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November 4, 2017

Cage Titans 36: Live Play-By-Play

Cage Titans 36: Live Play-by-Play

Travis Lizotte

We have arrived here on Plymouth Rock with a hand full of asprin and a laptop bag full of energy drinks as I’m ready to make it back to back fights in back to back nights. The Memorial Hall is buzzing as we seem to be just minutes away from the action getting underway and I will have it all for you here live. Just refresh this post throughout the night to stay up to the minute on all the action going down here in the Cage Titans cage!  


Brandon Vogel (Debut) v. Rich Szeligowski (0-2)

150 Pounds (Amateur)
Brandon Vogel
Affiliation: BST MMA  
Record: 0-0 (Debut)
Last fight: Debut
Rich Szeligowski
Affiliation: Forge Martial Arts
Record: 0-2 (Both losses in first round)
Last fight: First round Submission loss (Armlock) to Pat Gilbride at Cage Titans 35.
Round 1: Brandon comes forward hard and they both exchange before Brandon gets Rich Pressed against the cage. Rich tosses Brandon to the ground but he immediately returns to the feet and they again battle away on the cage wall. Brandon lands some sharp knees to the body and chases Rich to the mat where he has his back and sinks in a Rear Naked Choke that takes a while to sink deep but eventually he induces the tap.
Decision: Brandon Vogel defeats Rich Szeligowski via first round Submission (RNC) at 2:36.

Billy Goff (Debut) v. Dion Rubio (Debut)
160 Pound (Amateur)
Billy Goff
Affiliation: Dexter MMA
Record: 0-0 (Debut)
Last fight: Debut
Dion Rubio
Affiliation: Triforce
Record: 0-0 (Debut)
Last fight: Debut
Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and Billy starts working his lead jab, both fighters exchange kicks and Billy goes for the takedown and both fighters roll for position with Billy ending up on Dion's back. They scramble to the center of the cage where Dion takes some body shots before returning to his feet. Billy issues another slam and scrambles to the back again. Billy lands some heavy ground and pound as round 1 ends. 10-9 Goff.
Round 2: Billy comes forward again to start the round but DIon has fond his range now and landing combinations. Billy lands a hard body shot and takes Dion down. Dion gets back up and is driven across the cage and Billy lands another take down, On the take down the cage pad falls and action is stopped. Steve Rita returns fighters to position and we are back at it. Billy works hard shots with knees and fists to the body as Dion tries to roll out. Dion has ahold of Billy's left leg and is looking to harvest a limb. Billy continues with hard body shots. Dion gets a guillotine and holds it after the round stops and Billy is asleep after the horn...Goff was dominating that fight and won both rounds.

Decision: Dion Rubio Defeats Billy Goff via Submission (Choke) at 3:00 into round number 2.

Danilo Portugal (Debut) v. Blaine Waterman (0-2)
Featherweight (Amateur)
Danilo Portugal
Affiliation: BST MMA  
Record: 0-0 (Debut)
Last fight: Debut
Blaine Waterman
Affiliation: New England Combat  
Record: 0-2 (2 Decision Losses)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Stavros Batsinelas at Cage Titans 35.
Round 1: Danilo throws first as the fighters get their distances. Waterman ducks under a shot and gets a beautiful double leg takedown and slam and is on top of Danilo landing ground and pound. Danilo gets back to his feet and Waterman takes him down again and is smothering him against the cage leaving Danilo no room. Danilo escapes and comes forward swinging. Waterman lands an uppercut up the middle and a combination as the round ends. 10-9 Waterman.
Round 2: Danilo is throwing a lot of feints but not connecting, Waterman goes for the takedown and is stuffed. Danilo comes forward with fury landing uppercuts and Baline lands a nice counter left and changes levels for the takedown. Danilo is still landing from the bottom as he pushes Waterman off and returns to his feet and batters Waterman with combinations that get the stoppage.
Decision: Danilo Portugal Defeats Blaine Waterman by TKO at 2:44 of round 2.

Rob Knight (0-1) v. Brian Harrington (1-0)II
Light Heavyweight (Amateur)
Rob Knight
Affiliation: Independent
Record: 0-1 (Submission loss)
Last fight: First round Submission (Choke) loss to Brian Harrington at Cage Titans 35
Brian Harrington
Affiliation: South Shore Sportfighting
Record: 1-0 (1 Submission)
Last fight: First Round Submission (Choke) of Rob Knight at Cage Titans 35.
Round 1: Brian throws and overhand right and goes for the takdown and has Knight in a guillotine Knight takes some shots before returning to the feet. Knight pushes for a takedown and Harrington grabs the Guillotine and this time uses it to force the Tap.
Decision: Brian Harrington defeats Rob Knight by Guillotine Choke at 1:46 in the first round.

