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April 15, 2017

CES MMA 43 4/15/2017 LIVE REVIEW

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Warchild and I made the trip east to the CES 43 which is taking place in Beverly Mass.  The North Shore Music Theatre is a very nice venue with stadium seating and smack dab in the middle is the cage.  There isn't a bad seat in the house.  They lost one fight due to opponent not showing up at weigh ins so they are a total of 10 fights tonight.  This is the second time CES has done a show here in Beverly Mass for you at home keeping score.  The venue serves drinks and select items of food which is nice.  The sound system in the theatre is superb and you can hear the announcer clearly.

135 AM Roberto Rios (Underdog BJJ) 2-5 vs. Dylan Youngblood (Team Dignan & Brumbaugh MMA) 0-2

Rios starts us out with the first leg kick.  Both fighters are working their jabs.  Youngblood connects with a good combo and Rios is firing right back.  Rios looks for the takedown and gets in a little dirty boxing before the round ends.

Rios 10-9

Rd 2:  Rios worked Dylan into a corner and it appears to be a cup shot.  Rios protests.  Rios with a nice right that connects.  Rios connects with another combo.  He presses Dylan up against the cage.  He backs up and connects and Dylan looks hurt.  Dylan fires back and is getting the better shots of Rios as the round ends.

Rios 10-9

Rd 3:  Dylan grabs Robert and twirls him down to the mat.  Dylan gets in some hammerfists from the top. Rios works his way up and Youngblood has Rios backing up with shots up against the cage.  Rios then gets a takedown of his own.  He is on top getting in strikes as the round ends.

Youngblood 10-9

Roberto Rios defeats Dylan Youngblood via unanimous decision.

265 AM Lawrence Perna (Vision Quest) 2-1 vs. Ron Marshall (Anubis) 1-3

Ron gets in an outside leg kick.  Ron pulls guard with a guillotine but can't get the finish.  He stands back up and Perna takes him down.  Ron bounces right back up and tries for a guillotine again.  Perna is on top working the side.  He gets in 3 knees to the body and Ron works his way up.  They both fire heavy rights that connect as the round ends.

Perna 10-9

Rd 2:  Ron connects with two outside leg kicks.  Larry connects with a right.  Both fighters are starting to show fatigue.  Ron gets in a solid combo and Larry grabs the leg for the takedown.  He gets it and is on Ron's side for the remainder of the round.

Marshall 10-9

Rd 3:  Ron starts it off with a leg kick and Larry counters.  Ron tries for a guillotine again and pulls guard.  Larry pulls his head out rather quickly and Ron works his way up.  He tries for another guillotine but can't get the finish.  Larry slams him down to the mat.  He takes his back and gets in some hammerfists.  One connects and Ron drops.  He stands back up and Larry gets a guillotine for the tap.

Lawrence Perna defeats Ron Marshall via tapout to guillotine in Rd 3.

155 AM Jurrell Laronal (Trifecta) 1-1 vs. Jordan Riley (Nitsuj) 1-1

Jurrell gets in a leg kick and a punch.  Jordan tries for a takedown but Jurrell ends up getting the hip toss.  They bounce back up instantly.  Jordan gets in two knees from the clinch.  Jurrell connects with two knees to the head.  Ref takes away one point.  Good call ref.  Action resumes and Jordan gets the takedown.

Riley 10-8

Rd 2:  Jurrell hits with a heavy shot and the crowd is going nuts.  He connects with a few more and Jordan falls to the mat.  The ref has seen enough.

Jurrell Laronal defeats Jordan Riley via ref stoppage to strikes at 31 seconds in Rd 2.

135 AM Joey Sanchez (Independent) 0-1 vs. Michael Kimbel (Thunder) 2-3

Kimbel connects with a head kick that stuns Joey.  He connects with another right and it drops him.  He gets in a few more punches before the ref stops the fight.  Joey was protesting to the ref.

Mike Kimbel defeats Joey Sanchez via ref stoppage to strikes at 48 seconds in Rd 1.

145 AM Billy Keenan (Redline) 6-2 vs. Cody Dickershaid (Garage MMA) 7-7

Cody connects with a left that drops Billy briefly.  Both fighters are punching wicked hard.  Cody connects with a right and some knees.  Billy fires right back with some heavy shots.  Billy takes him down and works a triangle from the bottom.  He locks it in tight and gets the tap.

