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April 1, 2016

CES XXXIV Play by Play

Hvy weights Amateur Gavin Nickel Vs Dan Randall
1st rnd
Gavin is first to the cage.  Dan comes out a minute later.  The Fox Threatre makes some noise for Dan.  Gavin weighed in at 261 and fights out of PA.  Dan weighed in at 237 and fights out of western mass. Dan takes the center of the cage and is the first to start attacking.  They clinch and Gavin is against the cage.  Gavin finds a way off the cage briefly.  Dan sprawls on a sloppy shot and we can hear Coach Libiszewski calling for Dan to take his time while punishing Gavin's ribs.   The power can be heard across the room and the sizable crowd is cheering.  Gavin gives up on the single and turtles.  Dan is standing behind him throwing clean shots up from under the right armpit of his opponent.  He busts something on Gavin's face and the bloodied fighter is up on his feet and running blindly to any part of the cage that Dan isn't, but Dan is right there move for move and is slamming leather into the retreating fighter.  The ref steps in and the fight is called.  First round TKO for Dan on his return bout.

Featherweights Pro Geoffrey Then Vs Merab Dvalishvili
Rnd 1
Merab unleashes a powerful combination and stuns Geoff.  Geoff is in trouble early as Mareb knocks him down and pounces on him with fists a plenty.  Geoff endures several blistering attacks.  Each time  it seems to get a little bit worse.  At one point Merab is standing over Geoff in guard and dropping huge bombs.  Geoff endures the round.  Mareb wins it.
Rnd 2
Geoff is bullied onto the cage right away and Merab is landing bushels of punches.  Some kicks are added to the arsenal.  Geoff is staying active, but the pace is amazingly quick.  Merab is taking Geoff down and controlling him.  Geoff again weathers the storm and is on his feet.  he goes in for a takedown, but winds up getting thrown with big hip toss.  A big reversal sees Geoff come up off the mat to is feet holding Merabs leg up high and trying for a tripping type takedown.  Merab's flexibility keeps him upright.  Merab is bouncing around the cage, light as a feather.  He appears completely unaffected by the intense pace while just feet from him his opponent is in oxygen debt and looking at another lost round.
Rnd 3
It's a slower start to this round and we see Geoff get the first offensive opportunity and makes the most of it with stiff punch that opens Merab up over at the hairline over the left eye.
3:55 on the clock and Merab throws an overhand right that sends Geoffs eye rolling in his head, his chin snapps down, and the force of the strike knocks him back into the cage.  He bounces off it and seems to be conscious.  Merab grabs him and throws him to the mat again.  Geoff is fighting the whole time.  Big Dan calls for the action to continue as Merab grabs a slight breather.  Geoff is baited into a guillotine and Merab tries to get it from standing, but Geoff is out and looking for the next angle.  Merab quickly dives in and gets a double bringing the action back to the mat with Geoff on bottom for the last time.  The bell rings and Merab's corner cheers.  The crowd is appreciative of the action packed match.

Flyweights Pro Luay Ashkar Vs Carlos Candelario
Rnd 1
Carlos is in the center of the cage.  He is the first to exchange.  Luay looks tense.  He throws a couple of short throws that aren't anywhere near Carlos.  Carlos repeats and rinses and repeats this time though he knocks Luay to the mat with a temple shot.  Luay looks dazed and is able to get to his feet.  Carlos is on him and looking for the moment to let loose.  It take about ten seconds a short chase on the cage wall and three more probing shots when it happens.  Carlos drops Luay again and this time the fight is over.  Carlos destroys the competition in Luay Ashkar and proves that he's the next level.  31second KO.  Look for this one tonight on the AXS.TV broadcast of the fights.  Im sure they'll get this one in there at some point.  Carlos is pounding his chest with pride.  The team is in the cage and the fans are ecstatic

Intermission til 9pm when televised portion is broadcast live from the Fox Theater Foxwoods Casino, CT

