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February 16, 2018

Bellator 194 Live Play By Play 2/16/2018

Bellator 194: Live Review; Heavyweight Grand Prix Edition
Travis Lizotte  


Official Fight Card Below (Fight order subject to change):
Weights in parenthesis are official weigh-in results:
Undercard 6:30pm:

Tyler Hamilton 1-0 (154.5) v. Pat Casey Debut (155.5)
Round 1: Both fighters come out looking to strike and Hamilton is the first to attempt the takedown but is stuffed. Casey come forward with his head down looking for land some over hands. Hamilton connects with some jabs and Casey rolls out and these guys are looking to throw bombs. Casey catches a kick and looks to dump Hamilton but Hamilton stays on his feet. Both fighters are happy to stay on their feet and trade as both men looks to hit combinations throughout the first round. Hamilton goes for a takedown and is stuffed again and Casey follows with some heavy strikes on the ground. Casey finishes the round with more combinations. 10-9 Casey.
Round 2: Round two starts with a little more respect by both fighters but Casey is getting in some strikes from the outside. Casey is doing a great job using leg kicks to keep the dstanance as he continues to chop down that front leg . Tyler is looking for kicks to the body but Casey is catching those kicks and pressuring him off the exchange. Hamilton lands a kick that dumps Casey and Casey gets up and returns fire putting Tyler on the mat. Casey tries to hope on for the finish but Tyler survives and they return to their feet where then end the round. 10-9 Casey.
Round 3: Casey starts off the third with a right hand that connects and follows with a low leg kick. Casey is getting the better of the stand up exchange yet again and the crowd is into this bout of local New England guys! Casey connects with a right that sends Tyler back to the cage and Casey follows with bombs but can’t finish the tough Hamilton. Tyler gets through with a left that makes Casey put his hands back up. Hamilton is bleeding out of his right eye late in the third, as he tries a few last ditch efforts to touch Casey’s chin but to no avail. 10-9 Casey
Decision: Pat Casey defeats Tyler Hamilton by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Peter Nascimento Debut (163.5) v. Kastriot Xhema 1-1 (164.5)
Catchweight (165)
Round 1: Xhema comes out with leg kicks early that are connecting square on Peter. Kastriot is looking to put hands on him tonight as he connects with come stiff lefts followed by some knees from the clinch. Another left sits Nascimento down and Kastriot looks for the finish with some big downward strikes. Kastriot lets Peter up as he looks to want no part of the ground game. Kastriot Lands another bomb that sets Peter down again and he again follows with more strikes as Peter covers up and Kastriot stands back up again. Kastriot connects on one hell of a combination that puts Peter down again and Dan Miragliotta steps in and stops any further damage!
Decision: Kastriot Xhema TKO’s Peter Nascimento at 3:52 of the very first round via striking clinic!

Marcus Surin 4-1 (156) v. Dean Hancock 3-1 (155.25)
Round 1: Hancock starts off the round with jabs to eliminate the distance advantage held by Surin. Hancock works the fight to the ground but Surin returns to the feet where he looks to strike from distance. Hancock uncorks a spinning kick to the body that gets Surin and the crowd's attention.  Surin goes for the takedown and Hancock grabs for a guillotine but can’t sink it. They return to their feet again and Surin gets the takedown. They exchange takedowns and top position but neither fighter can hold the other down as they go back and forth on the mat. Surin ends the round with a guillotine choke attempt in a very close round. 10-9 Surin.
Round 2: Hancock comes forward to start round two landing some jabs and leg kicks. Marcus goes for the clinch and gets the hip toss and has Hancock’s back. Hancock tries to slam Marcus off but he has no luck as Surin continues to look for the rear naked choke. Somehow Dean survives and returns to his feet. Hancock whiffs on an ankle pics and Surin has his back again for a moment and Dean stands again. Hancock finally turns Marcus to the cage and gets the suplex but Marcus somehow gets Hancock’s back again and looks to sink in the choke again but Dean defends. Marcus switches to a head and arm choke that is deep and causes dean to tap with 12 seconds left in round 2.
Decision: Marcus Surin Submits Dean Hancock via Rear Naked Choke at 4:48 of the second round.

