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August 22, 2018

Cage Titans 40: The Fallout with Photos and Results

Cage Titans 40: The Fallout

Travis Lizotte

As a massive late summer Thunderstorm hit Plymouth Rock on Saturday evening, the real noise around Plymouth was coming from inside the Memorial Hall where Michael Polvere's unveiled the latest installment of Cage Titans. Fifteen fights lined the docket for the evening; including five title fights as well as six professional bouts all leading up to the main event as Cage Titans' Bantamweight Champion Johnny "Cupcakes" Campbell would look to defend his belt against Jay Perrin. The Memorial Hall was packed floor to ceiling with fans in full throat as the bells sounded on Cage Titans 40! Follow me as I breakdown this fight card as I witnessed it from my seat; cageside:

Billy Goff (fell to 4-2) v. Sanad Armouti (improved to 2-0)
Amateur Welterweight

Sanad Armouti is very active throughout the first round, constantly throwing up submission attempts in efforts to end this fight early. Armouti sinks in a deep triangle as the horn sounds to end the first round, Goff gets up to his feet as the referee separates the two fighters, Goff is still clearly dazed and returns to the wrong corner and it is soon evident that Goff is out on his feet as referee Steve Rita calls a stop to this contest due to a technical submission (triangle choke) at 3:00 of the first round. 
This finish looked eerily similar to Goff's first loss at Cage Titans 36 to Dion Rubio, Rubio held Goff in a Guillotine at the end of the first round in their bout and before the referee could separate the two fighters for the end of the first round Goff ended up going out, a submission that I had witnessed from cage side, I thought at the time that Rubio had held the submission for several seconds before being pulled off Goff, no fault to Rubio who was fighting until he was separated but it was tough luck for Goff who was clearly (to me) still awake at the end of the round. Either way, this makes for Goff's second tough submission loss under the Cage Titan's banner as he continues to look for his first Cage Titans victory.

Decision : Sanad Armouti defeats Billy Goff due to Technical Submission (Triangle Choke) at 3:00 of round number 1. 

Jaimeir Smith (fell to 0-2) v. Arthur Mpofu (improved to 1-0)  
Amateur Bantamweight

This fight looked like it was going to be all Arthur Mpofu early as Smith's striking looked like it was little match for Mpofu's grappling game, However, Smith answered the bell in the third with a sense of urgency as he was able to land some right hands to the surging Mpofu quite possibly stealing the third round, but it was the finish that Smith needed in order to get his hand raised.

My Scorecard: 29-27 (10-9, 10-8, 9-10) Mpofu

Decision: Arthur Mpofu defeats Jaimeir Smith by Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-28).

Diego Juarez (fell to 0-1) v. Bill Vey (improved to 1-0)
Amateur Heavyweight

Bill Vey comes out of his corner looking for the kill early, landing heavy shots on the feet before manhandling Juarez to the ground where he sinks in a deep Guillotine for the tap.

Decision: Bill Vey defeats Diego Juarez by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:13 of round number 1.

Ariel Nunez (improved to 1-0) v. Nick Smith (fell to 0-1)
Amateur Light-Heavyweight

Smith looked like he was well on his way to victory in this fight, dominating the first ten minutes of this Amateur contest, maintaining top control and landing some heavy ground and pound into the third round. Nunez, who hung tough throughout the entire fight, used a last second sweep to gain position on Smith and sunk in a Rear Naked Choke in the waining minutes of the fight to end the night for the aggressor Smith.

Decision: Ariel Nunez defeats Nick Smith by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:46 of round number 3. 
My Scorecard had Smith up 20-17 going into round three.

Peter Hailer (improved to 1-0) v. Pat Crowley (fell to 1-2)
Amateur Middleweight

This fight started out with a very close first round with Crowley landing some nice strikes and Hailer controlling the grappling exchanges, I had Crowley doing the majority of the damage in round one but it was close none the less. Hailer came out in the second like a house on fire, and used his Wrestling to put Crowley on the ground and keep him there, landing some heavy ground and pound. With just three seconds left in the second round and Hailer landing some nasty shots from the top, Crowley submitted to the punishment.