Light Hvy Wts Pro Steve Skrazat Vs Kevin Haley
Rnd 1
Skrazt is the much bigger man in this match up.  Haley has the reach.  Steve is probing for distance.  Kevin is staying out of range, but has a tendency to leave the chin out and up.  Steve is tucking his chin nicely  Kevin get the takedown at 3:40, but can't keep his man down.  Steve is getting hit with Haley's right hand.  Steve is patient.  He sees his man inching in and then launches his counter.  There is a break in the action due to a groin strike that caught Skrazat on the cup.  Dan checks the fighter and then time is resumed.  Steve makes an adjustment and catches Kevin with a punch that crumples the man in the center of the cage.  He scrambles to get to his feet and Skrazat comes in like a bull leading the charge with kick to the midsection.  Kevin gets up  and is clinched against the cage.  He is able to turn the tables and with a takedown.  Steve is able to get up and is leaning hard into his man against the cage where he now fouls with a groin strike.  The result of a knee straight on the cup of Haley.  The action stops and after a minute Haley is ready to resume.  Big Dan warns both fighters that no more fouls will be warnings.  The next one is a point deduction.  Both men nod in understanding and the clock resumes it's decent.
Skrazat lands leather and stumbles the encroaching fighter.  He rushes in to cover the escape and is locked up in a clinch where eventually Haley dominates and gets the top position.  He transitions to from a kumora to side control once Skrazat is on his back defending.  From here Haley ably manuvers to knee on belly.  he's putting it together now and Steve is feeling it.  Steve gives up his back and now we see Haley get setup just off the hip of the turtled hulk and he is landing shot after shot until Dan pulls him off.   Haley stops Skrazat in the middle of the round with a TKO finish.

Lt Hvy Wts Pro Anton Berzin Vs Matt Thompson
Rnd 1
Sorry folks my wifi hotspot cut out.  Anton Berzin win 3:21 Rnd 1 Guillotine
The fight started on the feet.  lol.  It went something like this.  Anton and Matt come to the center of the cage.  Anton gets the takedown pretty early and is looking for an armbar.  He's unable to keep Thompson in danger, loses position, and ends up on his back looking up at his opponent.  The action resumes on the feet until Anton scores another takedown.  This time he is able to control Matt.  He forces him to turtle after a minute and from here he sets up the guillotine.  No hooks in, but deep enough to get the man to quit.

Lightweights Pro Leon Davis Vs Lorawnt-T Nelson
Rnd 1
The crowd is here to see Leon.  They are going nuts.  Leon looks relaxed.  Nelson looks focused.  Leon is right in on a wrestler style shot that pins his man against the cage.  He is able to get the takedown eventually and has Nelson's back.  One hook in and he's peppering the turtled opponent.  The Freight Train Josh Deikman is on the sidelines calling out to Leon to work and improve his position.  Big Dan verbalizes is as well in the cage calling for action.  Leon works steadily.  They've been in the same location on the cage wall for 3minutes.  Leon drags Nelson away from the cage wall.  Nelson quickly gets back to safety and wall walks to his feet.  Leon is still applying the pressure.  Nelson gets out.  Once they are in the center of the cage Leon shoots the takedown again.  Nelson pulls guard and has Leon in a guillotine for a second.  The round ends with Leon on top.  Davis wins the round.
Rnd 2
Davis immediately shoots and scores another takedown.  Nelson turns to run and Leon shoestring tackles him.  Nelson is on the cage wall with Leon trying to get those hooks in.  Nelson is up the cage and turns to face Leon.  Leon gets a big slamming suplex, but can't capitalize on the position.  Nelson once again gets to his feet.  Leon again picks him up and slams him down.  Neslon is up again.  Leon takes him down again.  Nelson is visibly tired and with 2 minutes left in the round Leon is looking fresh and poised having spent most of the time working from the top.  90 seconds left and Leon is in half guard working his way up to mount.  He achieves his goal, but Nelson is reverses it and catches Davis in a deep Guillotine.  He ends the round on his back, but isn't choked out.  It's clear that Nelson is tiring.  That might have been his first good round and last.  Leon wins that round.
Rnd 3
Leon is on Nalson's leg in a heartbeat.  The round is stalling badly and neither man is showing much energy.  Leon seems content to be on top pressuring, but not threatening any kind of sub or explosive striking.  Dan steps in and stands them up.  It's only temporary.  Leon knows the recipe and goes right back to stirring the pot holding one ingredient.   Nelson again catches a break while Leon is content.  He gets to Leon's back briefly.  Leon takes a bit of abuse this round.  He gets the lion's share of elbows and chokes.  He rode the wave though and the round ends with him on bottom.
The judges give it to Leon via Unanimous Decision

