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January 27, 2017

CES 41 Bessette v. Croom Live Results

CES MMA: Classic Entertainment Sports 41 Live Updates

Travis Lizotte:
We are in place at the arena and fighters and fans have started to show up. There is a Buzz going around this is going to be one exciting fight card top to bottom. The following lineup is the official fight line up for this evening and varies slightly from my preview so just a heads up this should be the order of fights for the evening. It is about 6:50 and fights should be starting in 10 or so minutes. Next time you hear from me we will be live from Twin River Casino for CES 41!

Non-Televised Undercard:

Sarah Click (1-1) v. Maria Rivera (Pro Debut)

Women’s Flyweight

Round 1: fighters exchange and Click pushes Maria to the cage and they return to the center and exchange combos. Maria looks sharp in her striking but Click lands a nice counter to the body. They clinch and Maria lands a Knee to the face. Maria lands a high kick that sends Click to the mat. Maria mounts, and Sarah gives up her back. Maria rains down some brutal ground and pound that opens Sarah up and stops the fight.

Official Decision: Maria Rivera Defeats Sarah Click by TKO within 2 minutes of the very first round.

David Baxter (3-1) v. Dan Cormier (5-6)


Round 1: Baxter jabs and Dan lands a nice combo. Cormier gets the single leg takedown and has top position, Baxter is doing a good job of not allowing Dan to posture up. Baxter escapes to his feet lands a couple downward shots and then grabs Cormier’s neck and goes for the choke. Cormier defends the choke and the fighters stand with Cormier pressing Baxter to the cage. Fighters return to the center of the cage where Baxter lands a knee and an overhand elbow. Dan initiates the clinch and presses Baxter to the cage. Baxter then connects with Cormier’s cup and action is stopped. Kevin the ref starts the fighters back up and Baxter comes out with a combo again and Cormier again puts him on the cage. Close round 10-9 Cormier.

Round 2: Round 2 starts with a low kick by Baxter, followed by a combo that sets up a body kick for Baxter. Baxter is starting to connect and Dan goes to the clinch and again pushes David to the fence and forces the take down.  Baxter is on the bottom but sets up a beautiful triangle that forces Cormier to tap.

Official decision: David Baxter defeats Dan Cormier at 1:42 of the second round by Triangle Submission.

Hector Sanchez (3-13) v. Mike Rodriguez (5-2)


Round 1: Rodriquez comes out with a front kick that plants Sanchez on the mat, he follows with some quick right hands and this fight is over before it began. Kevin MacDonald has seen enough this fight is over!

Official Decision Mike Rodriguez Knocks out Hector Sanchez at 0:07 seconds of the very first round by Front Kick!

Richard Santiago (2-0) v. Raymond Yanez (4-8)


Round 1: Fighters meet in the center and Richie lands and backs Yanez up to the cage where he takes Raymond down.  Yanez gets to his feet and grabs a Guillotine that Richie defends. Yanez now has Richie up against the fence and lands some shots from the inside.  Fighters break and Richie lands a right and they clinch again with both fighters fighting for position. Richie backs up and lands a flurry and  then essentially pulls guard. Santiago works and gets Raymond’s back and looks for hooks. Yanez is back to his feet and they return to the center and Richie pulls guard again as the round ends. Close round 10-9 Yanez.

Round 2: Richie comes out swinging and Yanez pushes him to the cage and takes him down. Santiago escapes and mounts Yanez and lands some hard rights and Big Dan Miragliotta has seen enough.

Official Decision: Richie Santiago defeats Raymond Yanez at 0:34 of the second round via Submission due to injury. It’s hard to see what actually happened to result in the stoppage. As a follow up to the fight Raymond said on Facebook following the fight that he lost due to a dislocated shoulder.  

Connor Barry (2-0) v. Travis Foster (0-2)


Round 1: Fighters did not touch gloves. Barry tries a spinning kick that misses. Foster is bobbing and weaving but fighters have not yet made contact. Foster goes for the double leg and gets the take down but Connor will not allow Travis to gain any distance. Connor gets a triangle and Foster picks him up high above the cage and slams him. Foster picks him up again but Connor grabs and arm before he is slammed again. Connor works another triangle and almost finishes it. Connor takes Fosters back and first works for a Kimura but ends up back in guard. A Guillotine attempt fails for Connor as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Barry with constant work for submissions albeit from his back.

Round 2: Connor lands a kick to the body and is stocking Foster to the fence. They go to the ground and Connor is on the bottom again but syncs up a triangle. Foster uses another powerful slam to release the triangle and Foster is back on top. Kevin the ref stands them up and Connor goes hard after Foster landing once and they go back to the ground. Foster is on top again and has Connor flat on his back.  Travis lands a couple short elbows. Connor explodes with his hips and escapes out the back door and ends up on top. Foster rolls and ends the round on top.  10-9 Barry again taking this round with his activity on the ground.

