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February 5, 2016


We made it through the snow and arrived with plenty of time for what should be an awesome night of fights.  We went to the mall first and I was a little disappointed that the Apple store was closed.  Guess they close for snow cause they care about their employees or something.  They lost a few of the fights and are down to 8 fights and 3 of them are kickboxing.  The room is starting to fill up and it looks like the snow didn't stop the fight fans from seeing the action.  The host is Pete Czymbor and the head photographer for Combat Zone is Kelly Macdonald.  The refs are John English, Alan Lau and Kevin MacDonald.  The two ring girls, Lauren and Melissa are looking beautiful in the outfits.  The Mass-MMA crew made it out minus Joe Harrington.  Guess he was scared of the snow!  Follow along with me as I recap the night.

185 AM KICK Matt Gordon (0-0) Burgess vs. Perciles George (0-0) NEHD

Both fighters are exchanging some solid leg kicks.  Matt is pushing the pace and working his kicks and jabs.  George rushes forward with a superman punch.

Gordon 10-9

Rd 2:  Both fighters start the round exchanging kicks.  Gordon slips after being hit with a leg kick and bounces back up.  Gordon connects with a combo that sends George to the mat.  George connects with a combo.

George 10-9

Rd 3:  Both fighters are swinging in close but not much damage was done.  Both fighters connect with a kick to the body.  George connects with two punches to the head that send Gordon back.  They go in close and their hands are tied until the ref breaks them up.

George 10-9

Perciles George defeats Matt Gordon via unanimous decision.

155 AM KICK Freddy Bermudez (0-0) NEHD vs. Ramano Medina (0-0) Burgess

Ramano just misses with a head kick and Freddy gets in a combo to the body.  Bermudez is running in close and working his jab being the shorter fighter.  He runs in close again and a good knee from Medina.

Medina 10-9

Rd 2:  Freddy rushes in close and Ramano makes him pay with his fists.  He connects with about 8 shots clean and Freddy goes down to one knee.  In another exchange Bermudez grabs for an illegal double leg and is warned.  They are swinging away again and Medina is getting the better of them.  He gets in an illegal knee to the head and goes down and the ref gives him the 10 count.

Medina 10-9

Rd 3:  Right back where we left off and now Bermudez is bleeding from the nose.  Medina is taking over and Bermudez is turning away and not looking at the punches.  The ref has seen enough.

Ramano Medina defeats Freddy Bermudez via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:33 in Rd 3.

145 AM MMA Kurt Daniels (0-3) F5 Fight Team vs. Dan Ward (0-5) Spero's MMA

Daniels gets in a good punch and takes Ward down.  Daniels is working for an arm triangle but gets pushed back to guard.  Daniels pulls his arm free and gets in a hammerfist.  Dan gets free and is trying to get up as the round ends.

Daniels 10-9

Rd 2:  Daniels rushes in and gets in a right hand then the quick takedown.  Daniels moves to full mount.  He loses the position and Ward reverses and ends up in guard.  Daniels does a good job at tying up the hand and not taking any damage.

Daniels 10-9

Rd 3:  Daniels connects with a good right.  Daniels gets the takedown and is caught in a guillotine.  Ward is squeezing with all his might but can't get the finish.  Ward sweeps and is trying for an armbar.  He is firing knees to the side of Daniels.

Ward 10-9, real close

Kurt Daniels defeats Dan Ward via unanimous decision.

130 AM MMA James Palmer (0-1) Defensive Edge vs. Kevin Flanagan (0-0) Burgess

Palmer starts us off with an outside leg kick.  Palmer gets in another snapping leg kick.  Palmer works the takedown and is now in the guard.  Not much action the rest of the round.

Palmer 10-9

Rd 2:  Flanagan rushes in and trying to get some punches in.  Palmer gets in a body shot from the break.  Palmer gets in an outside leg kick.  Flanagan connects with a kick and Palmer dives for a take down but gets stuffed.  Blood is coming out of Flanagan's nose.  Palmer gets the takedown and finishes the rest of the round in the guard.

Palmer 10-9

Rd 3:  Palmer connects with a kick to the body and punch to the head.  Palmer gets the quick takedown and Flanagan slips out and they are back to their feet.  Palmer's face is starting to swell under the eye.  Palmer throws a kick and gets punched and goes to the mat.  Flanagan takes his back and is trying for rear naked choke but falls off.  Palmer is now on top and not much action and the ref stands them up.  Flanagan connects with  a combo and takes Palmer's back.  They scramble and Palmer ends up.

Flanagan 10-9

James Palmer defeats Kevin Flanagan via unanimous decision.

