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August 1, 2016

Association of Boxing Commissions Annual Conference 2016: Day 1

So folks we are live streaming from the beautiful Monte Carlo Resort in Las Vegas, NV.
The morning has started with the formal tasks required by a non-profit organization holding an annual meeting.  A few votes were taken to accept the "Minutes and the Financials from 2015".
A wonderful opening speech was given by the charismatic and timeless Oscar Goodman, the former Mayor of Las Vegas and mob lawyer.
ABC President, Michael Mazzulli, gave a warm welcome to the commissioners and guests in attendance before handing the mic over to a series of vendors who've brought their fighter record keeping products for a closer look by the commissioners.  BoxRec is a software developed by husband and wife team Emily and John Shephard.  Kirik Jeness from is also presenting his system.
Break ends at 10:30am
Dr. Eddie Ayoub is presenting on the basic facts of Dehydration and giving the run down on how it effects the costs of shows, the effects on the fighter physically and cognitively,