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November 3, 2017

NEF 31 11/3/2017 LIVE REVIEW

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We arrived at the venue which is a club by the named of Aura and Portland was hopping this Saturday night.  There are a total of 15 fights on the nights and the fight fans are ready for some action.  The venue has some standing room and an upper seating level.  The sounds and lighting is what you would expect in a club.  NEF did a 10 count for Joel Bishop, the former NEF boxer who passed away just a few months ago. After that Brett Raio did the national anthem and they are now ready.  Pete Czymbor is the host of the night and the refs are Alan Lau and John English.  Just got word that Jacare Souza, Devin Powell and Charles Rosa are in the house!  Please follow along as I recap the night.

135 AM Danae Dostie 0-0 (Kenney’s) vs Jayda Bailey 0-0 (Young’s)

They clinch and fall to the mat.  Jayda gets the top position and moves to full mount.  She postures up and gets in some ground and pound.  She gets the stoppage.

Jayda Bailey defeats Danae Dostie via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:43 in Rd 1.  Much awaited amateur debut from Jayda and she takes full advantage of it.

135 AM Sarah Matulis 0-0 (Outlet) vs Chelsea Elizabeth 0-0 (First Class)

Sarah presses Chelsea up against the cage.  They clinch and move to the center and Sarah pushes her all.  Sarah gets her to the mat and is laying down some heavy ground and pound.  She is in full mount and gets pushed back to half guard.

Sarah Matulis defeats Chelsea Elizabeth via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:35 in Rd 1.  Sarah earns her blue belt.

175 AM Carlton Charles 1-0 (Charles Family) vs Mark Gardner 0-0 (Academy)

Mark connects with a right and they clinch.  Carlton fights the takedown and slams Mark to the mat hard.  He gets in a few punches and Mark has a leg triangle.  Carlton rolls and breaks the triangle and they are back to their feet.  They are clinching and Mark gets in a knee to the body.  Mark gets hit with a few punches and works a takedown.  He is in guard until the round ends.

Real close round, Charles 10-9

Rd 2:  They both come out swinging!  Carlton gets in some uppercuts and Mark connects with a head kick.  Crowd is on their feet.  They clinch and Mark rips him to the mat.  He is on top in full mount and gets his hand free.  He is getting in some ground and pound looking for the finish.  Ref has seen enough and stops the fight.

Mark Gardner defeats Carlton Charles via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:30 in Rd 2.

155 AM Garry Carr 0-0 (CMBJJ) vs David Hart 0-1 (Kenney’s)

David is working his inside leg kicks.  Garry pulls guard and David picks him up and slams him to the mat.  Garry rolls him and is now on top.  He hooks the legs in and flattens him out.  He gets the tap.

Garry Carr defeats David Hart via tapout via rear naked choke at 2:21 in Rd 1.  Garry is at a young 56 years old and has the record for NEF with the oldest fighter to win.

160 AM Bill Cole 0-0 (Fusion) vs Nathan Pete 0-0 (Boyington's)

They clinch and Bill gets the takedown.  He is in guard and passes to half guard briefly then gets pushed back.  He moves to the side and hops over to full mount.  He postures up and gets in some ground and pound.  He gets some space and takes the back and ends the round on top in full mount.

Cole 10-9

Rd 2:  Cole gets the quickdown and takes the back.  He gets the rear naked choke for the tap.

Bill Cole defeats Nathan Pete via  tapout to rear naked choke  59 seconds in Rd 2.

155 AM Will McCall 2-2 (Evolution) vs Emmett Huber 0-1 (Academy)

Huber starts us off with a kick tot he body.  Will trips him to the mat.  He takes the back and tries to secure the postion.  Emmet gets some space and gets in a good punch.  Will goes for the takedown and Emmett catches him in a guillotine for the tap.

Emmett Huber defeats Will McCall via tapout to guillotine at 1:06 in Rd 1.

