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June 17, 2017

NEF 29 Stars and Stripes Live Play by Play Review

NEF 29: Stars and Stripes Play by Play

Travis Lizotte

The Full Contact Writer and “Full Contact” Wife have arrived early here at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee and have made our way cage side for tonight’s start studded fight card that is set to kick off at 7pm EST with three professional boxing matches before a full MMA fight card follows. Upon arrival we have learned that two fights have fallen off the card tonight; Crowsneck Boutin v. Cristiano Pedro has fallen off the boxing portion of the card and Derek Daley v. Frank Johanson’s Featherweight match is also off the Amateur portion of tonight’s card. Still there are 13 great fights on tonight’s fight card and the buzz is in the air as the arena starts to fill up quick. Keep following this post throughout the evening for live up to the minute results from all the action that goes down tonight at NEF 29:

Professional Boxing:

Jason Quirk defeats Borngod Washington by second round Knockout.

Casey Kramlich defeats Bryan Goldsby by third round TKO

Russell Lamours and Bruce Boyington fight to a no contest after a cut to Boyington's eye from an incidental headbutt stops the contest before the fourth round which results in a no contest.

John Tefft v. Mike Williams

Round 1: Willams starts with a loud legkick and adds another one, John doesn’t like the kick and clinches and gets the takedown and has Mike’s back. Mike works his way back to the feet and lands some knees from the clinch before taking Tefft’s back with both hooks in. Tefft’s leg is very bruised from the opening leg kick as he continues to fight Williams off his back. Tefft escapes and gets top control and lands some heavy ground and pound as round 1 ends. Tough fought round. Williams 10-9.

Decision: Mike Williams is not able to answer the second round bell due to a shoulder injury, the winner via TKO at 5:00 of round 1 is John Tefft.

Josh Jones v. Anthony Spires

Round 1: Josh opens up with a right hand to the temple that completely crumbles Spires to the ground out cold! Vicious Knockout for the up and coming First Class MMA product Josh Jones.

Decision: Josh Jones viciously KO's Anthony Spires at 4 seconds of round 1. At four seconds this becomes the fastest KO in NEF history!

Alex Walker v. Sarah Ziehm

Round 1: Sarah starts with a leg kick and then clinches and looks to take Walker down while scoring some knees from the clinch, Sarah works Walker up against the cage where she is controlling the pace. Walker turns position but it is brief and the fighters break. Alex tries a front kick followed by superman punch both come up short as Sarah changes levels for the takedown and works from half guard where Walker goes for an armbar which doesn't look locked in but somehow gets the stop from Referee John English. I do not understand this stoppage. John English likely stopped the bout to avoid injury to Sarah Ziehm however she was defending the Armbar with only 3 seconds left in the round. English explained to Ziehm that once Alex went belly down with the submission attempt that prompted him to stop the contest.

Decision: Alex Walker defeats Sarah Ziehm by technical submission armbar at 2:57 of the first round.

Glenn Kasabian v. Kam Arnold

Round 1: Arnold starts with a leg kick as fighters get their distance. Glenn has a decisive reach advantage and looks to work from the outside coming in. Arnold misses with a right and Glenn clinches Arnold breaks the clinch and unloads a barrage of punches that drop Glenn to the mat on three separate occasions and earns the stoppage from referee Kevin MacDonald in what was a slugfest.
Decision: Kam Arnold defeats Glenn Kasabian via TKO at 1:54 of round 1. 

Rafael Velado v. Pat Kelly

Round 1: Rafael checks the legkick of Kelly to start the action. Kelly whiffs on a right hand and follows but slips and Valado jumps on top of Pat and tries to keep him down but cannot. Velado is using a lot of movement to try and confuse Kelly but Kelly is the only one landing as he again comes forward. Velado clinches and puts Kelly on the cage as round 1 ends. 10-9 Pat Kelly.

Round 2: Rafael starts round 2 with a left to the body and Pat lands a kick to the body followed by an inside leg kick that land to the champion. Kelly unleashes an overhand right that connects and follows with a combination. Velado clinches a looks to back Pat to the cage but Pat turns and is now pressuring Velado on the cage and landing as they break the clinch to end round 2. Kelly 10-9.

Round 3: Kelly starts the round with a leg kick followed by a right hand and another overhand right that connect. Velado tries to pull guard and Pat goes to the ground landing some good shots and then stands up and lets the champ back up. Kelly connects with a left to Velado followed by a couple heavy bombs that connect to the champ. Velado again goes to the ground. Kelly lets Velado up and lands high volume strikes as the round ends. Kelly 10-9.

Decision: Pat Kelly defeats Rafael Velado (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) to become the NEW NEF Amateur Lightweight Champion at 52 years of age! Great fight and awesome display of striking from the NEW Champion!