145 AM MMA Fernando Lopez (0-1) Team Irish vs. Brandon Marotte (0-0) Spero's MMA

Before the fight Lopez gives Brandon the finger and the fight almost starts before the bell.  Both fighters are working their jabs.  Lopez gets in a good leg kick and takes Brandon's back standing.  Brandon goes to the mat and he sinks in the rear naked choke for the tap.

Fernando Lopez defeats Brandon Marotte via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:19 in Rd 1.  Nothing like giving your opponent the finger and then winning.

225 AM KICK TITLE Franklin Johnson (2-1) NEHD vs. Steve Walker (5-2) Hard Knocks

Franklin is working his kicks.  They clinch and ref tries to break them up and Walker throws a knee and is warned.  Walker gets in a combo and some knees to the head.  Franklin gets in a good knee.  Walker trips Franklin and Franklin takes him down with him.

Walker 10-9

Rd 2:  Both fights punch and Walker slips to the mat.  Walker connects with a high kick.  Walker has him pinned against the cage and is getting in knees after knee.  Ref breaks it up and gives Franklin the 10 count.  He is getting exhausted.

Walker 10-9

Rd 3:  Franklin gets hit in the cup and Walker apoligizes.  He takes a few minutes and the fight resumes.  Walker gets in some more combos and knees and Franklin is unable to continue.

Steve Walker defeats Franklin Johnson via tko stoppage at 1:24 in Rd 3.  Walker becomes the 225 Combat Zone Kickboxing Champ.

155 PRO MMA Devin Powell (4-1) Nostos MMA vs. Jeff Anderson (10-11) B&F Boxing

Devin connects with a punch and Jeff takes him down.  Devin gets a triangle and is pushing the head down for the finish.  Jeff slams him and Devin is still cranking and pulling the arm.  Jeff hangs on and slips his head free.  Devin works another triangle and is getting in some elbows from the bottom.  Jeff defends it and is free again.  Devin is looking for another triangle and getting in more elbows as the round ends.

Powell 10-9

Rd 2:  They are both exchanging kicks.  Jeff gets the takedown and is in the guard.  Jeff is bleeding above the eye.  Devin is tying up the arm and the crowd is cheering.  Devin is trying for another triangle but can't get the finish.  Devin bucks him off and they are back to their feet.  Devin gets the takedown as the round ends.

Powell 10-9

Rd 3:  Jeff goes for the takedown and gets the double leg.  Devin sweeps and they are standing back up.  Jeff is looking for another takedown.  Devin is looking for an armbar but can't get the finish.  3 upkicks that brush Jeff's head and Jeff dives back into the guard.  Devin gets in some more strikes from the bottom.

Powell 10-9

Devin Powell defeats Jeff Anderson via unanimous decision.

180 PRO MMA Nuri Shakur (18-21) Gate City vs. Brett Oteri (12-7) FAF

Brett connects with two leg kicks to start us off.  Brett goes for a takedown and Nuri pushes him to the side.  Brett gets in another leg kick and is pressing Nuri up against the cage.  Nuri uses the underhooks and gets back to the center.  Brett keeps working that inside leg kick.  Brett is looking for another takedown and Nuri hip tosses him.  Nuri is working the side and passes to full mount but gets pushed back right away.  Oteri goes to stand up and Nuri gets in a knee to the head.

Shakir 10-9

Rd 2:  Brett is getting in some more leg kicks.   He gets closer for the takedown and Nuri pushes him to the mat.  Nuri is in half guard and not much action is pursuing.  Ref stands them up.  Brett is getting in some leg kicks and Nuri connects with a knee to the head.  Brett dives for a takedown and Nuri stuffs it and pushes him back to the mat.  Nuri  gets in two hammerfists before the round ends.

Shakir 10-9

Rd 3:  Both fighters touch gloves at the start.  Brett is working his kicks and Nuri is countering very well.  There is an eye poke and there is blood coming from Brett's eye.  The doctor is checking out the eye.  Doctor applies some eye drops and with some more time the ref stops the fight.

Nuri Shakir defeats Brett Oteri, after ref stoppage to eye injury because it is in the 3rd round we go to the judges card.  20-18 by unanimous decision Nuri Shakir.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Devin Powell fight
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Walker tko win for the title

Another Combat Zone successful night is now in the books.  Even though there were only 8 fights that night the fighters all brought it!  It sucks to see the main event go out on an injury but in the end your vision and health is worth more, so hats off to you Brett Oteri.  Hope your eye is ok, and shout out to Kevin MacDonald for stopping the fight after hearing the doctor's advice.  YOU DA REAL MVP!!  Now Combat Zone returns on May 13th and I have heard some of the fights they are trying to set up and it sounds like it is going to a big show!  One last thing, I want to note is that Jeff Anderson took the fight against Devin Powell within the last 2 weeks and he came very well prepared and made it a hell of a fight.  Until next time folks, stay right here as we keep you up to date on all the local mma happenings.