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April 21, 2017

Bellator 178 Live Review

Bellator 178: Straus v. Pitbull 4 Live Review

Travis Lizotte

              We Started our coverage with no internet access so we got a late start but all rounds have been documented. Refresh the page for up to the minute play by play results from all 14 fights on the card.

Shane Manley v. Chris “Cassius” Foster

Round 1: Early exchanges set up some grappling on the cage with Shane controlling. Chris scrambles away and is in striking distance. Shane clinches and lands a takedown and is working hard from on top landing some hammer fists and controlling the action. Chris gets up as the round ends. 10-9 Manley
Round 2: Fighters exchange jabs to open the round. The round continues with Chris getting the better of Manley on the feet and backing him up. Chris finds a home for some left hands on Manley’s chin. Shane is sicks of the hands and goes for a takedown that Foster stuffs. Shane attempts a takedown and Foster once again stuff it as the round ends. 10-9 Foster
Round 3: Third round begins like the second with the fighters gauging distance. Shane shoots again and is stuffed for the third straight time. Foster continues to get the best of the exchanges and is finding the spot with the left jab. Foster stuff another takedown attempt. Chris backs Manley up and lands a mean right hand that hurts Manley they clinch as the round ends. Foster 10-9
Decision: Chris Foster Defeats Shane Manley By Decision.

Tyrell Fortune v. Branko Busick


Round 1: Fighters are gauging distance and are taking a minute to engage. Branco puts Fotrunes back on the cage but they separate. Fortune lands a nasty knee to the body in the clinch that hurts Busick the round finishes in the clinch. Fortune 10-9.
Round 2: Tyrell lands some more knees to the chest to start the round and then lands to the cup and the action is stopped briefly. The action continues with more knees from Fortune. Fortune again connects with the cup and has a point deducted by referee Todd Anderson. Branko comes out of the stoppage with a sharp hand to the face of Fortune and they clinch up again. Fight returns to the center of the cage. So far Busick has been able to turn Tyrell to get off the cage without issue. 10-8 Busick.
Round 3: Round three begins with a heated exchange with both fighters landing. Again they end up on the cage with Fortune landing some knees before Busick again creates space. Busick continues to fight for position on the fence and Fortune continues to land some knees and this time they are getting through clean. The Fight ends with an exchange in the center of the cage. Fortune 10-9 I score the fight a draw.
Decision: Tyrell Fortune Defeats Branko Busick by Decision 29-27 x3.
Ed Ruth v. David “Redneck” Mundell
Round 1: Ruth starts the round by putting Mundell against the cage. It is obvious that Ruth is a gifted wrestler as he earns the takedown and lands some nasty shots to the body from the top. Ruth is just overpowering Mundell on the ground continuing to pass guard, but Mundell is doing a great job of not allowing Ruth to get distance. Ruth gains mount and lands some ground and pound then takes Mundell’s Back. Ruth is absolutely dominating on the ground landing heavy hands and controlling position as the round ends. Ruth 10-8.
Round 2: Round two begins with some flying leather with both fighters landing. Ruth gets the single leg sweep and takes Mundell down, after a struggle Mundell returns to his feet but is taken down again by the single leg. Ruth continues to control position in all aspects. Once on the feet Ruth backs Mundell up and lands a knee to the body that crumbles Mundell and gains the Ref stoppage by Kevin MacDonald.
Decision: Ed Ruth defeats David Mundell at 3:13 of the second round by Knockout knee to body.
Jordan Young v. Tim “The Bear” Caron


Round 1: Fighters start by gauging distance and Jordan lands the first blows of the fight. Caron is sneaking in some low leg kicks that are landing, but Young continues to back him up. Young starts to find his range and lands a couple heavy hands. Young connects on on an overhand right that sends Tim to the mat where Young sinks in a D’arce choke for the tap.

Decision: Jordan Young defeats Tim Caron Via D’arce choke submission at 3:55 into round 1.

Blair “The Bull Shark” Tugman v. Tom “The Terror” English


Round 1: Tugman starts with a leg kick that nearly puts English down. Right hand lands flust for English but both fights are not committing to anything. Fighters continue to feint and change levels but still no commitment from either party. A body kick by Blair partially gets throught to the ribs of English.  Tugman shoots for a double leg takedown but the cage stops his advance but Blair finishes the takedown as the round ends. 10-9 Tugman.

Round 2: English comes forward with the first action of the round and Tugman goes for a takedown and is stuffed but eventually earns the takedown and Tugman is on top and passes the guard of English and lands some hammer fists. English pulls Tugman in and eliminates the distance but Tugman gains side control and mover to North South position. English cage walks his way out and regains his feet only to be taken back down and Tugman has the mount as the round ends. 10-9 Tugman.

