey vs. Diego Onishi
Casey gets the quick takedown and Diego gets up real quick.  Pat catches the leg and counters with a nasty right that sends Diego to the canvas.  Diego gets back to his feet and they are swinging away.   Casey connects with a combo that sends Diego to the mat and Kevin has seen enough.

Pat Casey defeats Diego Onishi via tko punches at 1:01 in Rd 1.

Giorgi Chilingarashvili vs. Mike Piacentini

Giorgi connects with a right and closes the distance.  Giorgi connects with a right that drops Mike hard and the ref stops the fight.

Giogi Chilingarashvili defeats Mike Piacentini via ko punch at 38 seconds in Rd 1.

Kipp gives a shoutout to the Mohegan Sun for the great job that they do.  Well said!

Evan Scott vs. Dan Dubuque

Evan connects with a kick to the body.  Both fighters are swinging and the crowd is getting into it.  Dan gets the takedown and is working the guard.  Evan is working an armbar but can't get the finish.  Dan is on top in half gaurd and Evan gets the sweep.  Evan gets bucked off and dives back into the action.  He jumps onto Dan's back but slips off and Dan is now in half guard.  Dan gets pushed off and he backs off and lets Evan up.  Evan connects with a pair of kicks as the round ends.

Dan 10-9

Rd 2:  Dan connects with a combo.  Dan is connecting with some big shots and Evan is starting to bleed.  Dan gets in two more big rights and Evan follows back with a kick.  Dan is winning the round with some excellent striking.  Evan slips with a kick and Dan lets him back up right near the end of the round.

Dan 10-9

Rd 3:  Dan starts us off with an outside leg kick.  They clinch for a bit and then break.  Both guys are swinging away and the crowd is loving it.  Awesome battle.

Dan Dubuque defeats Evan Scott via unanimous decision.

Morgan Dean vs. Holland Ahern

Morgan connects with a right that drops Holland.  He gets the stoppage.

Morgan Dean defeats Holland Ahern via ko at 12 seconds in Rd 1.

Andrew Lischke vs. Harris Bonfiglio
Andrew connects with a few punches and gets the take down.  Harris works his way up and Andrew gets him back to the mat.  Fight is back standing now and Andrew gets a slamming takedown.  
Lishke 10-9

Rd 2:  Andrew grabs the leg and wants the single leg.  He eventually gets it and is working in some ground and pound.  

Lishke 10-9

Rd 3: Lishke gets the slam and is in the guard.  Harris works his way up and Andrew gets him back to the mat.  
Andrew Lishke defeats Harris Bonfiglio via unanimous decision.  

Janice Meyer vs. Sarah Payant

(Rd. 1: Payant is the aggressor for the first three minutes.  Easily she's ahead on the scorecard for the shear number of strikes landed and her ring control.  She and Janice lock horns and Janice forces Sarah onto the chain-link to stymie the onslaught.  Payant gives up the underhooks and is controlled along the fence until a snafu halts the action.  At the three minute mark the round is prematurely ended by the ringside time keeper.  Ref Miragliotta helps Ref. MacDonald communicate the issue to the fighters.  Payant's corners are ushered out of the cage and the action is resumed.  Janice takes control in part 2 of Round 1.  She neutralizes Payant by smothering her into the cage and then into the mat.)  Janice clinches up against the cage.  Not much action and the 10 second bell sounds and Janice goes for a takedown.   Janice gets the takedown and controls the round on top.

Meyer 10-9

Rd 2:  Sarah gets the takedown  bit gets swept.  Sarah is looking for the armbar but cant quick get it free.  Sarah is looking for another armbar and cant get the finish.  They are back to their feet and  swinging away.  Sarah gets the takedown  and passes to full mount.  Sarah is cranking that arm again but cant get the tap! Wow!

Payant 10-9

Rd 3:  Janice is getting in some good combos up against the cage.  Sarah is diving for the takedown and Janice is defending it well.  Janice connects with a strike that sends Sarah to the mat.  Sarah connects with a clean right that hurts Janice.

Meyer 10-9

Janice Meyer defeats Sarah Payant via split decision.  Awesome battle.

Cody McMahon vs. Anthony Lauria

Cody gets Anthony to the mat.  Anthony works his way up and connects with a knee to the body.  They both fall to the mat and after a battle Anthony is on top firing punches to the back.  Cody controls the rest of the round in the top position.

McMahon 10-9

Rd 2:  They are both swinging for the fences to start the round.  Cody takes the back and sinks in the rear naked choke and Anthony goes out.

Cody McMahon defeats Anthony Lauria via technical submission to rear naked choke at 36 seconds in Rd 2.

Austin Schalla vs. Hector Ramos

The fight starts out standing and Austin gets hit in the cup.  Fight resumes and Hector connects with some big punches and gets the takedown.  He is working the guard.  Austin threatens with a triangle and Hector slams him tot he mat and breaks the triangle.  Austin tries for an armbar but Hector rips his arm free and they are back standing.  Hector gets the takedown and Austin threatens with a guillotine as the round ends.

Ramos 10-9

Rd 2:  They are swinging hard again and Hector presses Austin up against the cage.  They break and are swinging away again until Ramos gets another takedown.  Austin is threatening with a guillotine again as the round ends.

Ramos 10-9

Rd 3:  Austin is getting in some good striking this round.  Hector goes in for a takedown and Austin sinks in a guillotine for the tap.

Austin Schalla defeats Hector Ramos via tapout to guillotine at 1:08 in Rd 3.

Exhibition Grappling Match
William Knight wins a grappling match against Cory Saxor via americana.

Tim Wheeler vs. Johnny Lopez
   Johnny gets the takedown and he works an americana for the tap.

Johnny Lopez defeats Tim Wheeler via tapout to americana at 1:37 in Rd 1.

Jamie Driver vs. Jessy Miele

Jamie misses with a kick and gets back up from the mat after the slip.  Jessy gets the takedown and is in half guard.  Jessy is threatening with the americana but Jamie is too strong.  Jamie is trying to get back up and Jessy takes her back.  Jessy can't quite get it under the chin deep enough to get the finish.

Miele 10-9

Rd 2:  Jamie connects with a kick to the body and Jessy closes the distance.  Jamie trips Jessy and they go to the mat.  Jessy has her back and has lots of time.  She sinks it under and flattens her out.

Jessy Miele defeats Jamie Driver via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:01 in Rd 2.

Terrell Clark vs. Jason Ward
Terrell connects with a right that drops Jason.  He is looking to get the finish but Ward weathers the storm.   Clark slams Ward to the mat and they work their way back up.  Clark connects with a right hook that hits clean.  He works in two more unanswered punches and Big Dan has seen enough.

Terrell Clark defeats Jason Ward via ko at 2:07 in Rd 1.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Payant vs Meyer, awesome battle
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Clark's KO win
SUB OF THE NIGHT: Johnny Lopez and his americana win.

Reality Fighting said they are planning to have another show in May or June so stay tuned on that one and they would like to have Jessy Miele fight for their first female belt.  Reality Fighting did an awesome job once again and the fight fans left with a smile on their face.  There were many close battles and some good finishes on the night which made for an exciting night.  I had a good time and as always it was worth the drive and an excellent way to kick off the year 2016 of mixed martial arts in New England.