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October 22, 2016


We arrived at the event fashionably later than we wanted to and the ballroom is packed with fight fans.  I saw many familiar faces around the cage including my buddies Zack Lynch, Nick Mahmood and Alan Lau.  There are a total of 11 fights on the night including 2 title fights and 3 pro ones.  Zack Lynch is the head photographer for Premier FC.  The refs are Tom Sconzo and Bryan Minor and the judges are, Nick Mahmood, Mike Mena and Alan Lau.  They are doing a 50/50 raffle to help raise money for the Tim foundation to help people with drug recovery.  It is a sold out show and the fights are about to begin.  The national anthem has been sung so please follow along with us as we recap the night.

155 AM Chris Almestica (Team Link 0-0) vs. Harrison Adamo (Ultimate MMA 0-0)

They touch gloves and clinch up.  Chris is pressing Harrison up against the cage.  Harrison pushes back and Chris reverses.  He works a few knees to the body.  Chris tries for a takedown and Harrison tries for a guillotine.  Chris gets out and connects with a right before dropping down.  Harrison works a hip toss for the takedown and is in half guard.  He gets in a hammerfist as the round ends.

Almestica 10-9

Rd 2:  They clinch up and Chris goes for a takedown.  Harrison has a guillotine and is trying for the finish.  he can't get it and they are back to their feet.  Harrison is trying for another guillotine and gets the takedown.  He does a nice move to full mount with a body triangle and gets the tap.

Harrison Adamo defeats Chris Almestica by tapout to submission via triangle at 2:14 in Rd 1.

165 AM Miguel Cuevas (Battlecrew MMA 0-0) vs. Dennis Brown (Ambition MMA 1-0)

Dennis rushes in with  a left.  They are both swinging for the fences.  Miguel works a takedown and is in half guard.  He is trying to pass to full mount and ends up taking the side.  He hops over to full mount and gets swept.  He has a triangle from the bottom and gets the tap.

Miguel Cuevas defeats Dennis Brown via tapout to triangle at 1:42 in Rd 1.

130 AM Mike Kimbel (Thunder 1-2) vs. Harris Bonfiglio (Ultimate MMA 1-2)

Harris goes for a spinning kick and they clinch up.  Harris gets the takedown and is in the north south position.  Not much action as they are both in a stalemate.  Harris gets in a few punches and wins the round.

Bonfiglio 10-9

Rd 2:  Mike gets in a combo and Harris ties him up.  He gets the takedown and is in half guard.  He moves to full mount.  Mike gets the sweep and Harris rolls into a triangle.  He is on top and dropping bombs for the ref stoppage.

Harris Bonfiglio defeats Mike Kimbel via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:32 in Rd 2.

145 AM Marcel Romero (Link 1-0) vs. Kenny Champion (Golden Falcon 1-0)

Kenny gets in two leg kicks.  He gets in a combo and then some knees to the body.  They are both clinching and exchanging knees.  They fall to the mat and Marcel works his way up.  Marcel is taunting Kenny.  Kenny dives low and gets the takedown.  Marcel is trying to get up and is trying for a guillotine.  They are back to their feet and Kenny is pressing Marcel up against the cage as the round ends.

Champion 10-9

Rd 2:  Kenny starts it off with a few leg kicks and Marcel counters.  Marcel goes high with 2 leg kicks.  Marcel works some combos and Kenny goes for the takedown and gets it.  He is caught in a guillotine.  Team Link is saying there was a tap but ref didn't see it. Kenny is working some ground and pound as the round ends.

Romero 10-9

Rd 3:  Marcel is working some leg kicks.  Marcel backs Kenny up and connects with some big combos.  Marcel has Kenny backed up again and is trying for the finish.  He backs him up again works some knees to the body and combos for the ref stoppage.  Fight of the night!!

Marcel Romero defeats Kenny Champion via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:21 in Rd 3.

170 AM Ray Johns (Thunder 1-8) vs. Mario Peterson (Ambition MMA 1-0)

They start out swinging.  Mario is getting the better of the striking so far.  Mario gets hit with a knee to the head.  Fight continues and ref deducts a point.  Ray gets the takedown and is in guard.  Mario gets in some punches from the bottom to the side of Johns.

Peterson 10-8 due to point deduction

Rd 2:  Ray catches the leg and trips Mario for the takedown.  Mario works a triangle and has him trapped.  He gets in a bunch of punches to the head and gets the ref stoppage.

Mario Peterson defeats Ray Johns via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:12 in Rd 2.

155 AM Pat Casey (Link 4-1) vs. Davon Zimmerman (Ultimate MMA 3-5)

Davon starts us off with an outside leg kick.  Pat catches a kick and takes Davon down.  Davon works his way up and connects with a right that sends Pat back.  Pat takes Davon down again and has his back briefly.  Davon turns and they are back to their feet.  Pat ducks under some punches and gets the double leg.  Pat takes his back and is looking for the rear naked choke.  Davon defends and turns into it again.  The fight is back standing and Pat gets in another takedown to end the round.

