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October 27, 2017

CES MMA 46: Doomsday vs. Carroll Live Review Play-by-Play

CES 46: Doomsday vs. Carroll
Travis Lizotte

After an about two and a half hour ride through the New England Fall Foliage from our home in Dover, New Hampshire to Smithfield, Rhode Island the Full Contact Writer and the Full Contact Wife have arrived at our hotel room where we have begun the preparations for this evenings fight coverage at CES 46. The time is approximately 3:30pm and we are going to make the ten minute trip to Twin River Casino in just a few minutes. We are super stoked for tonight's action that will culminate in the fight New England fans have been waiting for; the return of John "Doomsday" Howard to the CES cage. CES stars Dinis Paiva, Gary Balletto Jr., Justin Sumter, Rico DiSciullo and Marquis Brewster also highlight tonight's stacked card that comes to us live from Twin River Casino starting at 7 pm est. the night's action kicks off with a 4 fight undercard, all leading up to the six fight Main Card that will be televised nationally on starting at 9 pm est. Continue to refresh this article throughout the night to stay up to the minute on all the action, as CES 46 goes live from the Twin River Event Center in Lincoln, Rhode Island.
A quick update to tonight's fight card; Seth Basler (3-5) will be replacing Justin King and stepping in on short notice to fight Rico DiSciullo, details to folllow...Current fight lineup should reflect the actual order of tonight's card. 
Non-Televised Undercard (7pm est.)

Michael Taylor (Debut) vs. Jessie Pires (Debut)
Michael “Titan” Taylor
Affiliation: Cortland Elite MMA
Record: Debut (5-1 as Amateur)
Last fight: First round Submission Choke victory over Justin M. Walker at Gladius Fights 26.
Jesse Pires
Affiliation: Borges Karate Jiu-Jitsu Academy  
Record: Debut (2-7 as Amateur)
Last fight: Second round Submission Choke victory over John Payne at Cage Titans 26 (2015).
Play by Play:
Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and we are underway. Taylor comes forward with a couple jabs, Jesse answers with as leg kick and is then taken down by Michael and Taylor is on the top working Jesse against the fence. Pires attempts to wall walk out but Taylor takes side control then transitions to mount. Taylor postures up and gets space and rains down two brutal left elbows that knock Jesse out cold!
Decision: Michael Taylor defeats Jesse Pires at 2:43 of the first round by Knockout due to Unanswered Elbows! Michael Taylor looked good, never in trouble and truly dominant.
Pat McCrohan (2-1) vs. Buck Pineau (1-4)
Pat McCrohan
Affiliation: Regiment Training Center
Record: 2-1 (1 Knockout)
Last fight: Second Round Submission loss to Ruslan Melikov at CES 37: Summer Gold.
Buck “Knuckles” Pineau
Affiliation: First Class MMA   
Record: 1-4 (Decision Victory)
Last fight: First round TKO loss to Tim Caron at Combat Zone 59:Rock On.
Play by Play:
Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and Buck starts to strike, Pat ties Buck up and has him against the cage working for the Takedown. Pat eventually gets the throw and has Buck in side control. Pat is working the knee from side control before taking mount. Pat postures up and lands some ground and pound that forces Buck to give up his back. Buck lands an elbow to Pats face with him on the back and Pat answers with some well placed strikes to Bucks face while looking to get his second hook in. Pat cannot gain his second hook but drops some huge hammer fists that end the night for Buck.
Decision: Pat McCrohan defeats Buck Pineau by TKO (Strikes ground and pound) at 4:56 seconds of the very first round. Buck tried to hang on until the bell but Kevin MacDonald called the stop with just four seconds left in the first.

Marquis Brewster (3-0) vs. Raymond Yanez (4-11)
Marquis Brewster
Affiliation: Tri-Force MMA
Record: 3-0 ( 1 Submission)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision victory over Cody Hair at CES 42: Curtis vs. Santiago.
Raymond Yanez
Affiliation: Lashley Training Center
Record: 4-11 (2 Submissions, 1 Knockout)
Last fight: First round Submission loss to Johnny Campbell at Cage Titans 33.
Play by Play:
Round 1: Yanez lands first with s low leg kick, Yanez goes for the single leg and gets Marquis to the fence where Brewster turns Yanez. Fighters break and Yanez goes for another takedown and cant get in. Brewster gets Yanez on the fence this time and grabs the thai plum and lands a knee clean to Yanez's head and follows up on the ground with strikes for the stoppage.
Decision: Marquis Brewster defeats Raymond Yanez by TKO (Knee/Ground and Pound) at 2:17 of the very first round. Brewster furthers his undefeated record as a Professional to 4-0.