135 AM Carol Linn Powell 0-0 (Nostos) vs Francesca Morabito 0-0 (Choi)

They are in the center working their strikes.  Francesca gets in a good combo to the body.  Carol fires back with a good leg kick combo.  These ladies are swinging away.

Powell 10-9

Rd 2:  Carol starts us off with a leg kick.  Francesca with a kick to the body.  Carol connects with some good punches and has Francesca back pedalling.  The crowd roars and then it calms down.  Both women get in a punch of their own.  Francesca gets in a big right that sends Carol's head back.  Blood is coming from above the eye.

Morabito 10-9

Rd 3:  They go right back to a stand up war.  Francesca gets in a solid straight right.  Blood is coming out again.  These ladies are going at it.  It looks like we are going to the decision.

Francesca Morabito defeats Carol Linn Powell via unanimous decision.  What a fight!!

145 AM Isaac Therrien 0-0 (Berserkers) vs Chad Weymouth 0-1 (Boyington's)

Chad gets the takedown and Isaac rolls him.  They are back to their feet!  Isaac connects with 2 uppercuts and hurts Chad.  He keeps pressuring him and gets him to the mat.  He finishes him off with some ground and pound.

Isaac Therrien defeats Chad Weymouth via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:36 in Rd 1.

170 AM Mohammed al Kinani 0-0 (Evolution) vs Phil Pearson 0-1 (First Class)

They clinch then break.  they are swinging away and Mohammed connects with a solid right.  He gets in one more that drops him and ref stops the fight.

Mohammed al Kinani defeats Phil Pearson via ko at 1:20 in Rd 1.

135 AM Carl Langston 6-9 (Young’s) vs Henry Clark 3-3 (Choi)

Carl starts the round off with snapping leg kick.  Carl gets in a cup shot and Henry takes a few minutes.  Fight resumes and Carl gets in an inside leg kick.  Henry grabs the leg and is looking for the single leg.  Carl gets in a punch as they break away.  Carl goes high with a leg kick.

Langston 10-9

Rd 2:  Both fighters are exchanging leg kicks.  Carl seems to be controlling the fight.  Carl goes high and Henry takes him down.   They both bounce right back to their feet.  Carl is looking for the single leg and he gets it.  He is in guard as the round ends.

Clark 10-9, real close round

Rd 3:   Carl gets in two leg kicks to the body.  Henry gets the takedown and has the side.  Carl works his way up and he gets Henry down to the mat.  Henry is looking for the guillotine but nothing too serious as the round ends.

Langston 10-9

Carl Langston defeats Henry Clark via unanimous decision.

265 AM TITLE Nick Gulliver (First Class/Foundry) 4-0 vs Terrance Jean-Jacques (Team Link) 2-0

Terrance gets the takedown and is in half guard.  He is trying to posture up for some ground and pound.  He gets in a few punches then gets pushed back to guard.  Terrance is getting in some heavy hammerfists.  Nick is getting in some punches from the bottom as the round ends.

Jean-Jacques 10-9

Rd 2:  Gully comes running in with a superman punch and Terrance slams him to the mat.  He has the side and is getting in a few punches to the body.  Nick is doing a good job at holding him close to not receive any damage.   Terrance finishes the round strong with a few more hammerfists as the round ends.

Jean-Jacques 10-9

Rd 3:  Terrance gets the takedown and is controlling the fight from the guard.  Gully pushes him off and Terrance makes him pay with some hammerfists.

Terrance Jean-Jacques defeats Nick Gulliver via unanimous decision.  Terrance is the new heavyweight amateur champ.

125 AM TITLE Nate Boucher 2-0 (CMBJJ) vs Justin Witham 3-4 (Shatterproof)

Both fighters are exchanging inside leg kicks.  Nate ducks down and goes for at takedown.  Justin defends and Nate rips him to the mat.  Justin turns and Nate is trying to get him down again.  They scramble and Nate is looking for another takedown.  He rolls him and moves to half.  He goes to full mount and Justin gives up his back.  He looses one hook and Justin is getting in a few punches as the round ends.