Casey 10-9

Rd 2:  Davon connects with a combo and Pat gets the takedown.  He moves to full mount and Davon once again bucks him off.  Davon connects with a right and Pat takes him down.  He is in full mount briefly and Davon is out.  Pat takes him down again and is in half guard.  They scramble and Pat is on top in full mount getting in some hammerfists as the round ends.

Casey 10-9

Rd 3:  Davon connects with a straight right and Pat gets the takedown once again.  They work their way up and Pat gets another takedown.  He finishes off the rest of the round on top.

Casey 10-9

Pat Casey defeats Davon Zimmerman via unanimous decision.

205 AM TITLE Larry Perna (Vision Quest 2-0) vs. William Knight (Thorton's MMA 1-1)

William starts it of with a leg kick.  He dives for a takedown but can't get it.  William gets the hip toss takedown and Larry bounces right up.  William gets another takedown via hip toss and Larry works his way up again.  A knee to the body from Larry that connects.  Larry gets the takedown and William reverses to full mount.  Larry pushes him off and they are back up as the round ends.

Knight 10-9

Rd 2:  Both are working their hands.  They clinch and are now exchanging knees.  Larry is pressing William up against the cage.  William is making him pay with some uppercuts.  Blood is coming from Larry's nose.  Larry gets in a combo of his own.  William takes him down and lets out a barrage of hammerfists.  Larry is working his way up and William is not letting up with his punches.   He gets the ref stoppage.  Blood is all over Larry's face.

William Knight defeats Larry Perna via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:34 in Rd 2.

155 AM TITLE Swagath Pillai (Team Plus One 3-0) vs. Alex Ortiz (Golden Falcon 4-2)

Both fighters exchange kicks.  Swagath rushes in for the takedown but can't get it.  Alex gets a takedown and they bounce right back up.  Swagath shoulder tosses him to the mat and they are right back up.  Alex tries for a guillotine but can't get it.  Alex gets a takedown and is on top in full mount.  Swagath uses the cage and gets the reverse right before the round ends.

Ortiz 10-9

Rd 2:  Swagath slips and Alex stays on top.  Swagath reverses and he takes his back.  He is trying to finish him with some ground and pound.  They roll and Alex is on top on the side.  He moves to full mount as the round ends.

Pillai 10-9

Rd 3:  Alex connects with a knee to the sternum.  They clinch and fall to the mat.  Alex passes to full mount.  Alex is working some ground and pound and he gets the stoppage.

Alex Ortiz defeats Swagath Pillai via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:38 in Rd 3.

125 PRO Ken Murphy (Link NH 0-1) vs. Dan Cormier (Triforce 4-6)

They start the round feeling each other out and working out the timing.  Dan connects with a combo.  Kenny rushes in with a kick to the cup.  He takes a minute and the fight is back on.  Dan connects with a right.  Both of them exchange leg kicks.  Kenny connects with a right and Dan backs off.  Now the right is heating up!  Kenny connects with a right and rushes in with knee to the body.  Dan connects with a punch before the round ends.

Cormier 10-9

Rd 2:  Dan connects with an inside leg kick.  Dan with a right.  Kenny gets in a snapping leg kick.  Kenny rushes in and gets hit with a counter.  Dan rushes in and Kenny connects with a counter on the way out.  Dan gets in another right.  Dan connects with a right.  Kenny gets in a leg kick.  Dan gets in a right and Kenny comes right back with a kick.  Nice combo for Kenny.  They are both swinging as the round ends.

Cormier 10-9

Rd 3:  Kenny connects with a right that stuns Dan.  He is back up and dusting the cobwebs off.  Dan ducks in and Kenny connects on the way out.  Kenny with a 1-2 punch that was partially blocked.  Dan connects with a combo.  Kenny with a punch to the body.  Kenny with a kick to the side.  Dan gets the takedown and is on Kenny's back as he is standing.  He is off and they are back standing.  Dan works another takedown as the round ends.

Murphy 10-9

Dan Cormier defeats Kenny Murphy via unanimous decision, 29-28.

170 PRO Montoyia Swilling (Independent 1-5) vs. Addison O'Neil (DCNU 1-4)

Montoyia connects with a high kick and Addison takes him down.  Montoyia is doing a good job at tying Addison up.  He gets some space and and postures up.  He is dropping elbows and punches and gets the stoppage.

Addison O'Neil defeats Montoyia Swilling via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:39 in Rd 1.

185 PRO Justin Sumter (FAA 1-1) vs. Ralph Johnson (FAF 10-18)

Justin starts us off with a leg kick.  Justin takes him down and works a very fast rear naked choke for the tap.

Justin Sumter defeats Ralph Johnson via tapout to rear naked choke at 23 in Rd 1.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Ken Murphy vs. Dan Cormier, awesome striking with precision
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  William Knight tko victory for the belt, a bloody war
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Harrison Adamo's triangle victory