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April 14, 2018


165 AM Eddy George (0-1, FAA CT) vs Ismail Boutaleb (0-0, Florian BJJ)

Boutaleb wins split decision.

120 AM Sam Stewart (0-0, Savery BJJ) vs Sean Costello (0-1, SSSF)

Stewart via Rd 1 RNC 2:58.

150 AM Stavros Batsinelas (2-1, Redline) vs Aaron Hughes (1-3, Regiment Training)

Hughes 1sr round tko via ref stoppage upon doctor's recomendation.

160 AM John Clarke (0-0, BST MMA) vs Lukas Stavropoulos (1-2, Indy)

Clark unanimous decision.

190 AM Floran Kacaku (1-2, Redline) vs Brian Harrington (2-0, SSSF)

Harrington wins unanimous decision.

155 AM Dion Rubio (1-0, TriForce) vs Jurrell Laronal (2-1, Trifecta)

Dion Rubio via 2:07 2nd round RNC

170 PRO Montoyia Swilling (0-10, God’s Team) vs Antoine Caparotta (0-0, SSSF)

Antoine was on top and dominating when the time keeper err'd and stopped the first round at three minutes.

Swilling is unable to continue after Round 2, winner Caparotta.

140 PRO Shawn Rall (2-1, Egular vs Jay Perrin (5-3, Sityodtong)

Jay Perrin via 2:56 2nd round RNC

170 PRO Keenan Raymond( 3-5 )vs Zach DiSabatino (2-0, SSSF)

Zach DiSabatino 1st round tko via ref stoppage. Keenan Raymond injures his leg.

125 AM TITLE John Lessard (3-2 Redline) vs. Mitch Raposo (4-0 Regiment)

Mitch Raposo becomes the Cage Titans Amateur Flyweight title holder via unanimous decision.

135 AM TITLE Will Smith (4-1 BST MMA) vs. Jacobo Apito (4-2 Redline)

Jacobo Apito Amateur Bantamweight Champion via unanimous decision

170 AM TITLE Marty Navis (3-2 Lauzon) vs. Trevor Gudde (4-0 Florian)

Trevor Gudde Amateur Lightweight Champion via Unanimous decision

145 PRO Stacy Anderson (0-3 Wild Card Boxing) vs. Jeff Perez (2-0 SBG East)

Jeff Perez via 1:34 1st round RNC

115 PRO Mefi Monterosso (4-1 AKA) vs. Dan Cormier (6-8 Triforce)

Mefi Monterosso via unanimous decision

135 PRO Seth Basler (3-7 SI Fight Club) vs. Johnny Campbell (15-9 SSSF)

Johnny Campbell via 1:19 1st round Triangle

155 PRO Daniel Matos (1-3 Gracie Tampa) vs. Don Shainis (3-1 Redline)

Daniel Matos via unanimous decision

155 PRO Jay Ellis (25-38 Knockout) vs. Peter Barrett (8-2 Sityodtong)

Peter Barrett via :52 1st round RNC

155 PRO TITLE Dan Dubuque (5-2 Golden Falcon) vs. Jimmy Manning (5-0 SSSF)

Dan Dubuque via first round TKO