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July 1, 2016


[CES Press Release]

While #CES37 was already sizzling with three title fights, matchmaker Pat Sullivan just started the fireworks by adding a bout between explosive fan-favorites Joe “Lights Out” Pingitore and Bill Jones at ‪#‎Lincoln‬’s Twin River Casino on August 12.

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Pingitore, a five-time CES MMA cage veteran, didn’t mince words when asked about finally sharing the cage with Jones, a 22-fight vet.

“If he shows up performing how he did in his last fight in 2015, with that sloppy wrestling game and terrible stand-up, he’s got no chance. I have much respect for him coming out of the nursing home and back in the game, but you should’ve stayed retired, Grandpa Jones,” Pingitore said. “Unfortunately for him, we’re squaring up now and there isn’t any crime against assaulting a senior citizen in the CES MMA cage.”

When asked what advice he had for Pingitore, Jones simply offered, “He better be in the gym.”
"I’ve wanted this fight for a while. He’s cocky and thinks he can run through me. Joe was an amateur while I was fighting for titles. I’ve been working my stand-up a lot and I can take this fight wherever it goes,” offered Jones with a smile. “There’s no way it goes three rounds. This kid has never fought anyone like me."

CES MMA 37 also features three CES MMA Championship bouts: ‪#‎Woonsocket‬’s Andre “The Asian Sensation” Soukhamthath collides with ‪#‎Boston‬’s Kin “Kong” Moy for the Bantamweight Championship, ‪#‎Hartford‬’s Matt “The Mangler” Bessette squares up with ‪#‎Gloucester‬’s Pedro “The Beast” Gonzalez for the Featherweight Championship, and Greg “Ribz” Rebello throws down with Ashley “Gio” Gooch, for the Heavyweight Championship.