Jon Ciampa (1-3) v. Marty Navis (2-2)
Welterweight (Amateur)
Jon Ciampa
Affiliation: Connor’s MMA
Record: 1-3 (1 Submission)
Last fight: First round Knockout loss to Tommy Lee Davis at Cage Titans 32.
Marty Navis
Affiliation: Lauzon MMA
Record: 2-2 (2 Knockouts)
Last fight: Split Decision loss to Trevor Gudde at Cage Titans 34.
Round 1: Both fighters are getting used to the distance and Ciampa shoots for the takedown Navis gets up but is taken right back to the mat. Navis returns to his feet but Ciampa is working the back take against the cage. Marty gets space and swings for the fences as Ciampa takes him down again. Marty turns Ciampa on the cage and grabs his neck and sinks in a deep standing guillotine for the tap.

Decision: Marty Navis Defeats Jon Ciampa by submission Guillotine at 2:44 of the first round.

Austin Schalla (1-8) v. Trevor Gudde (3-0)
165 Pounds (Amateur)
Austin Schalla
Affiliation: Dexter MMA
Record: 1-8 (1 Submission)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Nicholas Giuletti at Reality Fighting.
Trevor Gudde
Affiliation: Florian Martial Arts
Record: 3-0 (1 Knockout)
Last fight: Split Decision win over Marty Navis at Cage Titans 34.
Round 1: Austin comes forward connecting with Trevor's face, Trevor is using push kick to try to gain distance but Austin continues to close the distance. Trevor pushes Austin to the cage and looks to take the fight to the ground. Gudde eventually gets the trip for the takedown but Schalla keeps it close as the round ends. 10-9 Schalla.
Round 2: Schalla comes out swinging again landing to thed body of Gudde. Gudde lands some crisp kicks to the body and continues with the push kick feints. Gudde pushes the fight to the cage wall and again lands a takedown and immediately gets side control. Schalla makes it back to half guard as Trevor applies pressure. Trevor gets back to side control but Austin works back to closed guard as the round ends. 10-9 Gudde
Round 3: Tervor lands a swift kick to the body to open the round. Austin looks for a takedown and has Gudde against the fence. Gudde rolls to the ground and looks for the armbar and uses it to gain top position. Trevor stands and returns to the ground with a strike to Austin before applying most pressure on the ground looking to set up a submission. 10-9 Gudde.
Decision: Trevor Gudde defeats Autsin Schalla via Unanimous Decision

Rob Brown (2-2) v. Jeff Soivilien (4-3)
*Heavyweight Amateur Title*
Rob Brown
Affiliation: Santos
Record: 2-2 (1 Knockout)
Last fight: Split Decision loss to Jeff Soivilien at Cage Titans 35.
Jeff Soivilien
Affiliation: South Shore Sportfighting  
Record: 4-3 (2 Knockouts)
Last fight: Split Decision win over Rob Brown at Cage Titans 35.
Round 1: Jeff comes out immediately looking to get the takedown and pushes Rob against the cage. Both men are pushing one another around the cage hoping to get the fight to the mat. Brown looks to back out and eventually gets distance and wants to strike. Jeff again closes the distance and puts Rob against the cage. Rob lands some knees as the round ends. 10-9 Soivilien.
Round 2: Brown looks to open up round one as the aggressor throwing some wild punches before Soivilien closes distance and looks for the takedown on the cage. Jeff takes some fists as he struggles to get the fight to the ground. Rob Brown breaks away again and gets off some shots but its more of the same from Jeff as he clinches again against the fence. With 10 seconds left in the round Brown gets off some shots. Close round 10-9 Soivilien.
Round 3: More of the same from the Champ Soivilien closing the distance. Rob gets off a couple heavy shots before they clinch again and Soivilien presses Rob to the fence. Soivilien is manhandling Brown in the grappling department but has yet to land the takedown. Now Rob Brown gets the trip and scores the first takedown of the fight. Brown looks for an armbar with ten seconds left in the round and Jeff reverses and is on top as the round ends. 10-9 Brown.
Round 4: Rob initiates first contact in the championship rounds as we see some of our first stand up of the contest. Rob appears to be getting the better of the stand up game as Jeff is wearing some blood on his forehead. Jeff says enough with the standing and goes for another takedown with Brown against the fence. Rob lands some knees with his back against the cage but it doesn't seem to bother Soivilien. Brown lands some close range overhands as the fourth round ends. Another close round 10-9 Brown.
Round 5: Rob Brown lands some combinations to open round 5 but Jeff is just eating the shots. Brown is landing some heavy leather that has the Champ going backwards. Jeff grabs the Thai Plum and hits some dirty boxing that puts Rob on the cage once again. Brown turns Jeff and now has the Champ with his back on the cage. Brown again looks to strike after gaining distance and then trips Jeff to the canvas where he finishes the round by mounting the Champ and ground and pounding as the final bell sounds. Brown 10-9.
Decision: Rob Brown defeats Jeff Soivilien by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 49-46, 49-46) to win the Cage Titans Amateur Heavyweight Title.

