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June 7, 2016

June 5th MSAC Open Meeting: Mitrione Hearing to Change TKO to No Contest and Request to discipline Ref Gary Forman

If you aren't able to view on your mobile device please visit  Youtube

Mitrione Vs Browne hearing concludes with a majority vote by the commission to not change the official TKO win by Travis Browne.  They also declined to discipline referee Gary Forman with a similar majority vote.  That wraps up the months long item and gives all of us a deeper look into what is needed to make a case to the MSAC when asking for a change to a fight record and or finding an referee responsible for their lack of action when fouls and injuries occur in the cage.  Honesty is always the best policy would be the overall message that both ringside physicians would impart to all fighters now and we'll into the future.  They only know what we tell them when it comes to our abilities without more specialized equipment and or tests.  Neither can be administered in the cage.  Big props to Matt Mitrione for taking the fight to the commission.  We can't wait to see both Travis and Matt in the cages soon.

Big thanks to Frontier Community Access Television for the equipment to bring you this public safety meeting.