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August 7, 2016


Cage Titans just finished up their successful media day/medical clinic on Saturday and now have just announced their fight card for August 27th!  In true Cage Titan fashion the card is packed with awesome match ups that is sure to please any type of mma fan.  They have a total of 23 fights, with 7 of them being pro and 2 amateur title fights.  I know, I sound like a broken record here but get your tickets early from the fighters or the link here because they have been selling out each and every show lately.  Trust me, you don't want to wait until the last minute.  Here is the full fight card below.

125 PRO Remo Cardarelli (6-3 Team BST) vs. Darren Mima (8-4 Blackhole)
145 PRO Rodrigo Almeida (13-3 Juniko) vs. Manny Bermudez (6-0 SSSF)
135 PRO Fernando Perez (6-13 Team EVT) vs. Johnny Cambell (11-8 SSSF)
125 PRO Ernesto Ornelas (3-6 Choi's ) vs. Dave Baxter (2-1 USMMA)
135 PRO Devin Pilkington (0-3 NEC) vs. Max Barrett (2-0 Juniko)
185 PRO Sean Evans (0-0 Team BST) vs. Justin Sumter (0-1 Newell MMA)
170 PRO Joe Levasseur (Triforce 2-1) vs. Sean Lally (4-2 Sityodtong)
170 AM TITLE John McAndrews (5-1 Gate City) vs. Bobby Gasdia (3-1 SSSF)
185 AM Sean Bettencourt (4-2 Juniko) vs. Morgan Dean (2-0 Dexter MMA)
HVY AM TITLE Jose Campos (1-0 Team BST) vs. Jason Peppe (3-0 Redline)

155lb AM – Jose Atiles (0-1, Brazilian Top Team) vs Ed Forlenza (1-0, Juniko)
150lb AM – Seth Jacobs (0-0, Hyannis MMA) vs Chris Sniger (0-1, SBG East)
185lb AM – Patrick Crowley (0-0, Florian MMA) vs Fabio Cherant (0-1, Juniko)
145lb AM – Shaun Shubert (0-5, Red Seal) vs Bobby Baker (0-2, Victory)
130lb AM – Kerri Kennison (2-1, Team Link NH) vs Kylie O’Hearn (2-0, Juniko)
205lb AM – Zeal McGrew (0-1, Redline) vs Ron Marshall (1-1, Team Anubis)
155lb AM – Austin Schalla (1-4, Dexter) vs Alex Ortiz (3-2, Speed School)
142lb AM – Shane Dougherty (0-0, USMMA) vs Diego Lopes (0-0, Juniko)
155lb AM – Quentin Harris (1-0, Indy) vs Matt Alger (1-1, Team EVT)
125lb AM – John Lessard (2-1, Redline) vs Josh Meehan (2-0, Juniko)
125lb AM – Andrew Herbst (0-0, Hyannis MMA) Vs William Graustuck (1-0, UFC Gym)
170lb AM – Jon Ciampa (0-1, Connors) vs Brandon Murphy (0-0, Speed School)
125lb AM – Jake Kasperowski (1-2, Redline) vs Tim Hagan (1-0, Nostos)