Round 3: Round three starts with English coming up short on a flying knee attempt. Blair catches English coming in and gets the takedown. Tugman again works his way to side control. Tugman steps over and mounts English with 90 seconds to go. English turns and Tugman takes his back and slips in the rear naked choke with just seconds left in the fight.

Decision: Blair Tugman defeats Tom English by rear naked choke at 4:54 of the third round.

Nick “JC” Alley v. Kastriot Xhema


Round 1: Both fighters come out with kicks and Nick throws some shots with bad intentions and Kastriot returns the favor as both fighters flurry with strikes. Nick clinches on the cage and Alley is applying good pressure. The fighters break and Xhema lands a left uppercut that crumbles Alley and Kastriot follows up for the finish.

Decision:  Kastriot Xhema defeats Nick Alley by TKO strikes at 3:13 of round 1.

Johnny “Mr. Nice Guy” Lopez v. Remo Cardarelli


Round 1: Remo lands a strike early that buckles Johnny’s knees and they clinch now on the cage with Johnny controlling the clinch looking for the takedown.  Remo gains distance and the fighters break but not for long as Johnny comes forward once again. Johnny lands a nice overhand right. Now Remo goes for the double leg and has Johnny against the cage. Johnny goes for an arm and Remo ends up taking his back but Johnny reverses and ends up on top as the round ends. 10-9 Lopez.

Round 2: The round takes a second to develop before the fighters initiate. Remo comes forward with a knee and puts Johnny’s back to the cage and works for the takedown. A cut develops over Lopez’s eye and Big John calls timeout, I think for an eye poke. Johnny changes levels and rolls to his back and wants to get Remo on the ground with him. Remo only goes to the ground for a brief second before requesting a stand up. Now it’s Remo going for the Armbar, Johnny escapes and lands some shots in before the end of the round. 10-9 Carderelli.

Round 3: The third round begins with a hug…literally. Johnny comes forward with a kick and Remo catches it and puts Johnny on the fence. Johnny grabs a guillotine but cannot sink it in. Johnny executes a nice judo throw to take Remo down but he returns to his feet and the center of the cage. Both fighters fire off combinations at the same time and clash hard together. The fight goes to the mat and Johnny looks for a leg and Remo scrambles out. Both fighters are swinging for the fences as round 3 comes to a close. 10-9 Lopez; but very close.

Decision: Remo Carderelli defeats Johnny Lopez by Unanimous Decision.

We are now going live to the Spike TV Main Card the following prelims will follow the Main Event,

Main Card

Dominic “The Honey Badger” Mazzotta v. AJ “Mercenary” McKee


Round 1: McKee starts the action with some strikes that back Dom up. AJ comes forward and lands a beautiful headkick that shuts out the lights of Mazzotta. Highlight reel headkick KO!
Decision AJ McKee defeats Dom Mazzotta at 1:15 of the first round by headkick KO.

Saad “Assassin” Awad v. Ryan Quinn

Catchweight (165lbs)

Round 1: Fighters exchange leg kicks and Awad starts unleashing on Quinn. Quinn goes for the leg and Awad ends up on his back and lands some brutal elbows. Quinn survives and returns to his feet. Quinn goes for a takedown and gets it Awad scrambles but ends up in D’arce position and they stand again. Ryan goes for another takedown and gets some elbows for his time. Awad lands a kick to the body on the way up, but Ryan counters with a left of his own and changes levels to get the takedown, Ryan gets Saad’s back as the round ends. Awad 10-9 close round.

Round 2: Quinn starts the round with an overhand right and takedown attempt which he lands. Quinn takes Awad’s back and looks for hooks and the rear naked choke but Saad escapes and ends up on top where he lands some downward strikes to the grounded Quinn.  Quinn then turns the corner on another takedown but again Saad ends up on top. Awad has done a nice job staying away from Quinn’s world class submission skills. Awad mounts Quinn and lands some heavy ground and pound as the round closes. Awad 10-9

Round 3: Fighters are exchanging low kick and Quinn sets up another takedown and takes Awad’s back, Awad scrambles to his feet.  Ryan takes a knee to get yet another takes down and is looking to score points in this third round, Saad again gets on top and lands some more ground and pound. Saad now stands back up and Quinn goes for another takedown and Saad stuffs it and ends up in half guard.  Quinn scrambles but saad stays on top and goes for the RNC as the round ends. Awad 10-9.

Decision: Saad Awad defeats Ryan Quinn by Unanimous Decision.

Ilima-Lei “The Ilimanator” MacFarland v. Jessica Middleton


Round 1: MacFarland starts the action with some strikes, then she clinches and looks for the takedown against the cage. Jessica throws some downward elbows that lead to MacFarland taking her to the mat. MacFarland postures up lands some ground and pound and harvests Jessica’s arm for the armbar submission.
Decision: Ilima-Lei MacFarland defeats Jessica Middleton via tapout by armbar in the very first round.

