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May 12, 2017

CES MMA 44: Live Round by Round Reviews

CES MMA 44 Live Round by Round Updates

Travis Lizotte

                We have arrived at Twin River Casino and as we have made tradition we got ourselves some burgers and fries at Johnny Rockets and with full stomachs and high spirits we made our way to the Event Center and took our spots center cage on press row right beside Steve Domenico from Domenico101MMA. Make sure to keep refreshing this post throughout the night to get Live Round by Round coverage of all the fights on the card, as well as any other goings on at CES 44.

Adam Quitt vs. Reginaldo Felix


Round 1: Reggie lands some quick jabs and then connects to Adams chin and knocks him down and referee John English stops the fight.

Decision: Reginaldo Felix defeats Adam Quitt via TKO referee stoppage strikes at 13 seconds of the first round.

Kerri Kenneson vs. Jennifer Norris


Round 1: Kerri starts with a kick and Jennifer clinches and puts Kerri against the cage. Kerri turns her around and lands the takedown and lands elbows from the top and lands some knees.  Kerri continues to land knees from top control as Jennifer looks for an arm bar. Kerri Breaks the guard and lands elbows and vicious ground and pound as Jennifer tries to eliminate the space but Kerri postures up and gets side control.  Round 1 Kenneson 10-9.

Round 2: Kerri uses a opening one two to set up a double leg takedown and Jenifer looks for a guillotine but Kerri postures up and looks for more ground and pound but get caught in a triangle that she is defending. Kerri breaks free and lands some lefts before Jennifer closes the triangle again. Kerri stands up and lands a punch to Jennifers face as she does so. Fighters are back to their feet. Kerri lands a nice combo and Norris back up to the fence and clinches. Jennifer is again going for broke with the guillotine. Both fighters land knees in the clinch. Kenneson 10-9.

Round 3: Norris starts round 3 with a body kick that lands lightly. Kerri lands a kick of her own. Kenneson lands a huge left hand to the face and follows with a push kick. Kerri’s movement is good and is not allowing Norris to line up her strikes. Fighters are trading now and Kenneson looks like the fresher fighter. Kenneson lands another combo and is doing serious damage to Norris’ face. Norris lands some strikes in the clinch as the round ends. Kenneson 10-9.

Decision: Kerri Kenneson defeats Jennifer Norris by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Woonsocket RI Mayor Presents the Key to the City of Woonsocket to Andre Soukhamthath.

Toby Oden vs. Paul Simis


Round 1: Toby starts with a left headkick and Sims lands to the body. Sims goes for the takedown and Toby goes for the guillotine but Sims gains side control. Sims again goes for the guillotine and Oden is defending. Toby tries to get to his feet and Sims gets his back and sinks in two hooks. Toby gets back to his feet but its short lived a Sims puts him back to the mat and gets Oden’s back again but Oden reverses position and gets on top and lands some ground and pound.  Oden ends the round on top. 10-9 Sims.

Round 2: Oden misses on a headkick and Sims goes for the takedown and is clinched with Toby on the cage. Sims works the fight to the ground English stops the action for an illegal strike. As the fight starts back up with fighters trading blows and Oden gets a takedown of his own and gains side control and is looking for back control but Sims turns him over and gets on top himself. Sims postures up and lands an elbow and finishes the round on top of Oden. 10-9 Sims.

Round 3: Sims starts the round by putting Oden against the cage and eventually gets the action to the ground with Toby Oden on top. Oden gets up and Sims gets him down and is on top again, Sims is controlling Toby on the ground and almost everywhere in this fight. John English stands them up and Sims slips on the canvas and the fight goes back to the ground. Toby roles to the top and lands some ground and pound but it’s too little too late. 10-9 Sims.

Decision: Paul Sims defeats Toby Oden by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Fans be aware the internet here at Twin River is suspect at best and has been kicking me off, I'll do my best to stay up to date throughout the night.

Brian Sparrow vs. Justin Sumter


Round 1: Sparrow starts the fight with a leg kick attempt and then goes for the takedown and Sumter stuffs and lands an elbow to Sparrows face. Sumter gets the takedown and stays on the top and Brian looks for a submission. The fighters get back up and Sparrow pulls guard standing and Sumter gets on top and looks for space. Sumter gets up and Sparrow follows, Sumter just misses on an uppercut. Sumter telegraphs a left jab and Brian Sparrow clinches and is pushed against the fence where he turns Sumter and lands some knees to the midsection. Sparrow looks for a single leg takedown but is stuffed by Sumter and the round ends. 10-9 Sparrow.

