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April 22, 2016

Bellator 153: Live Review

Bellator 153: Koreshkov vs. Henderson
April 22, 2016 | Mohegan Sun Arena | Uncasville, Connecticut
Refs tonight will be Todd Anderson, Kevin MacDonald,  Bryan Miner, and Big John McCarthy

Refresh the article from 6pm until the last bout.  

9) Andrey Koreshkov vs. Benson Henderson
for welterweight title
Rnd 1 wow, that was intense.  Benson holds his own for most of the 5 min round.  At the end though Koreshkov nails him to the cage with a flying knee.  Then Henderson is on auto pilot for the last ten seconds.
Rnd 2 and 3 had the same momentum for Koreshkov.  In rounds 4 and 5 I felt that Henderson was advancing and getting better in the exchanges.  He hacked Koreshkov's lead leg to a pulpy mess, but it wasn't enough to get the judges decision.  It goes 5 rounds and the score is 50-45 for Koreshkov.

8) Henry Corrales vs. Patricio Freire
This match goes two arduous rounds.  The fans booed at the close of the first round despite Coralles' successful defences against alternating Head and Arm Triangle Chokes the Pitbull was working toward completing.
In the second round Coralles was able to control more of the center of the cage, but in the last minute he was off balance and Pitbull jumped guard and locked on a lethal Guillotine Choke forcing the tap at 4:09.

7) Brennan Ward vs Cyborg Santos
It is quick.  This one lasts 30 amazing and action packed seconds.  Cyborg submits Ward with a Heel Hook after having his back taken bybthe younger man in the opening moments.  The crowd loves it.

6) Santos vs Primus
This one is an all out war from start to finish.  Both men showed tremendous heart and skill.  In the end it goes to the judges and two score it 29-28 for Primus sending him home with the split decision victory.  
5) Holloway Vs Page
Round 1 starts with serious intensity.  Holloway charges Page and Page lays him out with a right hand  Holloway is back up instantly.  The two wheel around the cage at breakneck speed.  Page is a master of misdirection.  He waves a hand and strikes with the other.  Holloway initiates the clinch and Page knocks him down.  Holloway dives on a heel hook, but Page locks on a counter sub of his own.  Page submits Holloway with a toehold at 2:15 of the first round.  It looked painful.

4) Bessette vs Richardson
Round 1 is action packed.  Both men are moving around the cage smoothly.  Bessette is mixing up the strikes between his fists and his feet.  Richardson is mostly boxed out of the center of the ring.  He is moving well.
Round 2 is a bloodbath.  Matt is finding his range and rhythm.  You can see blood on the corners of both of Richardson's eyes.  Matt throws up kick after kicks and splits the left eye wound open even wider.  The blood runs from it and down the left cheek un checked.  An inadvertent eye from Bessette has stopped time.  John MacCarthy calls the doctor in to check the gaping wound.  The doctor signals it's to big and the fight is called at 3:11 due to TKO and Bessette gets another impressive win.

3)Cronin vs. Zichelle
Round 1 Zichelle comes out swinging with intensity.  He smashes Cronin into another time zone and continues to do so until he can take Cronin's back and sink in a deep RNC at 1:25.
The crowd is on its feet for this one.

2) Secor Vs Honeycutt
3 rounds with little action from Secor.  He spends almost every round on the mat under Honeycutt.  The judges give it Honeycutt via Unanimous Decision.

1)Chan Vs Patishnock
Chan with the Rnd 1 KO at 3:09.