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April 25, 2018


Open meeting of the MSAC Medical Advisory Board
1000 Washington Street, Boston, MA
Friday 4/20/2018 1pm EST

Agenda topics of note:
Item 3 - Revision of draft document title to better reflect the document's purpose. The Amateur Fighter Informed Consent Medical Waiver is undisclosed to the general public until the M.A.B. submits it to the M.S.A.C. for executive action.  That meeting will be held on May 21st at Springfield Technical Community College prior to a "Listening Session" for public comments regarding the current Unarmed Combat Rules and Regulations.

There is a fair amount of debate on an unrelated topic not listed on the agenda.  The ringside physicians discuss data collection concerns for a voluntary study they're conducting without official documentation.  The study is not clearly defined or organized and the Chair halts further discussion until DPL legal counsel can issue guidance on how to proceed.  Very interesting though and worth watching if you are a fighter, corner, coach, or state official.

Finally an announcement is made about three upcoming "listening sessions" hosted in Boston on May 1st / Springfield May 21st / and again in Boston May 25th.  The sessions are for the general public although it is hoped that all licensees (fighters/trainers/seconds/deputy commissioners/commissioners/ringside physicians) will attend and give the board members the critical feedback they need and deserve to better regulate the sport.

Special thanks to Joe Leonard for sharing this with us and taking the time to do all the video/audio work.  Thanks bud!