Johnny Adams (0-1) vs. John Gotti III (Debut)
Johnny “The Wild Child” Adams
Record: 0-1 ( 1 Submission Loss)
Last fight: First round Submission loss to Ian Beatease at XCP: Rumble in RutVegas.
John Gotti III
Record: Debut (5-1 as Amateur)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision victory over Anthony Wolter at Triton Fights 1.
Play by Play:
A small note before this fight goes live; The Gotti Crew rolls deep, and that crew is stout!
The Gotti Crew is on their feet chanting "Gotti, Gotti, Gotti" as the grandson of former Mob boss; John Gotti III is announced.
Round 1: Fighters do not touch gloves for this one. Gotti takes center cage and is immediately put up against the cage and the fighters are exchanging knees as Adams looks to stifle the striking of Gotti. Fighters go back and fourth on the cage and Adams falls to his back and Gotti is on top in Adams' guard. Gotti stands up and lands a big strike before returning to Adams' guard. John gets some space and lands an elbow from the top that leads to some hammer fists that open up a cut on Adams forehead, and referee Kevin MacDonald calls a stop to the fight.
Decision: John Gotti III defeats Johnny Adams by verbal Submission (Strikes) as 3:50 of the first round and the Gotti contingent in the audience goes wild as Gotti climbs the cage wall and addresses his fans!
Round 3:

Main Card Live on (9pm est.)

Justin Sumter (4-1) vs. Shedrick Goodridge (6-8)
Justin “The Fort” Sumter
Affiliation: Fighting Arts Academy
Record: 4-1 (2 Submission, 1 Knockout)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision Victory over Brian Sparrow at CES 44: Bessette vs. Trujillo.
Shedrick “Chocolate Thunder” Goodridge
Affiliation: Renzo Gracie New Jersey
Record: 6-8 (3 Submissions, 1 Knockout)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Dirlei Broenstrup at Premier FC 17 (2014).
Play by Play:
Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and Goodridge takes the center of the cage, Sumter puts him on the cage and takes Goodridge to the ground and takes his back. Sumter has one hook in and is looking for a second hook as Goodridge covers and Sumter lands some shots to the head that life Shedrick's chin and Sumter sinks in the Rear Naked Choke for the Tap.
Decision: Justin Sumter defeats Shedrick Goodridge via Rear Naked Choke at 1:56 of the very first round. Clean and concise performance by Justin Sumter in this one.

Jon Lemke (6-8) vs. Josh LaBerge (11-6) II
Jon Lemke
Affiliation: Team Irish MMA  
Record: 6-8 (5 Knockouts)
Last fight: Second Round Submission Choke loss to Ryan Sanders at NEF 28: Invisible.
Josh “The Problem” LaBerge
Affiliation: Lauzon MMA
Record: 11-6 (5 Knockouts, 1 Submission)
Last fight: Third Round Submission Choke loss to Saul Almeida at CES 42: Curtis vs. Santiago.
Play by Play:
Round 1: As anticipated both guys come out looking to strike, LaBerge lands a leg kick and Jon returns fire with an overhand right. Lemke seems to have come in contact with the left eye of LaBerge as his eye starts to swell. LaBerge throws a headkick that is blocked by Lemke but gers the crowds attention. Lemke is doing a good job chopping down the lead leg of LaBerge and it now apprears both fighters are wearing cuts as they continue to, as I predicted stand and trade blows. Lemke connect with a right that sends LaBerge's mouthpiece flying as the round comes to a close. Close round but I think Lemke got the better of the exchanges. 10-9 Lemke.
Round 2: Lemke starts round 2 with a nice one-two that lands, LaBerge attempts two headkicks that don't make the mark. These guys are scrapping, LaBerge goes for a takedown and Lemke stuffs. Lemke returns to his feet going forward and continuing to land those leg kicks. Lemke appears to be the fresher fighter half way through this fight. Lemke lands a kick that cracks against the ribs of LaBerge as he continues to outpoint Josh on the feet. LaBerge tries for another headkick that is partially blocked and Jon continues to outbox Josh as the second round ends. 10-9 Lemke.