Round 2: Sumter misses on an overhand and Sparrow goes down with a slip on the mat. Both men continue to stand. Justin lands a nice leg kick and follows with a high kick to the chin of Sparrow. Sparrow shoots for a single leg again and Sumter pushes him away. Sumter lands a nice left hand that gets through on Sparrow. Both guys throw overhands and nearly miss on their attempts. Sumter comes forward with a hook and a knee followed by a straight left that hits Sparrows chin. Sparrow lands a soft front kick. Sparrow again goes for a takedown but isn’t successful. Sumter ends the round with a headkick that Sparrow Blocks. Sumter 10-9.

Round 3: Justin starts the round with a right hook followed by a left that partially gets through. Sumter lands a nice right uppercut followed with a left that gets Sparrow’s attention. Sumter catches a kick and lands a right. Sumter lands a nice left hand but Sparrow doesn’t look fazed by it as he attempts a takedown and is stuffed again. A nice right hand lands for Sumter as his striking starts to get the best of Sparrow.  Sparrow goes for another takedown and goes for a Guillotine and Justin wants none of that and remains on his feet as the round ends. 10-9 Sumter.

Decision: Justin Sumter defeats Brain Sparrow by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Carlos Candelario vs. Timothy Wheeler


Round 1: Tim starts with a high kick that is blocked, Carlos takes him down and is looking to finish early with some vicious ground and pound, Tim Wheeler turns his back and Carlos sinks in the rear naked choke for the finish.

Decision: Carlos Candelario submits Tim Wheeler at 1:12 for the very first round by tap due to Rear Naked Choke.

Mike Rodriguez vs. Alec Hooben

Light Heavyweight

Round 1: Mike starts with a right hand and they are doing a little trading in the center of the cage. Hooben clinches and pushes Mike to the cage and looks for a takedown and finally gets it but Mike pops back up. Hooben lands a pair of knees to Rodriguez. Hooben takes Rodriguez to the ground and gets his back and locks in the body triangle. Mike turns in the triangle and gets on top and lands some ground and pound. Rodriguez gets back up and throws a flying knee and Hooben clinches and falls to the ground and Hooben looks for a leg lock which he abandons and Mike mounts Alec and lands some bombs and Hooben cannot defend, Rodriguez lands one last elbow that draws the stoppage from referee Kevin MacDonald.

Decision: Mike Rodriguez defeats Alec Hooben by referee stoppage at 4:46 of the very first round.

Jon Manley vs. Manny Walo


Round 1: Jon starts the fight with a low leg kick and Manny lands a powerful combo but Manley eats it. Manny is landing some heavy shots as Jon circles and lands a low leg kick. Manny lands a nice overhand right but again Manley is unphased. Manny’s styriking is looking crisp tonight as he backs Manley up again. Manny lands nicely to the body and continues to put it on Manley with a beautiful display of skilled striking. Walo 10-9.

Round 2:

Round 2: Manny unleashed an ill willed overhand right, Manley follows up with a nice combo and tries to set up the takedown but Manny stuffs the takedown. Manley is looking to keep up with Walo’s striking but Manny’s output is intense. Fighters exchange blows again with Walo continuing to get the better of the exchanges. Manley throws a low kick that Manny catches and follows with a right that lands to Jon’s chest. Manley lands a headkick and its followed up by another combo by Manny. Walo 10-9

Round 3: Fighters continue to exchange as the third round opens. Manny lands a high kick and almost stumble but stays on his feet. Manny tried for a flying knee and Manley clinches and connects with Manny’s cup and John English stops the action but doesn’t deduct any points. Manley’s unorthodox movement is the only reason he is still in this fight right now as he takes a kick to the body by Manny. Manley comes forward looking to strike but Manny counters nicely with a combo of his own. Manley uses a combo to try for a takedown but Manny remains on his feet and Manley pushes his up against the cage. The fighters break and return to the center of the cage as the fight ends. 10-9 Walo.

Decision: In a great back and forth war Manny Walo defeats Jon Manley by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Sean Soriano vs. Jacob Bohn


Round 1: Bohn comes out feinting as Soriano backs him down, Soriano is landing some nice leg kicks from the outside, and one that rings through the arena. Soriano is turning Bohn’s kick attempts aside as he lands 3 big kicks of his own. Soriano continues to land kicks from distance not allowing Bohn to get close. Bohn goes for a takedown and Sean lands a knee as Bohn comes in stopping the attempt. Soriano is landing almost as will and Bohn is having trouble connecting on anything of note. Soraino lands two strikes as the round ends. Soriano 10-9.

