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October 29, 2016


Cage Titans just released their full fight card via their website for their show on November 5th, 2016 at Plymouth Memorial Hall.  Plymouth Memorial Hall is going to be busy next weekend with the CES/Cage Titans show Friday and then the fight card below for Saturday.  Fight fans might as well just crash there LOL!  Cage Titans has a total of 21 fights with 6 of them being professional ones.  Take a look at the card and let us know by commenting below what fight you are looking forward to.

155 PRO Steve McCabe (7-16 302BJJ/System X) vs. Scott Gorgone (3-1 Mass BJJ)
165 PRO Keegan Hornstra (Nostos 3-9) vs. Joe Giannetti (SSSF 1-0)
115 PRO Ronni Nanney (2-5 Sullivan's) vs. Sarah Click (0-1 Juniko)
145 PRO Devin Pilkington (0-3 NEC) vs. David Espino (0-1 Trifecta)
150 PRO Ryan Dibartolomeo (Team Link 0-0) vs. Jimmy Manning (0-0 SSSF)
160 PRO Don Shainis (Redline 0-1) vs. Wayne Ahlquist (2-3 Top Game)
125 AM TITLE Josh Meehan (3-0 Juniko) vs. William Graustuck (2-0 UFC Gym)
145 AM TITLE John Douma (3-2 Triforce) vs. Bryan Rossi (Sityodtong 4-2)

155 AM Austin Schalla (1-4, Dexter MMA) vs Collin Donnelly (0-0, SSSF)
155 AM Jimmy Bruce (2-1, Blackhole BJJ) vs Ed Forlenza (2-0, Juniko)
110 AM Alison Blackwell (0-0, TriForce) vs Adina Beaudry (1-0, Nostos)
115 AM Anastasia Bruce (0-4, Redd MMA) vs Danielle Hindley (1-1, SSSF)
170 AM Jonny Rodriguez (0-0, Regiment Training) vs Marty Navis (0-1, Lauzon MMA)
145 AM  Diego Lopes (0-0, Team Link/Juniko) vs Moises Soto (0-0, Team BST)
155 AM  Stavros Batsinelas (1-0, Redline) vs Zach Disabatino (1-0, SSSF)
165 AM Trevor Gudde (1-0, Florian BJJ) vs Ross Dannar (0-0, Nostos)
170 AM Lorenzo Fitzgerald (1-1, Gate City) vs Jon Ciampa (1-1, Connors)
150 AM Osmany Rivera (0-0, BMAC) vs Mike DiNella (0-0, SSSF)
145 AM Jon Paul (0-1, Gate City) vs Jonathan Azize (0-0, Team BST)
115 AM  Daniela Arceo (0-0, Florian BJJ) vs Tiffany McCoy (1-1, Santos BJJ)
130 AM Jared York (0-1, TriForce) vs Joe Smith (1-1, Lauzon MMA)