Daniel Straus v. Patricio “Pitbull” Freire


Round 1: Pitbull lands a right hand to kick off the first round. Pitbull lands a kick to Straus’ body that gets the attention of the champ and the champ clinches with Pitbull and works against the fence. Big Dan seperates the fighters from the cage and we are back at center. Pitbull lands a leg kick and the round comes to an end. 10-9 Pitbull.
Round 2: Fighters exchange combos to start the round a Straus clinches and Pitbull grabs a guillotine and pulls guard and Straus taps.
Decision: Patricio Pitbull defeats Daniel Straus by second round Guillotine choke to regain the Bellator Featherweight World Title.

Kemran Lachinov v. Sam “Super Saiyan” Watford

Catchweight (165lbs)

Round 1: Kamran comes out running and Watford comes out swinging landing a nice kick to the body. Kamran just misses with a right hand but follows it up with some more heat across the cage. Kamran goes for the takedown and they clinch on the fence. After a long battle on the fence Watford turns Kamran but Kamran quickly reverses back and the round ends on the fence. 10-9 Lachinov.

Round 2: Watford jabs to open round 2. Watford tried an errant spinning back kick that starts an exchange. Lachinov lands a nice right hand that draws a reaction from Watford. Kamran lands a power shot that puts Sam on the mat and Lachinov attacks with a full on barrage of hammer fists and knees before taking top position. Kamran does all he can but cannot finish Watford before the bell sounds. 10-8 Lachinov.

Round 3: Sam lands a body kick that makes Kamran initiate a takedown and they end up on the cage with Kamran applying the pressure. Watford gains distance to strike and Kamran catches a kick and takes Sam down. Sam is working for an arm from bottom position but Kamran is applying heavy pressure, Kamran pulls his arm free and ends up in Sam’s guard Referee Kevin MacDonald stands the fighters up. Kamran lands a right that again leads to a clinch on the fence. And that’s where the fight ends. 10-9 Lachinov.

Decision:  Kamran Lachinov defeats Sam Watford by Split Decision.

Regivaldo Carvalho v. Jay Perrin

Catchweight (140lbs)

Round 1: Regi comes out with a high kick that is blocked by Perrin. Perrin lands a combination of his own. Perrin uses a combo to change levels and takes Regi down with a double leg but Regi gets back to his feet. Perrin lands another takedown this time in the center of the cage. Regi gets up and both fighters look to strike and exchange combos. Regi grabs a guillotine and pulls guard as the round ends. 10-9 Perrin.

Round 2: Round 2 starts with a quick exchange of strikes followed by a takedown by Perrin. Carvalho returns to his feet only to be taken back down. Regi is back up and is looking to strike when Perrin goes for yet another takedown and gets it. Regi has a brief guillotine but it isn’t deep enough, Carvalho is back up for a brief moment before another take down. Both fighters return to their feet and Jay lands the first combo, Perrin comes forward as the round ends. 10-9 Perrin.

Round 3: Regi is backing down Perrin to start the round but Perrin quickly comes back and takes Carvalho down. Perrin looks to pass the guard of Carvalho but loses position and Regi gets up. Perrin goes for the takedown and gets caught in a Guillotine that is deep and gains the tap.

Decision: Regivaldo Carvalho  defeats Jay Perrin by third round Guillotine.

 Mak Kelleher v. “Shameless” Don Shainis

Catchweight (150lbs)

Round 1: Shainis uses a combo to set up a takedown early but ends up with Mak on top looking for a Guillotine choke.  Shainis gets back to his feet and goes for another take down an get is but Mak scrambles to his feet. Mak tried a kick to the body that Don catches and uses to take Mak down where he lands some ground and pound before Mak can return to his feet. Mak lands a superman punch as thr second round comes to a close. 10-9 Shainis.
Round 2: Mak comes out firing and looks to put in on Shainis but Don clinches. Don lands a nice combination that sets up a takedown and Mak gets back to his feet. Don changes levels and takes Mak down in the center of the cage and gets Mak’s back. Shainis finishes the round on the back of Kelleher. 10-9 Shainis.
Round 3: Don comes out swinging and Mak tries some stylish strikes of his own but neither land flush. Shainis locks the waist and takes Mak down and Mak stands in Don’s clinch. Mak separates and tries to end the fight on the feet but Don looks for another take down. The fighters get back to their feet and exchange knees to the body. Mak grabs the plum clinch and lands a nice knee. The fighters stand toe to toe and trade while the final seconds tick away. 10-9 Kelleher.
Decision: Don Shainis defeats Mak Kelleher by Unanimous Decision.