Flyweights Pro Johnny Campbell Vs Matthew Lozano
Rnd 1
Matt and Johnny come out to the center and Johnny is already pumping the jab.  Matt looks for a kick and Johnny matches him.  Johnny is like a ghost.  he is out of the way every time the right cross comes.  Johnny does a bit of acrobatics and the crowd is in awe.  His movement is unreal.  Matt looks like a statute compared to Johnny.  Johnny is mixing the low kicks with the snapping jabs.  Johnny has read this play book and knows the plan.  Matt is tired.  Johnny is just gone every time Matt advances.  None of Matt's strikes are landing flush. Matt catches Johnny with a head kick, but Johnny was moving away at the same time so the effect was minimal.  Johnny continues to flow like water in every direction.  Matt makes a stand with the final seconds creeping up.  He knocks Campbell for a loop and Johnny has to scramble.  he gets clipped again and as Matt comes in to do damage Johnny shoots in for a big double that slams Matt to the mat as the bell sounds.
Johnny may have that round, but it was close.
Rnd 2
Matt is still in this to win it.  Johnny is sticking to his plan.  Coach Bill Mahoney repeats a combination a few times and Johnny responds.  Matt checks one of Johnny's kicks and the effect is noticeable.  A few seconds later and Lozano is able to press Campbell to the cage.  Johnny separates and the two have to start over.  Johnny is still moving well.  Lozano must feel that the momentum is his.  He's more aggressive.  he's trying flying knees.  he's stalking his prey.  Johnny is bloodied and looking tired all of a sudden.  He's moving backward now on a regular basis.  He's effectively been blocked out of the center of the cage relegated to backpedalling around the edges.  At the bell he's able to grab the double and slam Lozano.
Rnd 3
Johhnny starts the round with some low kicks.  He sets up a double and gets it.  Lozano gets the butterfly in with the right leg and then gets to full guard.  Both men are playing there part here in an exciting match and the fans are loving it.  Johnny on top is peppering his opponent, but not looking to pass that guard.  Coach Mahoney is calling out instructions.  I hear "guard", "Elbow", "movement" and Johnny is doing what he can to respond.  Matt threatens an arm bar, but Johnny defends and adjusts.  Johhny gets tot he back once Matt turtles.  Both hooks are in and the crowd is on fire.  He's adjusting and trying to flatten him out.  He gives up the hooks and Matt is able to get back to his feet.  The round is over with both men having put on a show.  I give that round to Johnny.  I see it 2 rounds to possibly one.  All the judges score it 29-27 for Matt Lozano

