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June 24, 2017


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"The Review"

by Todd "Results" Selva

GRAPPLING Chris Manley (Chris Manley MMA & Self Defense) vs. Gabriel Souza (Casa of Jiu Jitsu)

Round 1:  Both men go back and forth battling for position and looking to finish the match by submission.  The match goes to the judges score cards.

This match is a majority Draw

145 AM Donnie Francis (NESF) 0-1 vs. Kenny Champion (Golden Falcon) 1-2

Round 1:  Kenny lands some nice leg kicks.  Kenny lands a right hand and a nice body kick.  Donnie looks for the takedown.  Kenny defends the takedown in impressive fashion.  The round comes to an end.

Round 2: Kenny lands a stiff leg kick and follows it up with a right hand and a left hand.  The ref stops the fight as Donnie goes to the ground and Kenny lands a couple more strikes. 

Winner in round 2 by tko via strikes is Kenny Champion

185 AM Jason Francisco (Plus One Defense) 0-1 vs. Ray Johns (Team Thunder) 1-12 

Round 1:  They come out exchanging and they clinch against the cage.  Jason gets the takedown and lands some ground and pound strikes.  Ray is forced to turtle up as he does not have an answer for Jason ground and pound.  The ref stops the fight.

Winner by tko via strikes in round 1 is Jason Francisco

145 AM Ali Zebian (FAA) 4-3 vs. Omaree Alamo (ufc gym)

Round 1: They exchange kicks and some punches.  They clinch against the cage.  Ali takes the fight to the mat.  Nice takedown.  Ali gets the mount and lands some hard strikes from there.  Alamo gets back to his feet and lands a right hand.

Round 2:  They clinch against the cage.  Alamo lands a couple punches.  Ali times the takedown nicely and gets it.  Ali looks for some subs from side control and eventually passes to full mount where he ground and pounds his way to victory.

Your winner by tko ref stoppage due to strikes is Ali Zebian

125 AM David Michael (Underdog) 0-0 vs. Mitch Raposo (Regiment Training) 0-0

Round 1:  They come out aggressively throwing punches.  David lands a few kicks.  Mitch lands a nice body kick and follows it up with a right hand.  They clinch briefly but seem content standing and striking at this point.

Round 2:  They come back out exchanging punches.  David lands a left hand but Mitch takes him to the mat.  David looks for a triangle but Mitch controls his opponent nice from here.  Mitch looks to pass but the round comes to an end.

Round 3:  Mitch gets the takedown.  He looks to pass Davids guard.  David controls Mitchs posture well to avoid any significant damage.  Mitch lands a couple punches from inside of Davids guard.  David sweeps and looks to takes an ankle submission as the round ends.

Your winner by decision is Mitch Raposo

145 AM Stephen Pinard (Jon Manley MMA) 2-0 vs. Robby Grillo (Team Thunder) 0-1

Round 1:  They come out and clinch against the cage.  Robby lands a couple knees to the body from there.  They separate and exchange bombs.  Robby shots a takedown but Stephen reverses and gets into full mount.  Robby sweeps and is now in Stephens guard landing strikes.  Stephen sets up a triangle for the submission victory.

Your winner in round 1 by submission as a result of a triangle is Stephen Pinard

GRAPPLING Rafael Formiga Barbosa (Soul Fighters) vs. Daniel Tavares (Daniel  Tavares

Round 1:  Both grapplers show impressive skills in this match.  Both threaten the other with submissions and both men defend well.

This match is a majority draw

150 AM Arslan Otchiyev (FAA) 4-3-1 vs. Swagath Pillai (Plus One Defense) 3-1

Round 1:  They clinch against the cage battling for position.  Swag lands a nice leg kick Arslan returns the favor with a punch.  Arslan takes Swag down to the mat. Swag gets up briefly to be taken back down.  The round comes to a close.

Round 2:  They exchange briefly then go to the mat.  They go back up to the feet and clinch there.  Arslan looks for the takedown as Swag defends.  They separate and Swag lands a nice right hand.  Arslan lands a couple nice leg kicks as swag is throwing hands.  Arslan takes the fight to the mat as the round ends.

Round 3:  Arslan punches his way into the clinch.  Swag defends the takedown well and throws Arslan to the mat.  Arslan gets up and Swag lands a couple devastating strikes.  Swag lands a kick and another solid right hand.  Swag has him backing up but Arslan takes Swag down at the end of this round.

Your winner by decision is Swagath Pillai

170 PRO Leon Davis (FAA) 9-3 vs. Jay Ellis (Team Knockout MMA) 13-67

Round 1:  Leon gets a nice takedown out of the gate.  Jay looks for a guillotine but Leon defends well.  Leon takes hi back and looks for a rear naked choke.  Jay defends then Leon softens him up with some punches and sets up the rear naked choke for the submission victory.

Your winner by tapout due to a rear naked choke is Leon Davis