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June 22, 2017


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Ammo is back this Saturday for their 2nd show.  The show will take place on June 24th, 2017 at the Big E Mallary Arena in Springfield Mass.  The card is dubbed Dawn of War and the doors will be opening at 5pm with the first fight set to start around 6pm.  I went to the last event and it was a great night of fights.  Now that they have gotten their first show out of the way they know more of what to expect so I expect this one to be even better!  There are a total of 9 matches with 2 being grappling and 7 of them being mma.  One of the mma fights will be professional and the rest will be at the amateur level.  Bill Idol and company have worked hard on this one and with some injuries towards the end I think they did a solid job.   Let me break down the fight card for you all.  I believe this will be very close to the exact fight order and also I won't be breaking down the grappling matches but you can still see them in order below.

GRAPPLING Chris Manley (Chris Manley MMA & Self Defense) vs. Gabriel Souza (Casa of Jiu Jitsu)

145 AM Donnie Francis (NESF) 0-1 vs. Kenny Champion (Golden Falcon) 1-2

In the first mma matchup Donnie Francis will be taking on Kenny Champion at 145 lbs.  Francis trains with New England Submission Fighting and comes into this fight with an 0-1 record.  He lost his first amateur fight by submission at PFC 17.  His opponent is Kenny Champion and he trains out of Golden Falcon.  He comes into this fight with a 1-2 record with his sole win by ko.  For his losses, he lost 1 by submission and 1 by ko/tko.  Champion has the nod on experience on this one but this is mma and anything can happen.  Great match up.

185 AM Jason Francisco (Plus One Defense) 0-1 vs. Ray Johns (Team Thunder) 1-12 

Then at 185 lbs Jason Francisco will be facing Ray Johns.  Jason trains with Plus One Defense and comes into this fight with an 0-1 record.  He lost his first fight by submission against Sean Stone at the last Reality Fighting event.  He is still hungry for his first win.  His opponent is Ray Johns and he trains out of Team Thunder.  He comes into this fight with a 1-12 record with his sole win by submission against Jason Showers.  He has lost the majority of his fights by ko/tko to strikes and by submission.  This should be another good fight as both fighters need the wins badly to help their records.

145 AM Ali Zebian (FAA) 4-3 vs. Arii Fernandez (UFC Gym) 0-0

At 145 lbs Ali Zebian is set to take on Arii Fernandez.  Ali trains with Fighting Arts Academy and is no stranger to fighting in Western Mass area.  He comes into this fight with a 4-3 record 4 wins by ko/tko.  For his losses, he lost 2 by submission and 1 by split decision.  His opponent is Arri Fernandez and he trains out of UFC Gym.  I wasn't able to find any information on him so I am assuming this will be his amateur debut.  Obviously here Zebian has the fight experience and Fernandez is going to have his work cut out for him but he is from a solid school so we will wait and see what happens!

125 AM David Michael (Underdog) 0-0 vs. Mitch Raposo (Regiment Training) 0-0

Then at 125 lbs David Michael will be facing Mitch Raposo.  Michael trains with Underdog BJJ and will be making his amateur debut.  His opponent is Mitch Raposa and he trains with Regiment Training.  He will also be making his amateur debut.  I love these type of fights because you really can't predict what each fighter will bring to the cage and that to me makes it exciting.  Good luck to both guys.

145 AM Stephen Pinard (Jon Manley MMA) 2-0 vs. Robby Grillo (Team Thunder) 0-1

Next up is a 145 lb match up between Stephen Pinard and Robby Grillo.  Pinard trains out of Jon Manley's MMA school and has 1 win by ko/tko and 1 win by submission.  His opponent is Rob Grillo and he trains with Team Thunder.  He comes into this fight with an 0-1 record with 1 loss by ko/tko to strikes.  Pinard here has the fight experience so I gotta give him the slight edge in this fight.

GRAPPLING Rafael Formiga Barbosa (Soul Fighters) vs. Daniel Tavares (Daniel  Tavares Academy)

150 AM Arslan Otchiyev (FAA) 4-3-1 vs. Swagath Pillai (Plus One Defense) 3-1

Arslan Otchiyev will be taking on Swagath Pillai at a catch weight of 150 lbs.  Arslan trains with Fighting Arts Academy and comes into this fight with a 4-3-1 record.  He has all 4 wins by submission including a win just 2 weeks away.  For his losses, he lost 1 by ko/tko and 2 by decision.  His opponent is Swagath Pillai and he trains with Plus One Defense.  He comes into this fight with a 3-1 record with 2 wins by ko/tko and 1 by decision.  His one loss came at a previous PFC in which he lost by ko/tko to strikes against Alex Ortiz.  I feel that this fight is Swagath's toughest to date and I give the edge to Arslan.  Swagath has good hands and Arslan has an excellent ground game so this should be another solid battle.

170 PRO Leon Davis (FAA) 9-3 vs. Jay Ellis (Team Knockout MMA) 13-67

In the main event Leon Davis takes on Jay Ellis at 170 lbs professional.  Davis trains with Fighting Arts Academy and comes into this fight with a 9-3 record.  For his wins he has 1 by ko/tko, 2 by submission and 6 by way of decision.  In the loss column, he lost 1 by ko/tko and 2 by submission.  His opponent is Jay Ellis and he trains with Team Knockout.  He comes into this fight with a 13-67 with all of his wins by submission.  For his losses, he lost the majority by ko/tko and submissions.  Ellis seems to fight a lot and has won 1 out of 22 fights including 1 loss just last week to Frank Sforza for Cage Titans.  I didn't like the match up for Titans and I don't like this one either.  I see Davis winning this one easily by submission in Round 1.

There you have the complete breakdown of the Ammo Fight League II event.  I hope you all can make it out to see some great fights in our back yard.  Special thanks to Bill Idol for always keeping us in the loop and hooking us up with the up to date fight card so we can share this with you all.  If you enjoyed this read and my rambling please share with your friends so we can grow the mma community!