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June 9, 2017


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We just received the Premier FC fight card and wanted to share with you all right away.  Premier FC will be taking place this Saturday on June 10th, 2017 at Chez Josef in Agawam Mass.  The doors will be opening at 6pm and the first fight will be starting around 7pm.  There are a total of 9 fights on the card in which 3 of them are pro.  Also on the card is two amateur title fights which will be sure to please the crowd.  The main event fight between Sean Evans and Mike Diorio was supposed to happen last Saturday at Reality Fighting but was scrapped due to elevated blood pressure.  Thankfully, Premier FC was able to make the fight happen once again this Saturday and that should be another great battle.  I know Sean Evans is pumped and ready to fight!  We will be there live keeping you all up to date so stay right here as we get you closer to the cage.

HVY AM Nicholas Brown 0-4 vs. R.J. Hayes (Team Jucao Cobleskill) 1-6
165 AM Jason Showers (Xtreme Ambition) 1-3 vs. James Thomas 0-0
145 AM Diego Lopes (Juniko) 1-0 vs. Arslan Otcheyev (FAA) 3-3-1
155 AM Miguel Cuevas (Battlecrew) 2-0 vs. Harrison Adamo (Ultimate MMA) 2-0
185 AM TITLE Costa Gemelas (FAA) 4-2 vs. Pat Casey (Team Link) 6-1
HVY AM TITLE Mike Leverette 4-1 vs. Ray Sherwood (Ultimate MMA) 1-0
145 PRO Timothy Wheeler (Elite Plus MMA) 1-3 vs. Erick Santiago 0-0
125 PRO Tammy Worrick (Xtreme Ambition) 0-1 vs. Lisa Blaine (Ultimate MMA) 0-0
205 PRO Mike Diorio 0-0 vs. Sean Evans (BST) 1-1