Decision: Peter Hailer defeats Pat Crowley by Verbal Submission (Ground and Pound) at 2:57 of round number 2.

John Adams (fell to 0-3) v. Zach Disabatino (improved to 5-0)
Professional Lightweight

This fight was all Disabatino from the word "go," Zach showed quickly that he was the stronger more powerful man in that cage dragging Adams to the ground and landing vicious unanswered strikes to warrent the referee's stoppage.

Decision: Zach Disabatino defeats John Adams by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) at 1:48 of round number 1.

Kenny Champion (improved to 4-3) v. Aaron Hughes (fell to 3-4)
Vacant Amateur Featherweight Title

Champion looked like he was bound for glory from the opening bell, out striking and out grappling Hughes. Aaron showed some flashes in the first round, landing a few overhands that got the attention of Champion but nothing causing too much damage. Both fighters showed overwhelming heart over five grueling rounds as a last ditch submission attempt came up too little too late for Hughes.

My Scorecard: 49-46 Champion (10-9 x4, 9-10)

Decision: Kenny Champion defeats Aaron Hughes by Unanimous Decision (50-45 x 3) to become the new Cage Titans Amateur Featherweight Champion.

Challenger Neil Von Flatern (fell to 4-2) v. Champion Trevor Gudde (improved to 6-0)
Amateur Welterweight Title

Gudde's 6 foot seven inch frame proved too much to handle for Von Flatern as Gudde landed strikes at will on the feet before getting the fight to the canvas where Gudde put his submission skills on display as this fight looked to be Gudde's to lose from the opening bell.

Decision: Trevor Gudde defeats Neil Von Flatern by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:15 of round number 1 to retain his Cage Titans Amateur Welterweight belt.

Challenger Will Graustuck (fell to 2-3) v. Champion Mitch Raposo (improved to 5-0)
Amateur Flyweight Title

Mitch Raposo looked like he was in Championship form Saturday night as he dominated this five round fight from opening bell to the closing horn, dominating Graustuck both on the feet and more decisively on the ground as Raposo cruised to yet another dominant decision.

My Scorecard: 50-44 Raposo (10-9, 10-9, 10-8, 10-9, 10-9)

Decision: Mitch Raposo defeats Will Graustuck by Unanimous decision (50-45, 50-44, 50-45) to retain his Cage Titans Amateur Flyweight Title.

Challenger Matt Bienia (improved to 6-1) v. Champion Chris O'Brien (fell to 4-1)
Amateur Lightweight Title

This was a fight that drew amazing amounts of hype on social media leading up to the bout between fighters from Western Massachusetts (Bienia) and Eastern Massachusetts (O'Brien). Both fighters are very particular with their crafts, Bienia a grappling and submission specialist was able to use his Wrestling base to nullify the heavyhanded striking of the Champion O'Brien. When O'Brien is on his game he has some of the heaviest hands in the area, but O'Brien found himself in a constant fight to gain distance that never really presented itself. Bienia forced Chris to fight off his back foot, often with his back against the cage as this fight turned out to be all Bienia as the clash of styles swayed in the favor of the Grappler, in this five round war.

My Scorecard: 50-45 Bienia

Decision: Matt Bienia defeats Chris O'Brien by Unanimous Decision (50-45 x 3) to become the NEW Cage Titans Amateur Lightweight Champion!

Kenny Lewis (fell to 0-1) v. Randy Costa (improved to 2-0)
Professional Bantamweight

The bell sounds and Randy walks down Lewis and Unleashes a NASTY headkick that stops Lewis cold in his tracks! This fight was crazy, first of all Randy Costa has some of the loudest fans in New England and they came out in droves to support their fighter Saturday night, secondly once Kenny Lewis woke up (from being knocked out) and saw the replay of the headkick that has just cost him his professional debut; Smith was just as excited as the fans to see himself become part of a highlight reel knockout. Lewis left the cage in great spirits even screaming in excitement as he left the cage, it is evident that Lewis is a big fan of the fight game, and now may even be a fan of Randy Costa!