Round 3: More of the same to start the third round Lemke continues to use the jab and follow with some the leg kicks. LaBerge attempts his second takedown and again is stuffed by Lemke. More leg kicks and boxing from Lemke as LaBerge looks outclassed and tired. Lemke connects with a nice right hand that continues to fade the Fall River native LaBerge. LaBerge finally lands a nice right but there isn't much steam on it as he continues to tire. With less than a minute left Josh makes one more last ditch efford to take down Jon but it is stuffed again. Jon finishes off the round stuffing another takedown and following with some significant strikes. 10-9 Lemke.

Decision: Jon Lemke defeats Josh LaBerge by Unanimous Decision (29-28 on all cards). In my opinion the fight wasn't even that close, Lemke came out and fought a perfect fight and did exactly what he needed to do to beat LaBerge.

Rico DiSciullo (7-1) vs. Seth Basler (3-5)
Catchweight (140)
Rico DiSciullo
Affiliation: Sityodtong Boston
Record: 7-1 (2 Knockouts, 1 Submission)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision victory over Matt Lozano at CES 43: Mass Invasion.
Seth Basler
Affiliation: Independence Fight Club  
Record: 3-5 (2 Submissions, 1 Knockout)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision Loss to Sean Woodson at Shamrock FC 295.
Play by Play:
Round 1: Rico feints with some kicks and sets up a takedown and immediately goes for the leg of Basler. Basler scrambles and takes the back of Rico and Rico works his way out and back to his feet. DiSciullo comes at Basler violently landing strikes and jumps on Seth's back and tries to sink in the choke. Seth scrambles out and they return back to their feet and Rico swings for the fences and connects. Seth looks for the takedown and Rico grabs Basler's neck and sinks in a deep a necktie for the tap.
Decision: Rico DiSciullo defeats Seth Basler at 2:59 of the first round by Submission (Necktie Choke). DiScuillo looked like he was in trouble at some points in this fight but adjusted and overcame the adversity for an impressive win.

Gary Balletto Jr. (4-1) vs. Sharif Jones (3-2)
Gary “Batman” Balletto Jr.
Affiliation: Tri-Force MMA  
Record: 4-1 (2 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)
Last fight: Second Round Knockout of Nick Alley at CES 45: Gooch vs. Coutinho.
Sharif “Bam Bam” Jones
Affiliation: Let’s be Elite Boxing and Fitness Academy  
Record: 3-2 ( 2 Submissions, 1 Knockout)
Last fight: Split Decision Loss to Will Martinez Jr. at Art of War Cage Fighting 2.
Play by Play:
Round 1: Both fighters take a second to get their distance then trade and Jones goes for a takedown and Gary uses the Guillotine to avoid the advancing Jones and switches to an armbar attempt but Sharif wiggles out of trouble and back to the feet. Gary puts Jones up against the cage is grinding him down with short shots to the body. Sharif goes for another takedown and gets Gary on his back where Balletto continues to be active with elbows from the bottom. Sharif stands up Gary takes his leg and attempts to sink in a heel hook and Jones is saved by the bell. 10-9 Balletto.
Round 2: Sharif opens up round 2 with a combination that is partially blocked by Gary; and another barrage of strikes that land to Balletto's face. Sharif lands another sharp combination that sends Gary backwards but it doesn't stop Balletto. Balletto looks a little lethargic as he attempts to go toe to toe with Jones. Jones seems to be landing combinations while Gary can just land a couple counter shots. Gary feints a jab and changes levels to get the takedown of Jones and gets his back as the second round comes to a close. 10-9 Jones.
Round 3: Jones comes out in the third round looking to strike some more. Gary is using angles to try and cut off the cage and he succeeds in closing the distance and gets Jones on the cage and takes him down. Kevin MacDonald stops the action for an illegal blow and as the action continues Gary looks to keep Jones backing up. Jones now has Balletto against the cage but Gary lands a knee that hurts Jones and Gary comes forward with more knees to Sharif's face. A jumping knee crumbles Jones to the mat and Gary follows up with heavy strikes and Sharif gives Gary his back and Gary sinks in the Rear Naked Choke for the finish.

Decision: Gary Balletto Jr. defeats Sharif Jones by Rear Naked Choke at 3:17 of the third round. Gary Balletto Jr. faced his toughest adversity to date as a professional and walked right through that adversity on his way to a grinding third round finish.

