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August 9, 2016

ABC Post Conference Breakdown: Day 1 Videos

Myself alongside Ref.Kevin MacDonald
ABC Annual Conference 2016 
It's been a week since I finished streaming the last day of presentations at the 2016 Annual Conference the ABC held in Las Vegas, NV.  Since then I've begun to review the footage in hopes of gaining a deeper understanding of the subjects presented to the membership, and draft my questions and comments for this series of articles.  Kevin MacDonald, a local referee with ties to the ABC, UFC, and MSAC was often my sounding board leading up to the conference.  I just wanted to take a second and recognize his help and guidance.  I'd like to thank Michael Mazzulli, the current president of the ABC, for allowing my camera's to be present at such a high profile event.  It's important to point out that the ABC is not a governmental agency nor does it receive government funds therefore it is exempt from the "Open Meeting" laws that would normally allow me to attend with or without approval.   Everyone I met and spoke with was very pleased to know that the general public was watching.  I think it gave them a sense of how much interest there is in the health and prosperity of the combative sports.   Finally I've got to mention Travis Sinclair "Cityboy" who's ability to keep important fight press releases, teasers, and event reviews flowing up to the net and out to our visitors here at  His efforts enhance the overall awareness our readers have of local mixed martial arts beyond our geographic location and into the larger global audience.  I always hope that my contributions to the MMA community are positive or informative and that they encourage healthy conversation that will keep the fighters focused, the trainers on the cutting edge, and the fans on the edge of their seats.  To keep that promise I'm going to embed the first day of presentations from the conference here.  Please share, discuss, and get familiar with the ABC's policies.  We as participants of the combative sports have a vested interest in any decisionthese folks make on our behalf.  They want to know what we think and that we understand their role as regulators and safety advocates.