Chris Sniger (2-1) v. Pat Gilbride (2-0)
*Featherweight Amateur Title*
Chris Sniger
Affiliation: SBG East
Record: 2-1 (1 Knockout)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision over Antoine Caparotta at Cage Titans 34.
Pat Gilbride
Affiliation: Lauzon MMA
Record: 2-0 (2 Submissions)
Last fight: First Round Submission (Armlock) over Rick Szeligowski at Cage Titans 35.
Round 1: Gilbride comes out and immediately looks for a takedown but Chris stuffs. Gilbride shoots for another takedown and its stuffed again. Siger gets a takedown of his own but Girbride rolls to the top and gains mount briefly. Fighters are sweeping back and fourth and Sniger is on top now raining down blows. Gilbride makes one last attempt to submit Sniger with the armbar but he slips out and Sniger lands some brutal ground and pound for the stoppage. Great back and fourth fight...CRAZINESS!

Decision: Chris Sniger defeats Pat Gilbride via TKO stoppage at 2:18 in the very first round and Chris Sniger is the NEW Cage Titans Amateur Featherweight Champion. Great fight for as long as it lasted!
Myles Reid (Pro Debut) v. Zach DiSabatino (Pro Debut)
Myles Reid
Affiliation: Independent  
Record: 1-7 Amateur (Pro Debut)
Last fight: First round Submission (Choke) loss to Steve Young at Cage Titans 23.
Zach DiSabatino
Affiliation: South Shore Sportfighting  
Record: 4-0-1 Amateur (Pro Debut)
Last fight: Majority Draw with Gerald Meuse at Cage Titans 34.
Round 1: Myles throws a right hand out there to start the action and Zach lands a kick to the body and follows up with a headkick that crumples Reid, Zach jumps on top and pounds out the finish.

Decision: Zach DiSabatino defeats Myles Reid at 32 seconds of the first round with a Headkick knockout followed by ground and pound.  
TJ Brown (9-5) v. Peter Barrett (8-1)
“Downtown” TJ Brown
Affiliation: Westside MMA
Record: 9-5 (6 Submissions, 2 Knockouts)
Last fight: First round Submission (Choke) loss to Trey Ogden at LFA 21.
“Slippery” Pete Barrett
Affiliation: Sityodtong  
Record: 8-1 (6 Knockouts)
Last fight: First round Knockout loss to Drew Morais at Cage Titans 34.
Round 1: Here we go! TJ comes out throwing the jab and kicks that are landing. Brown gets a takedown and has Peter against the fence. TJ gets Peters back and has him flattened out landing some ground and pound. Brown continues to land heavy strikes from the back and somehow Barrett gets back to his feet. Brown lands a spinning back elbow and then Pete catches Brown and sends him to the mat. Brown looks for a leg lock and Barrett climbs on top. They return to the feet and Brown takes Pete down again and has top position. Barrett eats two knees to get up and then puts it on Brown with heavy strikes and Brown returns fire as the round ends. 10-9 Brown.
Round 2: Barrett is coming forward to start round 2 and is taken down quickly by Brown and Brown has control from the top in half guard. Brown lands some knees to the body on the ground as Pete struggles to get to the feet. Brown steps over and takes Barrett's back and is using shots to flatten Barrett out. Barrett turns and gives Brown side control where he lands some elbows. Brown gets back to Barrett's back with both hooks in and lands some more ground and pound before looking for the Rear Naked Choke. Barrett is bleeding heavily and in a lot of trouble but he sneaks out and grains top position as the round ends. 10-9 Brown.
Round 3: Brown comes out with a leg kick and goes for a takedown and gets it. Brown has side control and sinks in a head and arm choke that forces Peter Barrett to tap.
Decision: TJ Brown defeats Peter Barrett via third round Submission Choke (Head and Arm) at 35 seconds of the Third round.