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April 13, 2017


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CES is back this Saturday with their second show in Beverly Mass in its history.  The show will be taking place at the North Shore Music Theater and the first fight is set to start at 7pm.  The card is a more slimmed down version of the CES caliber of fights that you would see at Twin River Casino.  Don't let that fool you, there are many big names in New England who are from the North Shore area who are rip roaring and ready to show off their skills in the cage for us.  The main event is between Redline's Pedro Gonzalez and Bronx's Gold Team's Bruno Dias for a 145 lb showdown.  Pedro will be looking for the submission as he has 10 out of his 11 wins by way of submission.  The co main event is between Rico Disciullo and Matt Lozano at 135 lbs.  Rico hits like a ton of bricks and has literally broken faces in the cage and has proven that he can go the distance against any fighter.  Another fighter on the card that hits and kicks hard as nails is Mike Rodriguez with 4 out of 6 wins by KO.  Connor Barry and Justin Sumter finally have opponents after a serious of dropout and what I love about them is they are so humble about it all every time I talk to them.  At the top of the amateur card is the Lion Billy Keenan who has just recently lost his grandfather and is stepping into the cage in memory of him.  Lastly, one more awesome fight that I want to draw your attention to is Mike Kimbel and Yarty Kim.  This one is going to be a slug fest and a real treat for the fight fans.  Warchild and I will be attendance covering the event for you all so come say Hi.

145 PRO Pedro Gonzalez  (Redline) 11-5 vs.  Bruno Dias (Bronx's Gold Team) 19-9
135 PRO Rico DiSciullo  (Sityodtong) 6-1 vs.  Matt Lozano (Next Generation) 8-4
205 PRO Mike Rodriguez  (Lauzon) 6-2 vs.  James Dysard (Platsburgh Combat Sports) 0-1
155 PRO Connor Barry (Independent) 3-0 vs.  Andrew Osborne (Angel's Gym) 6-10-1
185 PRO Justin Sumter  (FAA CT) 2-1 vs.  Abe Pitrowski (Burrill BJJ) 6-2
145 AM Billy Keenan  (Redline) 6-2 vs.  Cody Dickershaid 7-7
155 AM Jurrell Laronal (Trifecta) 1-1  vs.  Jordan Riley 1-1
135 AM Yarty Kim  (Redline) 1-1 vs.  Michael Kimbel (Thunder) 2-3
265 AM Lawrence Perna  (Vision Quest) 2-1 vs.  Ron Marshall (Anubis) 1-3
205 AM Zeal McGrew  (Redline) 2-1 vs.  Harold Ricketts 1-2
135 AM Robert Rios  (Underdog BJJ) 2-5 vs.  Dylan Youngblood 0-2