Decision: Randy Costa defeats Kenny Lewis by Knockout (Headkick) at :11 seconds of round number 1.

Trisha Cicero (fell to 1-3) v. Kylie O'Hearn (improved to 1-0)
Women's Professional Flyweight

Kylie O'Hearn showed exactly why she is the most highly anticipated Women's prospect in the region as she used a damaging mix of striking and grappling to dismantle the tough American Top Team product Trisha Cicero. O'Hearn looked every bit the petrifying killer that she has become known as, as she took the fight to the veteran Cicero and dragged her into deep waters where Cicero could take no more punishment giving up her back and becoming Kylie's first victim amongst the professional ranks! The Hype is real New England MMA fans, at just 21 years old with a great set of skills and a great team behind her; Kylie O'Hearn is a name to keep an eye on here in the very near future. It would be no surprise to see Kylie getting calls from both Invicta and Bellator, although Michael Polvere will be doing his best to market this girl and make sure she stays with the Cage Titans promotion for the foreseeable future!

Decision: Kylie O'Hearn defeats Trisha Cicero by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:16 of round number 2.

Vanessa Grimes (fell to 1-3) v. Danielle Hindley (improved to 3-0)
Women's Professional Strawweight

Danielle showed us why she is one of the top Strawweights in the region as she absolutely dominated Grimes from the opening bell Satruday, leaving little question as to who the better fighter was in the professional matchup. Danielle kept right on course, as she earned her third professional victory, all by first round submission. Hindley is going to be an exciting prospect to watch over the coming months and years. I look for her to take a big step up in competition very soon as she continues her case for top prospect status in the Women's Strawweight division here in New England.

Decision: Danielle Hindley defeats Vanessa Grimes by Submission (Armbar) at 4:36 of round number 1.

Seth Basler (fell to 3-9) v. Jeff Perez (improved to 4-0)
Professional Featherweight

In a fight that seemed to be more competitive on stage at the weigh ins, the charismatic Basler let his emotions, as well a a talented Jeff Perez get the best of him as Perez dominated this fight on his way to a quick finish of the trash talking Basler! Basler was aggressive at weigh ins pushing Perez on stage and having to be restrained by officials, but when the bell rang it was Perez who did the pushing, it was also Perez who got his hand raised!

Decision: Jeff Perez defeats Seth Basler by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:35 of round number 1.

Challenger Jay Perrin (improved to 7-3) v. Champion Johnny Campbell (fell to 16-10)
Professional Bantamweight Title

When this fight was announced at Cage Titans 39 in June, Perrin's criticism of Campbell was the; he had not fought the toughest fighters in the division and that he (Perrin) was going to be the Champ's toughest task to date. Campbell who is usually the quiet type, decided to let his skills do most of the talking, citing his work ethic and training partners (at South Shore Sportfighting) that make him one of the most prepared fighters in all of New England. As it turned out, Perrin's criticism of Campbell was correct, and it was Perrin who proved to be the tougher fighter across five grueling rounds of Championship action. Perrin kept to a perfect game plan of putting pressure on the Champion, never allowing Campbell to mount any sort of offense to speak of. Perrin took control of the fight early and kept the control throughout all five rounds, clinching and wrestling his way to a dominant decision over the savvy veteran in Johnny "Cupcakes" Campbell. I have always been a fan of Perrin but have never seen him look quite this dominant, and against a tough opponent like Cupcakes...Bantamweight challengers proceed with caution as Jay Perrin looks like he is just starting to hit his stride as one of the regions toughest outs at 135!

My Scorecard: 50-45 Perrin.

Decision: Jay Perrin defeats Johnny Campbell by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46) to become the NEW Cage Titans Bantamweight Champion!

And there you have it, a look at Cage Titans 40, the way I saw it from my seat cageside and along side my friends (and Cage Titans commentators) Andy Kurzontkowski and Richie Santiago!