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March 13, 2017


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Photo courtesy of and Premier FC

Premier FC packed Chez Josef Saturday night with fight fans and the show went off without a hitch.  There were a total of 9 fights on the card with 7 out of the 9 resulting in finishes.  The atmosphere was great with fight fans chanting their favorite fighters in the cage.  The music was very clear and loud which also added to the vibe.  The judging on the night I felt was on par but of course only two fights went to decision on the night.  Bryan Miner and Steve Rita did a fine job reffing as well, making sure everyone kept it legal.  I also enjoyed the post fight interviews; which were done by MMA-holes who I have not listened to, but I am sure they do a solid podcast.

The fight of the night was the title fight between Team Link's Pat Casey and Golden Falcon's Angelo Richardson.  They went the distance in a 5 round war, which 2 out of the 3 judges had Casey winning all 5 rounds.  One judge had it much closer but in the end Casey got the win, which was how I saw the fight too.  Richardson did an excellent job at using his leg kicks and kept Casey at bay.  In the first round Richardson tried to get a bunch of takedowns but was stuffed by Casey.  Casey was able to get a takedown at the end of the 1st round and a few more in the later rounds.   Bottom line is both these fighters fought their butts off in the cage and that is why I reward this one; fight of the night.  Casey earned the PFC 170 pound amateur title and will be looking to defend it, against whomever wants to try and come take it!

There were many TKO stoppages on the night and two of them had my jaw dropping and stunned at the end of the fight.  Miguel Cuevas and Kenny Champion had a slugfest, and Kenny was getting the better of it when Miguel connected with a shot that dropped Kenny and he ended up getting the finish by rear naked choke but it all started with the brutal right hand.  The fight that I give KO/TKO of the night to was between Xtreme Ambition's Jason Showers and ATT Florida's Bobby Garner.  Garner was the favorite coming in coming from a huge school; American Top Team Florida and was being cornered by Mike Brown and Jorge Masvidal.  Showers was unfazed by any of this hype and when Garner feinted, Showers fired back a right that dropped Garner.  He got in a few more punches and the ref stopped the fight.  Garner protested that he was fine but when he came to he was grabbing the referee's leg.  It was definitely a good stoppage and it happened a mere 15 seconds into Round 1.  Showers was very emotional at the post fight interview as he had persevered his first amateur victory!

Now onto the Submissions of the night, and there were several Saturday night.  Sean Evans earned his first pro win with a rear naked choke against Montoyia Swilling.  Also on the night, Nick Fiori won by rear naked choke for the title against FAA's Charles Bonar.  The one submission that stands out to me, is none other than Sarah Payant's armbar against Tammy Worrick.  Payant and Worrick went at it with both of them working their striking.  About three and a half minutes into the first round Sarah went for the takedown, and got it.  She worked her position and moved into full mount.  She then landed an elbow and went for the armbar for the very quick tap by Worrick.  This was a fantastic finish and of course the local crowd loved every minute of it.

Payant right before the armbar
Wrapping up this edition of the Fallout, I have to mention two other highlights from the night.  William Knight looked great in the cage and defended his title once again, in the 205 amateur division.  He made quick work and won by referee stoppage to strikes, at 1:56 in Round 1.  This guy is in top form and is willing to fight anyone and anywhere in the 205 division so let's go fighters; step up!  With the win Knight moves to 5-1 with 5 finishes.  Lastly, the battle between Team Link's Nick Alley and Addison O'Neil.  They had the best strategic stand up contest of the night in the first round.  Alley took a shot to the cup that I am sure the next town over probably heard. The kid was a champ and stepped right back into the fight after taking no more than 2 minutes to recover from the blow.  I am not sure how the rest of the judges had it but I had him losing a very close round 1.  In the second round Nick pressed on after a takedown and made Addison pay with strikes to get the stoppage, and earn the W to move to 3-0.  Excellent job from Alley and the entire Team Link Crew for going undefeated on the night.
William Knight with the tko finish

Premier FC is set to return to Chez Josef on June 24th, 2017 and then July 15th in Staten Island, New York.  Mark your calendars and of course keep checking our site for more details.