Walter Howard 3-4 (203) v. Jarod Trice 2-0 (205.5)
Light- Heavyweight

Round 1: Trice comes out striking trying to close the distance on the lengthy Howard. Trice lands a decent overhand right and then a nice body kick the rings through the arena. Trice seems to have no issues closing the distance on the much bigger Howard. Trice lands another nice kick to the body and Trice is looking to connect with that overhand right. It looks like Howard has found his distance briefly as he starts to connect with some striking of his own Trice connects again as the round ends. 10-9 Trice.
Round 2: Trice comes out in the second looking for a home for that overhand again. Trice connects with some strikes coming forward and briefly puts Howard on the cage. Miragliotta stops the action briefly for an eye poke to the eye of Trice. Miragliotta takes a point from Howard for the poke. Trice continues to stalk Howard around the cage looking for bombs. Trice uses another overhand to set up a takedown attempt but Howard fights hit back off the cage and lands an uppercut off the break. Howard finally lands a combination but he looks tired and it doesn't have a lot behind it. I score that round even with the point deduction. 9-9
Round 3: Fighters exchange combinations to start the round and Trice gets the best early but Howard pours it on looking to finish the fight with strikes before Trice clinches to avoid further damage. Both men recover and return and return to striking distance and Trice lands an overhand right that sits Howard down Howard works back to his feet and Trice sets him back down with more heavy bombs. Trice looks to finish from the back as Howard somehow returns to his feet. Trice pressures Howard to the cage and they trade some dirty boxing  and Howard is landing heavy now. Howard lands a kick in the closing seconds but it doesn't look like it is enough. 10-9 Trice.
Decision: Jarod Trice defeats Walter howard by Majority Decision (28-28, 29-27x2)

Regivaldo Carvalho 4-2 (145) v. Tom English 6-8 (146)
Round 1: Kevin MacDonald starts the action in this one and it is over just as quick as it starts. Regivaldo concerts on the opening exchange with a violent right that knocks English to the mat, Carvalho follows with another right that isn’t really needed as Kevin MacDonald dives in to save English.
Decision: Regivaldo Carvalho Knocks out Tom English at 17 seconds of the opening round.

Michael Kimbel Debut (135.75) v. Geoffrey Then 1-1 (135)
Round 1: Kimbel comes forward early with a kick and some ill fated overhands that backs up Then. Kimbel lands a huge right hand to the temple that drops Then. Then tries to recover by grabbing Kimbel’s arm but Kimbel slams him on his head and follows up with five hammerfists from the finish!
Decision: Michael Kimbel Knocks out Geoffrey Then at 1:03 of the first round.

Ross Richardson Debut (155.5) v. Ronie Arana Leon Debut (156)
Round 1: Ross gets a quick take down and is working hard from the top. Richardson is landing some nice elbows from the top. Richardson is so far controlling the grappling game as he is keeping Leon close on the ground and no allowing him to work a submission game. Richardson creates some space and lands some shots before returning to Leon’s guard and he lands some elbows as the round closes. 10-9 Leon.
Round 2: Ross comes out in round 2 and looks to throw some hands a connects on a few. Ross looks for the takedown and Ronie tries to grab the guillotine before he is slammed to the mat. Ross gets full mount and Ronie gives up his back as Ross lands some damaging elbows for the stoppage.
Decision: Ross Richardson defeats Ronie Leon by TKO at for the second round.

Main Card Live on Paramount Network 9 pm:

Ty-wan Claxton 1-0 (145) v. Jose Antonio Perez 0-1 (142)
Round 1: Tywan comes out very active in his stance but it’s Perez that throws first with a front kick that’s blocked by Claxton. Claxton comes forward and initiates contact but Jose shoves him aside. Claxton lands a big powerful double leg takedown and is working from half guard. Perez looks active off his back but Claxton is landing elbows from top control. The elbows of Claxton continue to batter the face of Perez as he tries to shrimp out the backdoor. Claxton postures up and lands yet another set of elbows that connect to the head of Perez. Claxton remains in top control as the round ends. Claxton 10-8.  
Round 2: Perez comes out with kicks to keep the dangerous Claxton at distance but Claxton continues to be the aggressor and takes Perez down again. Claxton repeats his game from the first round raining down elbows from half guard. Claxton turns to the fists now and Perez is covering up Keith Peterson has seen enough and stops the contest.

Decision: Ty-wan Claxton defeats Jose Perez by TKO at 3:39 of round number two.

Liam McGeary 12-2 (203.75) v. Vadim Nemkov 8-2 (205)
Round 1: Liam comes out with a front kick to get us started as he looks to strike with Nemkov. Nemkov lands a counter and an uppercut that draws some steam from the crowd. Nemkov looks to put on some pressure but McGeary connects with a knee ans a nice counter shot. These guys are trading combinations here in the early going. Nemkov looks comfortable trading with Liam as he lands a couple sharp leg kicks that stumble McGeary. Nemkov is chopping down the front leg of Liam and goes for a takedown as the round ends. 10-9 Nemkov.
Round 2: Nemkov gets off a glancing headkick to open up round 2 before landing a combination that stuns McGeary. Nemkov takes Liam down and Liam looks for a triangle from the bottom before they both stand again. Nemkov lands a nice overhand rights as they get back to their feet as he has shown he is the superior striker. Nemkov continues to back Laim down with a series of low kicks and well timed jabs. Liam is limping hard on his left leg on his way back to his corner as the round ends. 10-9 Nemkov.
Round 3: Nemkov comes right back for the lead leg of McGeary as he cannot put pressure on his front leg as Nemkov backs him down and chops that lead leg. Liam goes to the ground and Nemkov continues to kick that leg as Liam hopes to coax him to the mat. They return to the feet and Nemkov takes another bite out of that lead left leg. Liam kicks with the left and falls to the canvas in pain. Nemkov lets him back up. Nemkov lands more leg kicks and Liam has all he can do to stay standing. This fight could be stopped due to these leg kicks. And just like that one final lower leg kick lands and Liam hobbles to the ground as Miragliotta stops the fight.
Decision:  Vadim Nemkov defeats Liam McGeary by TKO due to leg kicks at 4:02 of the third round.