Josh Parker v. Andre Belcarris

Round 1: Andre gets the action started with a leg kick and follows with some more kick attempts that don't land. Parker lands a body kick of his own followed by a leg kick. Josh lands a combination that sends Andre back to the cage but he does not follow. Parker is controlling the center of the cage and backing Andre down but Andre continues to land some shots from the outside. Belcarris changes levels and lands an nice double leg takedown but in the scramble Parker ends up on top in half guard. Parker lets Andre up and Andre swings a mean right hand that misses as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Belcarris.

Round 2: Two Belcarris leg kick open up round two and now it's Belcarris controlling the center of the cage. Belcarris lands a kick to Parker's lead leg that puts Parker in obvious pain as Belcarris follows with a haymaker and goes to the ground with Parker. Belcarris is in half guard and the action has slowed until Andre lands some left hands to the ribcage of Parker. Parker reverses position and ends up on top with two minutes left in the round as he tries to create space to strike. Parker's elbows are starting to land drawing some excitement from the crowd. A Parker elbow has opened up a cut above the right eye of Belcarris as round number 2 comes to an end. 10-9 Parker.

Round 3: Andre tries a high kick but both guys seem to be slowing down. Josh catches a low kick from Belcarris and uses it to take him down and he looks to gain side control from half guard. Parker is getting the better of the grappling exchange as he continues to control the final two rounds. Parker continues to try to advance position and Belcarris is doing a good job on not letting that happen. Parker tries to create space to land some shots but Belcarris is keeping him close. Parker quickly hops to side control where he lands an elbow but relinquishes side control and returns to Andre's guard where they end the fight. 10-9 Parker.

Decision: Josh Parker defeats Andre Belcarris by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)

Dominic Jones v. Matt Denning

Round 1: Matt Starts the fight with two leg kicks and Dom comes forward but cannot land. Dom finally lands a one two and puts Denning on the cage. They ballet for position and Denning lands on the break. Denning uses a trip to take Dom down and gets his back, Dom stands with Denning on his back and Denning sinks in the Rear Naked choke for the tap.

Decision: Matt Denning defeats Dominic Jones at 2:05 of the first round by Rear Naked Choke.

Ras Hylton v. Eric Ramsey

Round 1: Ras comes out striking as we expected and Ramsey goes for the takedown but Ras keeps his feet. Ramsey is desperate for the takedown but Ras is man handling Ramsey and pushes his up against the cage. Ras breaks the clinch with strikes that crumble the big man from Oklahoma and drops him to one knee where referee John English stops the contest.

Decision: Ras Hylton defeats Eric Ramsey by TKO at 2:05 of the first round with strikes.

Ray Wood v. Alexandre Bezerra

Round 1: Wood starts with some feints and Alex returns with some strikes and leg kicks. Alex gets the takedown and Ray gets back up just to be taken down again and Alex has his back as Ray fights the hands and breaks free and back to his feet. Alex attempts another takedown and is stuffed. Ray connects with a a body kick and Alex rushes in for the takedown and narrowly misses a knee from Ray Wood. Alex finishes the takedown and briefly takes Woods back. Alex is showing his strong ground games but Ray is showing a strong will to get back to his feet. Fighters break and Ray looks to land some strikes while he has the distance as the round ends. 10-9 Bezerra.

Round 2: Ray nearly connects with a knee as Alex goes for the takedown to open the second round. Ray connects with some kicks before Alex can go for the takedown again, Alex completes the takedown and Ray keeps Alex close while landing some short elbows. One of the fighters is cut. Fighters are going back and fourth with short elbows but Ray continues to fight off his back. Ray uses butterfly guard to push Alex away and stand up but he is taken right back down by Bezerra. 10-9 Bezerra.

Round 3: As round three starts it is finally apparent that Bezerra is the fighter who is bleeding from a short elbow from Wood. As Ray goes for another body kick Alex takes him down yet again. Ray makes it to the cage and tries to wall walk but Alex gets north south and is in dominant position. Fight stays on the ground with both fighters battling for position and Wood is unable to gain any space as the fight come to a close. 10-9 Bezerra.

Decision: Alexandre Bezerra defeats Ray Wood by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) in a tough fought main event. Bezerra controlled the entire fight and Ray was unable to showcase his striking and unable to use his reach.  

Fight of the Night: Pat Kelly v. Rafael Velado for the 155 pound title. Great action by both fighters and congratulations to NEW Champion 52 year old Pat Kelly

Knockout of the Night: Josh Jones uses one strike to Knock Anthony Spires out cold in 4 seconds a new NEF record.

Submission of the night. Matt Denning survives Dominic Jones' wrestling and submits Jones with a Standing Rear Naked Choke.