Dinis Paiva (9-6) vs. Branden Seyler Sr. (7-5-1)
Dinis “Sweetbread” Paiva
Affiliation: Sityodtong Boston  
Record: 9-6 (5 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision win over Jordan Espinosa at CES 41: Bessette vs. Croom.
Branden “Soku” Seyler Sr.
Affiliation: Next Generation  
Record: 7-5-1 (5 Submissions, 1 Knockout)
Last fight: First Round Submission Choke victory over Kris Moutinho at CES 45: Gooch vs. Coutinho.
Play by Play:
Round 1: Paiva lands to right hands to open the fight and Seyler answers with a right hand of his own. Seyler catches Paiva and knocks him down but Dinis gets right back up and fights the hands of Seyler. Paiva opens up with a combination that gets through on Seyler and the crowd noise turns up a notch. Seyler shoots for a takedown and Dinis stuffs it. Seyler lands a right hand that is quickly answered by Paiva. Seyler lands a kick to the body of Paiva but it doesn't effect Dinis as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Paiva
Round 2: Seyler comes out in the second round swinging as Paiva looks to counter. Branden is mixing in some front kicks to try and keep the distance. Seyler's next front kick catches Dinis in the cup. Seyler is swinging wildly looking for the one big strike, but Paiva is staying poised and accurate. Paiva lands a couple shots up the middle that jar Seyler's head back. A right from Dinis sits Seyler down, Branden gets back up and is knocked back down again. Seyler again returns to his feet and the right hand of Paiva connects again and puts Seyler down for the final time as referee John English calls a stop to the fight.
Decision: Dinis Paiva defeats Branden Seyler Sr. by TKO (Strikes) at 3:08 of the second round. Dinis did a great job surviving the wildness of Seyler through the first round and stayed composed to let his hands do the talking in the second.

John Howard (24-13) vs. Roger Carroll (16-15)
John “Doomsday” Howard
Affiliation: FAF Gym  
Record: 24-13 (8 Knockouts, 7 Submissions)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Abubakar Nurmagomedov at WSOF 33: Branch vs. Magalhรฃes.  
Roger “The Leprechaun” Carroll
Affiliation: Renegade Fighting Systems  
Record: 16-15 (15 Submissions)
Last fight: First round TKO loss to Steve Montgomery at Fight Night 2.
Play by Play:
Round 1: They touch gloves and Roger starts with a low leg kick. Howard comes forward strong and lands some heavy shots and puts Roger against the fence. Roger rolls out and John is on him heavy again. Hoard is landing at will and lands a sharp uppercut that sends Carroll to the fence again. John presses up against the fence but Carroll turns but John reverses again and they break. Roger comes forward with a Superman punch and Howard catches him and trips him down to the canvas and Howard gets top position. Carroll looks for the armbar but Howard shakes him off and they stand. But they are not standing long as Doomsday lands another takedown and is on top of Carroll landing hammer fists and applying heavy pressure as the round ends. 10-9 Howard.
Round 2: Howard starts the second with a beating to Carroll's body. The Fight goes to the ground but Howard lets Carroll back up before clinching and taking him back down. Howard works what looks to be a crucifix but Carroll re-establishes guard. John stands up and lands some downward striking to Carroll before going back to the ground into Roger's guard again. Doomsday continues strong heavy top pressure landing the occasional hammer fist. Howard uses ground and pound to pass Carroll's guard and gain side control as the second round ends. 10-9 Howard.
Round 3: Carroll starts the third consecutive round with a headkick attempt and Howard returns with an overhand right and they clinch on the cage. Carroll has Howard's back to the fence and he is working a takedown. Howard scrambles and ends up putting Carroll's back on the cage Carroll turns briefly and Howard takes him down and has top position. Howard gets some space and lands some ground and pound before making a nice pass of Roger's guard. Doomsday rains down some bombs but Carroll survives and pulls Howard back into his guard. And they scramble on the ground at the fight comes to an end. 10-9 Howard.

Decision: John Howard defeats Roger Carroll by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) to pick up a hard fought win in his CES MMA return. Hats off to Roger Carroll who kept himself in this fight avoided heavy damage from Doomsday to take this fight to the judges.
That concludes our night of fight here from Twin River Casino, I hope you enjoyed my play-by-play of CES MMA 46! Travis Lizotte out!