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April 29, 2017

NEF 28 4/29/2017 LIVE REVIEW

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We arrived at NEF on this beautiful Maine spring day.  Unlike the last time the weather was perfect for a 3.5 hour ride.  New England Fights has a total of 9 fights for the night of mixed martial arts.  Five of the fights will be professional fights.  Before the show I joked around with Steve Rita and Kevin MacDonald.  Kevin informed me that Bill Nye would not be doing the intermission tonight.  The refs for the night are Kevin MacDonald and John English.  The announcer is the one and only The Voice Pete Czymbor.  DJ Markie, the jack of all trades is the mean with the tunes.  Per usual, many of the staple New England Fights fighters are walking around the Colisee.  Please follow along as I try to keep up with all the action tonight.

185 AM Sean Worcester 0-2 (Independent) vs Josh Jones 0-0 (First Class)

Josh comes out swinging hard.  He gets the quick takedown and is instantly in full mount.  He gets in a few ground and punches and the ref has seen enough and stops the fight.

Josh Jones defeats Sean Worcester via ref stoppage to strikes at 20 seconds in Rd.

125 AM Caleb Austin 0-0 (Independent) vs James Ploss 0-0 (Kaze Dojo)

Caleb gets the takedown but is caught in a guillotine.  It looks deep and Caleb taps but the ref didn't see it cause he was on the other side.  James lets go and they stand up with confusion.  Ref yells, I didn't see the tap and the fight resumes.  Caleb takes the back quickly during the confusion and tries for a rear naked choke.  He gives up after a minute and works some ground and pound for the ref stoppage.

Caleb Austin defeats James Ploss via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:57 in Rd 1.  Crowd boos and as they walk out they flip off the crowd.  I wouldn't say the ref was at fault here, the fighter tapped on the wrong side of the ref as both hands were on each side.  Another mistake was James shouldn't have let go until the ref stops the fight but I know he was trying to do the right thing and it was only his first fight.  Perhaps we will see a rematch of this one real soon!

140 AM Glenn Kasabian 1-1 (Nostos) vs Jacob Deppmeyer 0-1 (First Class)

Both fighters were exchanging jabs.  Jacob connects with a right that hits.  They clinch up against the cage and then break.  Jacob gets in 3 more solid rights and Glenn drops to one knee and ref has seen enough.

Jacob Deppmeyer defeats Glenn Kasabian via ko at 1:17 in Rd 1.

Alex Walker was in the cage talking about her upcoming fight against Sarah Ziehm.

170 AM Mason Travers 0-0 (Huard's) vs Nigel Moye (Independent)

Mason gets the takedown and is working the side.  Nigel works his way up and Mason takes him back down to the mat.  Nigel gives up his back and Mason takes his back.  He tries for some ground and pound and Nigel turns.  He finishes him off full mount with some more ground and pound for the ref stoppage.

Mason Travers defeats Nigel Moye via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:10 in Rd 1.

Pat Kelly is in the cage talking about his upcoming fight against Rafael Velado for the NEF strap.

150 PRO Tollison Lewis 1-5 (CMBJJ) vs Dominic Jones 0-0 (First Class)

Dom closes the cap and they clinch.  Tollison reverses and Dom reverses back.  Tollison misses with an elbow and Dom takes him down with a double leg.  Dom is in guard and postures up with some hammerfists.  He works some elbows and Tollison gets some space.  He tries for an armbar but is too high it seems.  Dom ends up in guard and is looking for more hammerfists.  Tollison is eating alot of shots.  He gets the legs up and Dom maneuvers out and gets to half guard.  He gets in some more heavy shots and ref has seen enough.  Tolly is bloody and slow to stand up.

Dominic Jones defeats Tollison Lewis via ref stoppage to strikes at 4:30 in Round 1.

Ras Hylton is in the cage talking his upcoming fight against Eric Ramsey.

145 PRO Andre Belcarris 0-0 (NE Assassins) vs Walter Smith-Cotito 4-5 (Link)

Andre starts us off with an outside leg kick.  Walter goes high and it made a loud snap.  Walter scoops him up and slams him hard right in front of his corner.  Walter stands up and drops some hammerfists.  Walter grabs hold of the neck and rolls.  He didn't get the finish but passes to full mount.  Andre bucks him off and they are back to their feet.  Walter goes for a jumping knee that looks like it connected to the upper shoulder.  Walter gets the takedown and is working some ground and pound as the round ends.

Smith-Cotito 10-9

Rd 2:  Andre gets in a kick to the body.  Walter connects with a jab.  Walter with a couple leg kicks.  Andre misses with a superman punch.  Walter ducks under a punch and takes Andre down.  He is in half guard.  Andre turns and Walter takes the back and works the rear naked choke for the tap.

Walter Smith-Cotito defeats Andre Belcarris via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:05 in Rd 1.

145 PRO Matt Denning 3-6 (CMBJJ) vs Josh Parker 5-8 (Ruthless)

Josh Parker comes out swinging hard.  They clinch and Matt gets the takedown.  Parker rolls and is on top.  Matt is trying for a triangle but can't get it tight enough for the tap.  He tries for an armbar but can't get the finish.  Josh tries to stand up and Matt grabs hold of the leg.  They roll and Josh in top in guard.  Matt stands up and catches Josh in a guillotine.  He gets the tap for the finish.

Matt Denning defeats Josh Parker via tapout to guillotine at 3:34 in Rd 1.

NEF announced Paul Gorman is fighting James Blair.

145 PRO Josh Harvey 3-0 (Young's) vs Derek Shorey 4-8 (Shatterproof) 

Shorey kicks high and Josh takes him down.  He is on top working the guard.  Shorey is trying for an armbar but can't get it locked.  Harvey drops some huge elbows that knocks Shorey out.

Josh Harvey defeats Derek Shorey via ko (elbows) at 50 seconds into Round 1.

NEF announces Ray Wood is the main event for NEF 29 against Alexandre Berzerra.  Get your tickets for June 17th.

155 PRO TITLE Ryan Sanders 13-8 (Young's) vs Jon Lemke 6-7 (Team Irish)

They both are swinging right away.  Jon eats a kick and throws the right.  Sanders with a kick to the body and Jon fires back with a clean right.  Both fighters exchange leg kicks.  Man such good striking from both fighters.  Both fighters are working their kicks.  Ryan gets in some leg kicks and Jon counters back with two of his own.  Jon grabs hold of the waist and gets the takedown.  He is in half guard and is dropping elbows as the round ends.

Lemke 10-9

Rd 2:  Sanders comes out like a bat out of hell and gets in some combos.  He grabs hold of the neck and takes it to the mat.  He gets the tap.  Wow!!

Ryan Sanders defeats Jon Lemke via tapout to guillotine at 22 seconds in Rd 2.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Sanders and Lemke
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Smith-Cotito rear naked choke
KO OF THE NIGHT:  Harvey and his killer elbows