Vadim Nemkov has a huge hemotoma on his left foot after all of those leg kicks but it was in winning fashion as he stops the former Light-Heavyweight Champion McGeary.

Heather Hardy 1-1 (126) v. Ana Julaton 2-3 (125)
Women’s Flyweight
Round 1: Kevin MacDonald is the ref as these Flyweights throw down. Heather lands first and Ana clinches Heather against the cage looking for the takedown. Heather tries to grab a guillotine but comes up empty as Ana presses her against the cage. Now Heather grabs a guillotine and its a little tighter than her first attempt but not deep enough to finish. Heather lands a knee and then takes Ana down with a trip and lands some ground and pound before looking for a choke from the back as the round ends. 10-9 Hardy.
Round 2: Both girls come out throwing in round 2 and Hardy looks to be landing with more volume. Ana takes Heather down and has top position, Hardy however lands some strikes from the bottom before scrambling to the top. Hardy rains down ground and pound as Ana looks to pull Heather back to the mat. Heather gets Julaton’s back and again looks for a choke. Ana escapes and gains top position as Hardy looks for the Arm bar and the round ends. 10-9 Hardy.
Round 3: Hardy back down Julaton as round three gets underway. Both fighters clinch and Ana lands some strikes from inside the clinch as she has Heather against the cage. MacDonald separates the fighters and Julaton throws a headkick as the action starts back up. They clinch again and once again Kevin breaks them up. After the reset both fighters throw strikes but none land soundly. Ana Julaton clinches up again and puts Hardy back on the cage. Kevin resets the action again due to lack of work and the two return to the center with just 30 seconds left. Heather lands the throw as the final bell rings. 10-9 Julaton.

Decision: Heather Hardy defeats Ana Julaton via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Patricky Pitbull 18-8 (155) v. Derek Campos 19-6 (154)
Round 1: Campos opens up establishing the center of the cage and he is the first to come forward throwing a couple jabs. Patricky lands but is countered by Campos. Campos lands a leg kick and it is answered by a sharp legkick from Pitbull. Pitbull lands a huge lefthand that rocks Campos, Campos gets back up just in time to answer shots from Pitbull as Pitbull lands consecutive right upper cuts that cut down Derek Campos and Kevin MacDonald has seen enough.

Decision: Patricky Pitbull TKO’s Derek Campos at 2:23 of the first round.

Matt Mitrione 12-5 (255) v. Roy Nelson 23-14 (265)
Round 1: Here We Go! Roy comes forward with the overhand left and goes for a takedown, Matt stuffs and lands some shots on the break. Roy goes for another takedown and is taking shots from Mitrione. Roy mixes in an overhand right of his own and Mitrions lands some leg kicks. Mitrione throws a headkick followed with a clean uppercut and Mitrione is testing the iron chin of Nelson. Roy has had enough and goes for the takedown. Roy eventually and is in Matt’s half guard, trying to step over to side control and he does. Mitrione regains half guard and Roy lands a downward strike as the first round ends. 10-9 Mitrione.
Round 2: Matt comes forward with jabs and a leg kick, Roy answers by swinging for the fences. Roy goes for the takedown and Mitrione lands a leg kick that deturs the takedown. Matt is working the leg kicks and keeping Roy honest and creating a welt on the left knee of Nelson. Mitrione connects on an uppercut that opens up a cut above Roy’s eye. Matt follows a leg kick with a headkick and Mitrione looks to be the better striker here tonight. Roy comes forward for the takedown and slams Matt with a big double leg and falls into side control. Roy lands some ground strikes before the bell rings. Close round but I have it 10-9 Mitrione.
Round 3: Matt connects early in the third but Roy comes forward again with overhands looking for the takedown. Matt stuffs the takedown attempt  and they return to striking range where both men land. Nelson gets in deep again on another double leg and takes down Mitrione with three minutes left. Roy is in half guard landing body shots. Roy traps the right arm of Mitrione and is landing heavy ground and pound to the face of Mitrione. Roy fishes for the Americana and MAtt uses it to sweep and get to his feet before Roy takes him back down. Roy is landing heavy ground strikes as the round ends. 10-9 Nelson.

Decision: Matt Mitrione defeats Roy Nelson by Majority Decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28) Wow what a fight!