Round 3: Connor lands a back kick and again starts backing Travis up again. They go to the ground and Kevin the Ref stops the action and warns Connor of something . The action continues with Travis on top. Connor tries to stand up but is denied. Foster lands some right hands to the ribs of Barry but again isn’t very active from the top. Travis passes to half guard but Connor moves him back into his guard. Connor lands some elbows from the bottom but Kevin stands them up with 1 minute to go. Foster ducks a right hand and gets the take down as the round ends. 10-9 Foster, close fight Foster really neutralized Connors attack but could not do a lot from the top.

Official Decision: Connor Barry win by split decision 29-27, 29-28 and 28-29.

Kris Moutinho (2-0) v. Jason Rine (0-1)


Round 1: Rine comes out with a low kick and Kris pushes him up against the cage and puts his shin perfectly on Jason’s jaw and drops him out cold.

Official Decision: Kris Moutinho Knocks out Jason Rine in 10 seconds of the first round via Headkick! I really hope Jason is ok after this he attempted to wrestle Big Dan as he stopped the fight. Kris Moutinho is without a doubt one of the biggest rising stars in the Bantamweight Division.  

Main Card: Live on AXS TV:

Greg Rebello (20-7) v. Danyelle Williams (8-5)


Round 1: Here we Go! Williams starts the action with a leg kick then comes forward with a flurry of punches that backs Greg up. Greg catches Danyelle coming forward and has him around the waist. They split. Greg lands a nice right hook and Williams comes back heavy. Rebello lands some huge shots and they brawl. Williams looks hurt wiping his face as he retreats to the cage. Ribz has him on the ropes landing huge shots all over the cage now. Greg lands a haymaker that sends Danyelle to the mat where it’s the ground and pound that ends Williams’s night. Impressive showing by Rebello, both guys landed some powerful leather but Rebello was clearly the superior power puncher in this one.

Official Decsion: Greg Rebello is the winner by TKO at 2:59 of the first round!

I had a minute to talk with Jason Rine between fights, he is up walking around and in good spirits following his headkick loss to Kris Moutinho. Thanks for stopping by Jason and best of luck to you in your MMA career and in life, a true class act following defeat and coming to visit the hometown media!

Carlos Candelario (4-0) v. Miguel Restrepo (4-2-1)


Round 1: Carlos lands a left and Miguel shoots for the take down and Carlos sprawls. Miguel has Carlos pressed against the cage and Carlos turns him around. Miguel is trying to get this fight to the mat. It’s Carlos that gets the hip toss and Miguel is on the ground, Miguel tries a few up kicks before Carlos goes to the ground with him. Carlos pops up and they are on their feet where Miguel goes for the take down, Carlos sprawls again but Miguel eventually gets on top. Carlos is back to his feet but on the cage again. They return to striking distance and Miguel lands a leg kick and is taken down. Carlos works the back and Miguel now stands as the round ends. 10-9 Restrepo based on take downs and control.

Round 2: Carlos starts round 2 with some body kicks; Miguel clinches and uses the low trip to take it back to the mat. Carlos gives up his back to stand and lands a takedown of his own. Carlos has Miguel’s back and is looking for a hook of his neck. Carlos’ forearm is under the chin and its only a matter of time before Miguel is forced to tap.

Official Decision: Carlos Cadelario defeats Miguel Restrepo via Rear Naked Choke at 2:11 of the second round.

Keith Bell (7-9-1) v. Tyler King (12-4)


Round 1: Time to settle the score that started on social media! Tyler starts with the jab for distance. Bell throws some power overhands and Tyler returns with some short uppercuts. They both clearly respect each other’s power. Tyler throws an overhand and Bell returns with powerful right hand of his own that drops Tyler King to the mat and Bell hops on and finishes the fight being pulled off King by Kevin MacDonald.

Official Decision: Keith Bell Knocks out Tyler King at 1:38 of the first round.

Kody Nordby (7-4) v. David Garcia (4-2-1)


Round 1: Garcia lands a light left and Kody takes him down and pins him to the cage. Garcia uses the cage to stand but Kody’s pressure is stifling. Kody grabs Garcia’s neck and pulls him to the ground using a guillotine. Nordby goes for David’s back but ends up on the bottom in guard. Garcia lands some shots and Kody stands as he goes for the back and takes Garcia down. Garcia is landing some serious elbows to Nordby’s body and head. Garcia has Kody turtles up against the fence and continues to land elbows. Garcia maintains top control as the round ends. 10-9 Garcia, Garcia is showing that he can grapple for position with Nordby.

Round 2: Kody comes out with a nice right that lands to Garcia’s body. Garcia throws a body kick that grazes Kody. Fighters test their distance and Kody follows up a nice one two with a double leg that takes Garcia hard to the mat. Nordby gains side control but goes back to half guard and Garcia uses it to sweet to the top. Nordby again walks the wall and stands and gets Gracia’s head in a guillotine and its tight and Garcia is forced to tap.

Official Decision: Kody Nordby submits David Garcia in the second round at 4:20 via Guillotine. Kody follows his interview with a statement to the Flyweight Division "I'm going to 125." that's a scary thought.  

