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June 30, 2018

Cage Titans 39 Barrett vs. Barry Live Play by Play

Cage Titans 39 Live Play By Play 

Travis Lizotte

The Full Contact Writer Train has arrived here at Pinz in Kingston, Massachusetts we ran a solo mission down 95 South from Dover, New Hampshire on this "beautiful" 95 degree New England day to be here and there is no place I would rather be tonight than cage side here at Cage Titans 39. Fights are scheduled to start at 6:30 pm local time and we will have your up to the minute coverage as we see it here at Cage Titans 39. It is worth noting that one fight has changed from our Preview released yesterday; Welterweight Ryan Dunn had issues making weight yesterday and was forced to pull out of his Amateur bout with Xavier Cardona. In true fighter fashion Featherweight Aaron Hughes of Team Regiment Training Center stepped up just 2 hours before weigh ins and took the fight on just over 24 hours notice to help save this bout. Aaron Hughes deserves an immense amount of respect for taking this fight on such short notice and at two weight classes above his normal competition weight. Hats Off Aaron!
Fighters and fight fans follow this article throughout the night and share on all social media outlets, to get your live up to the minute results of eight great fights going down here from Pinz in Kingston!

140 AM Jeff Joy (0-0, Juniko) vs Tony Vivieros (New England Combat) 

Round 1: Fighters trade blows to start the contest then they scramble and Jeff has a guillotine and takes Tony to the mat. Jeff transitions to the back and flattens Tony out, Tony attempts to roll out to no avail as Jeff Joy sinks in a deep rear naked choke for the tap. 

Decision: Jeff Joy defeats Tony Vivieros at 1:03 of the very first round by Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Jeff Joy opens Cage Titans 39 with a first round Submission of Tony Vivieros.

135 AM Felipe Barbosa (0-0, Savery BJJ) vs Mike MacNeil (0-0, SSSF)

Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and Mike takes the center of the cage, both fighters uncork some flashy kicks but they don't land. Mike finally lands the first kick and back Felipe into the cage. Felipe turns but is immediately turns back to the cage as the fights clinch for position on the fence. Felipe uses a guillotine to roll out but is quickly put back on the cage by Mike. MacNeil is swinging as they break before the round ends. 10-9 MacNeil.
Round 2: MacNeil comes out for round two with come spinning attemts but its Felipe that connects first and gets the crowds attention. Felipe lands again as it appears he has finally found his range. Felipe whiffs on a kick and falls to the canvas where Mike dives into the guard and it's MacNeil working from the top position. MacNeil doesn't do much damage from the top but ends the round in the top position. 10-9 Barbosa close round but MacNiel gained top position on a trip.
Round 3: Felipe comes out throwing front kicks and Mike comes forward and finally gets the takedown he has been looking for for three rounds. Mike works to side control as he has Felipe against the cage. Felipe goes for high guard and Mike goes from North South to side control on the opposite side. Felipe scrambles to his feet and is working from the back of MacNeil. Mike spins out of the seatbelt and presses Barbosa to the cage. They return to the center of the cage as the fight ends. 10-9 MacNeil.
Decision: Mike MacNeil defeats Felipe Barbosa by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Mike MacNeil defeats Felipe Barbosa by Unanimous Decision.

Finally got to meet one of the OG's here cage side as I just received a visit from Joe Leonard between fights! Joe thank you for all your support over the years!

165 AM Aaron Hughes (2-3, Regiment) vs Xavier Cardona (0-0, Lakeville)

Round 1: Cardona takes the center of the cage and Aaron greets him with a vicious right hand that knocks Cardona out, Aaron follows Xavier to the mat but its already over! 

Decision: Aaron Hughes Knocksout Xavier Cardona at :07 seconds of round number 1.

Aaron Hughes celebrates his 7 second Knockout of Xavier Cardona.

170 AM Jay Helger (2-2, Savery BJJ) vs Manu Delerme (0-2, Golden Falcon)

Round 1: Jay starts out with some faints and Manu misses a superman punch and is taken down by Jay. Jay is doing some serious work from Manu's guard as he looks to improve position. Manu turns his back to get up and Jay jumps on his back but Manu is able to stand and then take Jay to the mat with a hip toss. Jay sweeps and gains top position once again and looks to creates space to strike as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Helger. 
Round 2: Manu starts the round with a body kick and Jay looks to clinch again. Jay gains the takedown directly in his corner as he looks to his coaches for instructions. Jay buries his head and Manu grabs his neck and sinks in a tirangle choke to get the tap.