Flyweights Pro Calvin Kattar Vs Kenny Foster
Rnd 1
The cage doors closes and the actions starts to unfold.  Foster is in southpaw stance.  Calvin is tentative.  Foster blitzes in behind some lightening quick hands.  He's got him pressed into the cage right in front of Kattar's corner where Coaches Mark Delegrote and Tyson Chartier are giving encouragement to their man.  Calvin gets off the cage and stuns Foster.  He isn't able to follow it up though and Foster recovers.  Foster has great movement.  He's maintaining distance.  He tries to come in and Kattar is there waiting with uppercuts.  Short time left and the action picks up as Kattar lands some big shots.  The bell rings as we see Calvin launch like a bolt with a knee just missing Foster's head.
Rnd 2
Foster looks for a tea kwon do style side kick and the crowd launches into a chant of "lets go Calvin"  1000 voices strong.  That's huge for morale.  Not much has happened in two minutes though and I wonder if this is the calm before the storm or if Kattar is starting to gas after the pace he set in the first round.  Foster is moving more, but Kattar is still controlling the center.  Kattar is cat like in his nimbleness.  He is juke'd out of the center by some creative movement on Foster's part.  Once on the outside of the ring he immediately blocks a high kick that follows.  He then takes back the center of the cage.  Again the action quickens at the end of the round.  The Boss, Jeremy Reipold, my photographer for the evening suggests that Kattar is down two rounds.  I'd say it's one and one.
Rnd 3
At this point Kattar hasn't slowed down Foster's pace.  He's kept him out of the center, had him moving, but not caused any damage.  Foster sets up a combination that ends with a kick and Kattar immediately grabs him and drags him to the mat.  The venue is chanting for Calvin again.  A left hook sails through empty space as Foster disappears out of range and Kattar is visibly critical of his attempt, the power he put behind it, and the fact that the opponent is now 5 feet to his left.  He adjusts and takes the center of the cage again.  Foster is in and out.  Kicks are coming more often.  The lock in a clinch and Kattar gets loose.  He's working the crowd into a frenzy with the sound of skin on skin from the impact of the inside leg kicks he's delivering.  The bell rings and the fight is over.  Foster did his best to last survive that encounter and in doing so he may have won over the judges.  Both camps know it'll be close and are both treating their fighter as the winner.  Kattar takes a split decision and the crowd loves it.

Welterweights Pro Chris Curtis Vs Nah-Shon Burrell Non-title fight 5 rounds
Rnd 1
Curtis attacks the body.  Burrell is head hunting.  Burrell switches to kicks.  Curtis motions for Burrell to make more advances showing he's not phased by the barrage.  Curtis has time to answer a critical spectator.  The theater is noticeably quieter now that the Kattar fans have left the hall.  It's like they are fighting alone for friends and family.  Burrell is switching stances.  The action comes in the form of a clinch where Curtis is the aggressor and pressuring Burrell.  The round ends with a right hook/swing from Burrell.  No applause is audible as both men return to their corners.
Rnd 2
Burrell is soaking wet.  Like they poured the whole water bucket on him between rounds.  Curtis isn't concerned.  He's been bullied to the cage wall a few times, but methodically gets off.  In the striking exchanges he's getting the points.  He's wearing Burrell down with sharp uppercuts and body shots.  He's ahead of Burrell's timing and initiating combinations and the crowd is getting louder.  Thirty seconds left and Curtis is moving forward consistently.  The round ends with Burrell trying to minimize any further energy waste by clinching and pressuring his opponent into the cage wall.
Rnd 3
Curtis works at a feverish pace for the first ten seconds of the round.  He bullies Burrell with combinations repeatedly landing a low kick and tagging his jaw with leather.  Chris is seeing the room from a different angle after Burrell scoops him up and dumps him on his back.  Burrell works his way to the back.  Curtis spins and faces Burrell, but can't keep him on the mat.  Curtis lands a right uppercut and then changes levels for the takedown.  He takes the back now.  He locks in the body triangle, but Burrell adjusts and Curtis falls off.  A scramble ensues.  Curtis is looking for a second takedown this round as the bell rings.
Rnd 4
Is not note-able the action was minimal.  I think that neither man is interested in the outcome since there is no title on the line.  Burrell is fouled do to a knee to the groin.  Todd Anderson keeps the rest brief and gets the action going with only a minute for Burrell to recuperate.  The round ends shortly after this.
Rnd 5
It looks like the fight is over and the remaining fans (which aren't many in numbers) are giving their two cents for all to hear.  The fighters are doing what they can to bring some intensity to the match.  A minute remains and Burrell hits Curtis with a solid left hand, changes levels, and scores the takedown.  Curtis gets up with ten seconds on the clock and scores his own takedown.  The round is over.  It goes to the judges.  Curtis may have done enough to take the fight.  I'm wrong though and Burrell takes the "W" via Split Decision.