Round 2: More of the same as round 2 starts with Soriano controlling the pace and Bohn not being able to land his strikes. Soriano comes forward with a combo that wobbles Bohn and then Bohn throws a kick that lands to Soriano’s cup. Action stops for a few seconds before ref Kevin MacDonald starts the fight back up. Fighters trade lower leg kicks with Soriano getting the better of that exchange. Soriano lands a nice kick to Bohn’s lead leg and Jacob looks hurt ad Soriano’s strikes continue to land. Bohn goes for a single leg and Soriano walks out of it. Soriano lands another vicious lower leg kick that turns Bohn’s back and gains the referee stoppage.

Decision: Sean Soriano defeats Jacob Bohn by referee stoppage (Leg Kick) at 3:21 of the second round.

Greg Rebello vs. Kevin Ray Sears


Round 1: Kevin tries a kick that misses Rebello looks like he is waiting for his shot. Kevin comes forward with a looping right that Rebello blocks. Rebello lands a left hand and Kevin clinches and pushes Greg to the cage. Ribz launches another big left and Kevin tries the clinch again. Rebello connects with a nice knee that looks to have hurt Sears a little. Sears uses strikes to again set up the clinch, Greg breaks out and lands another bomb followed by a big knee that gets the crowd going. Another knee from Rebello lands as Sears looks tired as the throws wildly and Rebello continues to tag him. Rebello partially lands a high kick as the first round ends. 10-9 Rebello.

Round 2: Sears comes forward with some slow shots and clinches, Rebello turns his and lands some heat on the break and follows with a knee to the body. Ribz continues to find a home for his heavy left hand across the jaw of Sears. Rebello lands a body shot that folds Sears and Sears has all he can do to keep his feet. Rebello is putting it on him with an overhand elbow and more body shots. Kevin catches a kick and takes Greg down but Rebello reverses and is looking to pass the Half Guard and mover to mount and drops some serious elbows and hammerfists. Sears gives up his back to avoid further damage and Rebello continues to land Hammerfists, Rebello looks for a Guillotine as the round ends. 10-8 Rebello.

Round 3: Rebello looks to be the much fresher fighter to start round 3 but Sears is a tough dude to have survived this long. Rebello lands a nice knee to the body and Sears looks for the clinch again and has Greg against the fence. Rebello breaks and Sears takes him down but Rebello is the one who ends up on top. Rebello now has Sears mounted and is landing some more of that vicious ground and pound and sets up a head and arm choke. Sears gives John English the thumbs up and then breaks the choke but Rebello takes his back. Rebello is landing more ground and pound and Rebello turns him over and is in high mount. Sears bucks him off and Greg goes for the Guillotine and gets the tap. What a performance by Rebello and great heart by Sears surviving a huge offensive outpouring by Ribz.

Decision: Greg Rebello defeats Kevin Sears by Tapout via Guillotine at 4:47 of the third round.

Matt Bessette vs. Rey Trujillo

Featherweight Championship

Round 1: Bessette lands first with a knee from the clinch and then Bessette lands a judo throw. Fighters return to their feet and they clinch with Matt landing on the way out. Matt is controlling Trujillo and landing some nice striking including a couple shots to the face of the challenger. Trujillo comes forward and Bessette uses another Judo throw to get him down, Rey wants no part of Matt’s ground game and they stand again. Both fighters are slugging and Rey catches a kick and takes Matt down with it. Matt finishes the round with Trujillo in a triangle as the bell sounds. Bessette 10-9.

Round 2: Rey tries an Axe Kick that back Matt up. Matt lands a 1-2 of his own that gets Rey’s attention. Matt lands a nice right hand that crumbles Trujillo to the ground where Matt takes his back and gets his hooks in. Matt has a body triangle now and Rey is in trouble and Matt is looking for the Rear Nake Choke with three minutes left in the round. Trujillo makes a nice sweep to make his way back to his feet where Matt tees off to Trujillo’s body. Matt lands a nice right uppercut and Rey follows up to the body and Matt lands a front kick. Trujillo is bloody and wobbled on his feet as Matt lands some great knees from the clinch and Rey is saved by the bell. Bessette 10-8.

Decision: Matt Bessette defeats Rey Trujillo by Doctor Stoppage after the second round.
And Matt Bessette becomes the first CES Champion to successfully defend his title for the second time.