Decision: Manu Delerme defeats Jay Helger at 1:07 of round number two by submission Triangle Choke.

Manu Delerme returns to his corner after notching his first Amateur victory at the hands of Jay Helger.

Michael Polvere announces that Johnny "Cupcakes" Campbell will defend his 135 pound title at Cage Titans 40 against Jay Perrin August 18th at Plymouth Memorial Hall.

145 PRO Stacey Anderson (0-4 Wild Card Boxing) vs. Randy Costa  (0-0 Lauzon)

Round 1: Randy Lands a jab and low kick to start the contest and Stacey lands a low leg kick and goes in for the takedown. Randy returns to his feet and backs Stacey down to the fence and unloads a barrage of strikes includung a left uppercut that buckles the knees of Anderson and the gets the stoppage via TKO! The crowd goes nuts for the hometown Randy Costa!

Decision: Randy Costa Defeats Stacey Anderson by TKO at 46 seconds of round number 1!

Randy Costa climbs the cage wall in celebration of his first Professional victory!

135 AM Brett Layton (0-0, Savery BJJ) vs Shane Dougherty (1-0, USMMA)

Round 1: Brett comes straight across the cage and gets the take down and has Shane in side control in the center of the cage. Shane pushes Brett off and returns to his feet. Brett tries another takedown and is stuffed and Shane puts Brett on the cage. Brett circles out and takes Shane to the mat once again. Brett once again gets side control and lands some ground and pound before before returning to guard. Shane traps an arm and then wraps Brett up in a triangle as the round ends. Close round 10-9 Dougherty.
Round 2: Shane comes out jabbing and Brett goes for the takedown once again and lands it Brett ends up on top but Shane is being extremely busy from the bottom. Brett scrambles to full mount at one point but Shane gets back to his feet only to be taken down once again. Shane once again works for the triangle from his back and is landing some strikes to the face of Layton. Shane uses his position to roll to the top and land ground and pound as the round ends. Another close one 10-9 Dougherty.
Round 3: Shane comes out swinging and coming forward as Brett lands yet another takedown, but it has been Shane who has been the active fighter from this position all fight. Shane grabs and arm and is looking for an armbar as Brett tries to stack Shane and they return to Shane's guard which Brett ends up passing. Shane attempts to stand briefly but his pulled back down to the mat where Dougherty is saved by the bell from a head and arm choke. 10-9 Layton.
Decision: Shane Dougherty defeats Brett Layton by split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

Shane Dougherty and Brett Layton roll to a split decision in a three round war.

This Show is in Andy Kurzontkowski's hands....not sure how we feel about this! Respect to the voice of Cage Titans.

Andy's right hand man as always; "The Milford Mauler" Richie Santiago!

155 PRO Jay Ellis (15-77 Knockout) vs. Zach DiSabatino (3-0 SSSF)

Round 1: Jat comes out jabbing and lands an inside leg kick and follows with a low leg kick . Jay then presses Zach against the cage and looks for the takedown. Ellis lands a trip and gains top control but Zach escapes and gets top position. Ellis gives up his back and leaves his neck out there, Zach sinks the forearm under Jay's chin and gets the Rear Naked Choke for the tap.

Decision: Zach DiSabatino defeats Jay Ellis at 1:34 of round one by Rear Naked Choke Submission.

Zach DiSabatino defeats Jay Ellis by first round submission Rear Naked Choke.

155 PRO Connor Barry (4-2 Redline) vs. Peter Barrett (9-2, Sityodtong/Juniko)

Round 1: Barrett establish the center early but Conner comes across with strikes and pushes Peter to the cage and Peter turns. Barrett lands the throw and lands on top but Conner gets right back up and presses Peter to the cage. Conner is landing some knees from the clinch but Barrett is able to turn the action and they split. Conner just misses on a high kick and Conner returns fire. Barrett misses a spinning back fist and Conner falls on top of Barrett. Peter reverses and gets top position and Conner grabs and arm and puts his hips into it and Peter screams for the verbal tap.  

Decision: Conner Barry defeats Peter Barrett at 2:57 of round 1 by verbal tapout due to an Armbar.

Conner "Bare Knuckle" Barry defeats "Slippery" Pete Barrett by first round Armbar in the main event here at Cage Titans 39!