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February 4, 2016

MSAC February '16 Meeting

The meeting is being held in Milford, MA today.  Commissioner Adams called the meeting to order at aprox. 11:15am and the group quickly got down to business approving the minutes from the last meeting.  They then moved onto the suspensions for the Jan. UFC in Boston (item 3).  Item 4 was tabled as the medical recommendations  have not been completed.
  There were a few names worth noting from item 3:
                                                                 Matt Mitrione 180 days and needs an opthomolic exam
                                                                 Travis Browne 180 days and needs medical clearance for an                                                                  injury to his ankle.
                                                                 More will be added once I see the list personally.

Item 5 was tabled to accommodate the gentlemen that have assembled for Item 6: USA Boxing New England Sanction Fees and Medicals Requirements for Amateur Boxers
This topic is quite interesting as it will ultimately effect the potential number of amateur boxing matches occurring in the Baystate.  This current rule is already in place, but the organization has asked the commission to relax the rules that require all amateur boxers to submit blood tests for Hep B/C and HIV/Aids.
USA Boxing conducts 60 events in Massachusetts.  A variance seems to be in order to allow the organization to lic. amateur fighters without the blood work.
Edward Santoro challenges Guy Luciardi on a fees discrepancy that impacts the Third Party event organizers.  A result is that non-profit organizations hosting USA boxing events are being charged a $1000 fee to host a boxing event.  MSAC counsel seems to be handing the USA boxing a fair amount of background on a 2014 commission meeting that has already decided the sanctioning fee for third party promoters at $900.  The fee will continue to be $900.  Commissioner Luciardi continues to challenge what USA Boxing provides that adds value to an event and warrants an larger fee to these events.  He contends that it really isn't the USA Boxing's business to take more money due to an event raising large amounts of money for a non-profit event and it not benefitting the clubs that are participating in the event as the entertainment.  An updated fee breakdown will appear on the USA Boxing website soon.


Legislation is in the works to revise the blood work requirements for all combat sports in MA from every 6 months to annually.

At 12:36 Commissioner Adams brings the meeting to order and brings Item 5 back to the table.  There is some confusion as to the number of physicians needed for the advisory board.  The commission will table the topic until there is clarity as to the numbers needed at a minimum.

Item 7 brings matters not reasonably anticipated within 48 hours before the meeting.  The first items is an application for referees license.  The applicant is licensed in 3 other states and has shadowed under Ref Kevin MacDonald.  The Commission votes to approve the license unanimously.  The next meeting is scheduled for May 3rd, 2016 at 11pm.  Michael Polvere steps up to speak before the Commissioners with regards to the unfortunate event at his Jan 30th event.  There is a strong plea for the commission that they visit there procedures for pre-fight inspections and the Commissioner Adams verifies that there is an ongoing investigation. 

The meeting is adjourned at 12:48.