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April 4, 2017

FEATURED FIGHTER: Mike "ManDown" DiNella

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Name:  Mike "ManDown" DiNella
Age: 27
Height:  5'8"
Fight Weight: 155
School:  South Shore Sportfighting
Record:MMA 1-0 ammy
City/State Born:  Born and raised in Braintree,MA currently live in Abington.
Achievements: (list any kickboxing, muay thai, boxing, nagas, any type of awards.)

I won my NAGA bracket in Connecticut last year.

1. When and Why did you get into MMA??

 I got into MMA about a year ago out of love of the sport, as a spectator, and belief in myself as a competitor.

2. Did you have a background in martial arts, boxing , wrestling etc prior to being a licensed in MA?

 I've been doing MMA for a year but always been active. I played football, basketball,  and baseball in high school and in leagues after.

3. What's your nickname, how did you get it?

Before my first fight I suggested it. My coach Bill Mahoney liked it. So ManDown it is.

4. How did you get into the sport of MMA?

 I got into MMA after years of being a spectator and finally testing myself at what happened to be the best MMA gym in all of New England. South Shore Sportfighting.

5. Can you tell us something about your supporters and why they believe you should be a Mixed Martial Artist?

I have such a vast support system from my parents, to my siblings, to my extended family to my friends. None are more important than my wife Talia. Without her, none of this happens from her mental support to her understanding of sacrifice of family time. She is my rock. They all believe this is the right path for me because I have never put more time into anything else in my life. My life has changed because of it.

6. What are your ultimate goals in the sport?

I set out to see if i could do it. I can and I'm good at it.  Now, I have no idea where I might end up with it but I'll follow Bill Mahoney blindly into battle so wherever Bill thinks I will go with it is fine by me.

7.  What does your family think of your passion for combat sports?  Do you have children?  Are they involved in the martial arts?  Do you have a spouse or significant other?  What role do they play in helping you prepare for combat?   

My family is so supportive of me being involved in combat sports. None more than my wife Talia, she makes it possible for me to do this. I have two children a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. They come to the gym with me and mess around sometimes but that's about as far as their involvement goes physically. Mentally it kills me every night leaving then around dinner time and missing bed time to train, but come fight night that pain of leaving them drives me because I constantly tell myselft hat sacrificing time with them will not be wasted with a loss. My wife drives me during camp, my kids drive me to win. 

8. What do you think about your next opponent?

 I think my next opponent is making a huge mistake, ASKING FOR ME. Wrong move.

9.  If you had the ability to change anything about the sport what would it be?

 If I could change anything in this sport it would be to somehow figure out a way to make it harder for amateur fighters to pull out of fights because it ruins it for guys who actually train and want to fight. Not just be perceived as a fighting on social media.

10.  How do you see the fight going/being finished?

This fight will finish whichever way I chose it too. I am the superior fighter and I work harder everyday.

11.  Can you describe for us what it is like to discipline yourself as you prepare to make weight and develop or improve skill sets before fight night?  Do you feel like your team plays a significant role in that discipline?

Image may contain: 3 peopleThe worst part of fighting is the weight cut. No question about it. Some guys diet leading up to make it easier in the sauna, which is slow agony. Others diet a week out and suffer in the sauna, short but extreme agony. My team prides itself in always making weight and it is because we can all lean on each other. Man, I love my team!

12.  In your time as a competitor what stands out to you most when a promotion offers you a bout?  Have you ever turned down a potential match?  If so why?  Could you offer the up and coming combatants any advice in these situations?

 I have only ever fought for Cage Titans which makes me extremely lucky because Mike Polvere takes care of every fighter and leaves nothing else for us to worry about other than performing in the cage. Cage Titans is the best promotion in the North East. In my short career I have never turned a fight down but have had 3 fighters pull out on me on one card. It's extremely frustrating. My advice to new comers is just train and fight whenever you can as an ammy. Your record is wiped clean as a pro. Choose your fights then, not now.

13.  For your last fight what measures did you take to ensure a victory?  Did you crosstrain?  If so, who with?

In preparation for any fight we are in the gym with our guys. We firmly believe we are the best in the area and training with the best makes you unbeatable. Check our fighters record from South Shore SportFighting. I don't "crosstrain" but I occasionally work with pro boxer Mike Morganelli from time to time. Dude's a beast and EXTREMELY intelligent. Thanks Mike.

14  Anyone locally or in the big's that you really would love to fight, and why?

No one in particular I'd like to fight. Well, I cant stand Mickey Gall. But I just want to fight, doesn't matter who.

15.  What do you feel is your best weapon in your fights?

 My best weapon in fights is my brain. I already know I'm stronger and faster and more prepared than the guy across from me but my confidence comes from knowing I can out think my opponent at every turn of the fight. I rely on it.

16.  What is your favorite foods that you miss while cutting weight??

 I miss everything good during weight cuts. Greens and plain meats and protein shakes get pretty old, pretty quick. I'd like to have a funny bone and a stack of chocolate cookies with milk for breakfast.

17.  What is your most memorable moment to date in MMA??

My most memorable moment to date in MMA is not really a moment but the different personalities and characters I have been able to meet and converse with through MMA. It's made me a better fighter, father and person.

18.  How else do you spend your time when you are not training?

 When I  am not training I  am spending the majority of my time with my wife and kids.  Without them my life would be totally different, in a bad way. So walks, day trips and fun times on off the path places is what we like to do when I'm not training for a fight. Missing those things with them during camps lights a fire in me that makes me want to hurt my opponent...

Shoutout to Bill Mahoney the guy really is one in a million. He is more than a coach to all his fighters, clients and kids he teaches. He is truly one in a million and absolutely the Mad Scientist of MMA. His commitment to Jui-Jitsu and a life in MMA has produced top level UFC fighters like Ken Stone and Josh Grispi but his knowledge extends much further than fighting. Some nights we can get caught up listening to him and sharing our ideas with him until long after training has completed. He is the best there is, hands down.