Dinis Paiva (8-6) v. Jordan Espinosa (9-4)


Round 1: Jordan comes out fast and lands a leg kick. Jordan jumps for a flying knee and Dinis catches him with a right that knocks him down. They return to their feet and Jordan slips on a kick. Espinosa attempts a takedown but Dinis stays on his feet. Dinis lands and sends Jordan back to the mat and Dinis asks him to stand. Paiva lands a hard right that backs Espinosa up but Dinis doesn’t attack further. Jordan counters a body kick with a right of his own. Espinosa lands a leg kick and Paiva catches the cup in his return fire. Paiva lands a right hand after the break and Jordan shakes his head at it. Another Paiva right sends Espinosa to the mat and the crowd erupts. Fighters circle as the round ends. 10-9 Paiva, he got the better of the striking exchanges.

Round 2: Dinis starts round 2 with a right hand and then is kicked in the face by Espinosa and its now Espinosa that puts on the pressure. Dinis checks another headkick and they continue to stand and bang. Jordan clinches and Paiva lands some body shots in the clinch and they break. Dinis just continues to come forward as Jordan looks to pick his spot. Paiva lands a liver kick and follows with a combo against the fence and they circle around again. Espinosa continues to back up as the round ends. 10-9 Paiva, Espinosa is trying to pick his spots but Paiva is taking advantage of the center of the cage.

Round 3: Jordan stumbles avoiding an overhand left by Paiva. Jordan shoots for a takedown and Paiva stuffs it. Dinis connects with a left and a right. Paiva is backing Espinosa down and landing shots but it is Paiva that is bloody. A left jab lands square for Jordan and then Paiva lands a left hook. Jordan goes for the take down and Paiva sinks a Guillotine but it just isn’t deep enough. Paiva continues to back him down and throws a front kick, Espinosa tries to use the kick to take Dinis down but he cannot convert. The fight ends with Paiva on the cage landing strikes. I Score it 10-9 Paiva, he out classed Espinosa in all aspects in my opinion for the win. I have the fight 30-27 Paiva.

Official Decision: Dinis Paiva wins a Unanimous Decision 29-28 on all three cards.   

Kevin Haley (6-3) v. Pat Walsh (9-2)


Round 1: Haley lands a right to start it. Pat takes him down and attempts a Guillotine and gets top control and ground fighting ensues. Pat takes a couple minutes and gets side control. Pat works the Americana and Kevin rolls out. Pat switches to a Kimura attempt and Haley Defends. The round ends where it took place, on the ground. 10-9 Walsh, Walsh had top control all round.

Round 2: Kevin starts the round with a superman punch that misses. Kevin tries to take Pat down and Walsh grabs Kevin’s neck and sinks in a Guillotine that causes Kevin to tap.

Official Decision: Pat Walsh submits Kevin Haley at :23 seconds of round 2 with a Guillotine Choke. Pat acknowledges Kevin’s toughness in the interview saying most guys would have tapped in the first round to the Kimura. Pat also thanks Kevin for going up to Cruiserweight to make this fight happen. Great show of respect by Walsh.  

Matt Bessette (Featherweight Champion 20-7) v. Kevin Croom (Challenger 17-7)

Featherweight (World Title)

Round 1: Matt starts the affair with a headkick the partially gets through. They clinch and Croom lands some dirty boxing. They clinch on the cage and Croom lands some knees. Kevin Croom is putting pressure on the champ and landing some nice strikes. Matt lands a nice right that wakes Croom up. Fighters continue to exchange in the center of the cage and in the clinch. The clinch ends up on the ground with Croom on top and Matt looking for a heelhook but Bessette goes to his guard. Croom buries his head in the chest of Bessette and lands a few shots. Bessette tries to get up and Croom lands 2 knees to Bessette while he is down. Kevin the Ref breaks the action. With 10 seconds left Croom loses his mouth piece and the round ends. 10-9 Croom; Croom applied the pressure and landed the highest volume of strikes.

                Round 2: Matt lands some nice punches to start round 2 that clearly hurt Croom. Croom clinches Matt to the fence, Croom backs up and Matt lands some nice shots but Croom continues to come forward. Croom now has blood coming from his nose/ eye but comes forward hard. Croom loses his mouthpiece again. Bessette lands a knee from the clinch then goes for a single leg that turns into another knee. Both fighters continue to throw strikes and Bessette lands more to the head. Kevin looks tired but he will not go down. Croom definitely came to Connecticut with intentions of taking the best Bessette had to offer. Matt connects again with some stylish striking. With 10 seconds left they exchange blows again. 10-9 Bessette, that round was all Bessette, Croom landed some shots to avoid a 10-8.

                Doctors are checking a cut on Croom between rounds.

                Round 3: Bessetts lands a right followed by a brutal head kick and an onslaught of punches that put Croom down for the first and final time. There is no questioning the heart of Kevin Croom but it was Bessette that had the better night tonight using his striking to put an end to Kevin Croom and retain his Featherweight Title.
                Official Decision: Matt Bessette defeats Kevin Croom by TKO at :32 seconds of the third round.  
That brings an end to the action here from Twin River Casino as Matt Bessette retains his Featherweight World Title. Another great card put together by the CES Brass! Travis Lizotte signing out.