Boucher 10-9

Rd 2:  Nate looks low for the takedown, he drops down for the double leg and gets it.  Justin grabs an arm and Nate picks him up and slams him.  He is in half guard on top.  Nate takes the back and hooks the legs.  He is fighting hard for the rear naked choke finish but can't get the tap.

Boucher 10-9

Rd 3:  Nate looks for a takedown but can't get it.  He dives for another takedown and Justin defends it.  They are both fighting and at a stalemate of who can get each other down for a minute.  Justin is getting in some shots to the body from the top.  Nate is fighting for the takedown as the round ends.

Boucher 10-9

Justin Witham defeats Nate Boucher via split decision.  Witham is now the 125 lbs NEF amateur champ.  Crowd is booing but it is in the books.

115 AM TITLE Alex Walker 4-1 (Kaze) vs Hilarie Rose 4-3 (USMMA)

Hilarie is working her strikes.  Alex goes for a takedown but gets stuffed.  Hilarie ends up on top and moves to the side.  She moves to full mount and is getting in some heavy hammerfists.  Alex is taking too much damage and the ref has seen enough.

Hilarie Rose defeats Alex Walker via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:32 in Rd 1.  Rose becomes the new 115 lb NEF amateur champion.

150 PRO John Raio 2-8 (First Class) vs Zenon Herrera 0-5 (Independent)

Raio gets the takedown and is in guard.  John is looking to posture up and work some ground and pound.  He is dropping some elbows now and has struck blood.

Raio 10-9

Rd 2:  John drops down for a takedown and Zenon grabs the neck.  He ends up on the side and then into half guard.  Zenon gets in a few elbows from the top.   John gets free and is looking to scoop him down to the mat.  John is on top getting in some hammerfists of his own.

Herrera 10-9

Rd 3:  John throws a high kick and Zenon takes top position in half guard.  John bucks him off and is now on top in guard.  John postures up and gets some ground and pound.  John works a guillotine for the tap.

John Raio defeats Zenon Herrera via tapout to guillotine at 2:45 in Rd 3.

130 PRO Paul Gorman 10-9 (Academy) vs James Blair 5-1 (ATT)

Both fighters are being very cautious.  Blair gets in 3 outside leg kicks.  Gorman gets in an outside leg kick of his own.  Nice combo from Blair.  James with two leg kicks and Gorman counters with one himself.  Both fighters are warming up now.  Gorman has a good exchange and I see blood near Blair's left eye to the side.

Blair 10-9

Rd 2:  Gorman comes out aggressive and working his combos.  Blair is working on that outside leg again chipping away at it.  Blair catches a leg and takes Gorman down.  Paul grabs the leg and James gets it free and dives back into guard.  Blair is getting in some heavy ground and pound and Paul gets free and works his way up.  They are both swinging away.  Gorman with a kick to the body.  This is such a good technical fight.  They are both swinging away and Gorman fires with a right that draws blood again.  Ref pauses the action to have the doctor check the eye and fight resumes.  James goes for a takedown and and Gorman is turning the heat on.

Gorman 10-9

Rd 3:  Gorman starts it with two quick jabs.  He backs James up into the cage and they both swing out of it.  Blair is working his kicks to the body.  Gorman with a kick to the body.  Man such a close fight!  Blood has opening up from Blair's head again.  Blair gets the takdown and is in guard.  Gorman works his way up and they are back to the center.  Blair catches a leg and takes Gorman down again.  He gets in to punches to the body and Gorman kicks him off.  They are back standing and swinging away.  Man what a bloody war!!

Blair 10-9

Paul Gorman defeats James Blair via unanimous decision.  Not the way I scored it but man that was an awesome fight.  There were no losers in that fight!

The next NEF has been announced and it will take place on February 3rd, 2017 at the Colisee in Lewiston Maine.