Billy Keenan defeats Cody Dickershaid via tapout to triangle at 2:16 in Rd 1.  CES offers Billy Keenan a pro contract for winning the CES Rising Star Challenge.

185 PRO Justin Sumter (FAA CT) 2-1 vs. Abe Pitrowski (Tri-Force) 6-2

Both fighters are trying out their high kicks.  Both fighters are punching hard.  Sumter gets the takedown and is in half guard.  Justin is working some ground and pound and Abe taps to strikes.

Justin Sumter defeats Abe Pitrowski via tapout to strikes at 1:56 in Rd 1.

155 PRO Connor Barry (FAF Gym) 3-0 vs. Andrew Osborne (Team Santos) 6-10-1

Connor pulls guard and Andrew wants no part of it.  Connor stands back up and they are back to the center.  Connor misses with a right and Andrew takes him down.  He backs off and Connor stands back up.  Andrew slams Connor down to the mat again and backs off.  Connor gets in a good leg kick.  Connor grabs a hold of the leg and is looking for the takedown.  He can't get it and Andrew reverses.  Andrew gets in a few knees to the body.  Andrew gets the takedown and works his way back up quickly.

Osborne 10-9

Rd 2:  Connor does a spinning kick to the body.  They clinch and Connor pulls him to the mat.  Connor is trying to get his legs up high to work a submission.  Andrew eventually backs off and stands back up.  Connor is trying for a kimura and it looked bad.  Andrew fights it and Connor hops over to full mount.  Andrew sweeps it and Connor sweeps back to full mount.  Connor gets some hammerfists in before the round ends.

Barry 10-9

Rd 3:  Andrew tosses Connor down to the mat.  Connor gets some space and works his way up.  Connor pulls Andrew down.  He has his legs up high and Andrew backs off.  Connor stands back up and throws a few kicks.  Andrew clinches and gets in some knees to the body that drop Connor.  He finishes the rest of the round in guard.

Osborne 10-9

Andrew Osborne defeats Connor Barry unanimous decision.

205 PRO Mike Rodriguez (Lauzon's MMA) 6-2 vs. James Dysard (Underdogs ) 0-1

Mike slams James to the mat and is connecting with some vicious ground and pound with a bunch of elbows with some mustard on them.  Ref has seen enough.

Mike Rodriguez defeats James Dysard via tapout to strikes at 39 seconds in Rd 1.

135 PRO Rico DiSciullo (Sityodtong) 6-1 vs. Matt Lozano (Team Total Domination) 8-4

Rico starts us off with a body shot.  He follows it up with two more kicks to the body.  Rico is working his kicks and controlling the round.  Rico backs Matt up against the corner with some combos.  He does again this time with some knees to the body.  Rico gets through with an uppercut.  10 second bell sounds and Rico gets the quick takedown.  Matt gets back up and rushes in towards Rico and gets in a few punches before the round ends.

DiSciulo 10-9

Rd 2:  We are right back where we left off with Rico connecting with combos.  With about 40 seconds left Rico tries for a takedown and can't get it.  Matt tries for a guillotine and gives up on it.

DiSciullo 10-9

Rd 3:  Rico is working his strikes once again.  Matt tries for a guillotine but can't get the finish.  Rico is turning it on now.  Crowd is waking up and getting more into it.  10 second stopper goes off and Matt misses with a kick and slips.  Rico connects with a hammerfist and Matt kicks him off.  Matt runs in with a jumping knee as the round ends.

Disciullo 10-9

Rico Disciullo defeats Matt Lozano via unanimous decision.

145 PRO Pedro Gonzalez (Redline) 11-5 vs. Bruno Dias (Juniko) 19-9

Bruno gets the takedown and Pedro tries for a guillotine.  Bruno takes his back and has the body lock on.  Pedro is defending and with about 40 seconds left he slips out.  He is making Bruno pay with some ground and pound.

Dias 10-9

Rd 2:  Bruno gets the quick takedown.  He takes Pedro's back again and has the body lock.  Pedro rolls out of it and is on top in guard.  He is getting in some hammerfists and the hometown crowd is loving it.  He works a guillotine for the tap.

Pedro Gonzalez defeats Bruno Dias via tapout to guillotine at 2:41 in Rd 2.