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September 21, 2018


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We arrived at Combat Zone after hitting a few extra minutes of traffic.  We quickly found our way through the hotel and found our seats by the cage.  Combat Zone has the cage and lights all set up and the fight fans are relaxing and getting ready for the fights to start.  Screens are around the room to guarantee no one will miss the action and for replays.  The hotel is really nice if you have never been here and there are bars and restaurants inside to enjoy before and after the fights.  Combat Zone only lost 2 fights so there are 13 fights total.  There are 5 pro fights on the card which and they should all be good ones.  John Vena is the announcer and the judges are Lars Borssen, Shawn Flanagan and Mike Cordeiro.  The refs are Alan Lau, Steve Rita and John English.  The national anthem has been sung and now Combat Zone is showing an awesome highlight reel video made by Scott Millette.  Please follow along while I do my best at keeping up with the action for you all.

145 AM KICK Dave Deluca (0-0) Bareknuckle BJJ vs. Isaiah Longs (0-0) FAA

Both of these fighters look very comfortable in the cage.  The fight is pretty even so far.  Isaiah looks to be warming up now and has two knockdowns.

Longs 10-9

Rd 2:  They are both going at it in a fast pace.  Dave has his hands down and is taking a beating.  I will tell you this, Dave Deluca can definitely take some shots.

Longs 10-8

Rd 3:  Isaiah continues to win the round with combos and the ref has seen enough.

Isaiah Longs defeats Dave Deluca via tko stoppage to strikes at 53 seconds in Rd 3.

135 AM KICK Dan Ward (0-2) Spero's MMA vs. Stephen Trimino (1-1) Burgess

Both fighters are working their kicks.  Stephen seems to be getting the cleaner shots in this round.

Trimino 10-9

Rd 2:  Stephen again seems to be getting the better of the exchange.  Dan did get some good leg kicks at the end of the round.

Trimino 10-9

Rd 3:  Dan is getting in his jabs and Stephen counters back with a hard right.  Ward continues to work his jab as Trimino counters.

Ward 10-9

Stephen Trimino defeats Dan Ward via unanimous decision.

150 AM KICK Justin Brookings (2-0) NETT vs. Kyle Adams (0-0) Start BJJ

Justin starts us off with a hard kick to the side. Kyle fires right back.  Kyle looks very comfortable out there.  He sweeps the leg and knocks Justin to the mat.  He does it once again and the crowd erupts.  Justin stands back up and gets in a kick to the body.  What a first round!!

Adams 10-9

Rd 2:  Right back where we left off.   You can hear the kicks as these guys are kicking each other hard with intention.  Kyle is getting the better of the kicks in.  Justin gets in an outside leg kick.  Justin gets in a good inside kick that drops Kyle to a knee right before the round ends.

Adams 10-9

Rd 3:  Kyle gets in a kick that drops Justin.  Man what a fight!!  They are both going at it!  The 10 second bell sounds and they are both kicking away.

Adams 10-9

Kyle Adams defeats Justin Brookings via unanimous decision.

135 AM KICK Chrystal Gaud (0-0) Spero's MMA vs. Alyssa Marini (1-0) NETT/Team Woo

Alyssa is working her combos.  Chrystal gets in a power right.  Chrystal rushes forward twice with some combos that backs up Alyssa.

Rd 2:  Alyssa is getting the better of the exchange early on.  The crowd is roaring.  She has Chrystal backing up.

Rd 3:  Alyssa is working her combos and getting the better of the exchange.  Chrystal is doing a good job at countering.

Alyssa Marini defeats Chrystal Gaud via unanimous decision.

190 AM MMA Spencer Payne (0-0) Ginsberg BJJ vs. Caynen Wills (0-1) High Speed Defense

Spencer takes Caynen down and is getting in punches to the head as Caynen is trying to stand up.  Caynen does get back up they break.  Little bit of dirty boxing and Spencer punches his way out.  Spencer gets another double leg takedown and passes to full mount.  Caynen gives up his back and turns to his side.  Spencer runs out of time.

Payne 10-9

Rd 2:  Payne gets the takedown and is right in full mount.  Payne works a quick rear naked choke for the tap.

Spencer Payne defeats Caynen Wills via tapout to rear naked choke at 43 seconds in Rd 2.

120 AM MMA Jack Stapleton (0-0) Trifecta vs. Josh Welch (0-0) Bareknuckle BJJ

Jack gets in a few kicks.  Jack grabs his leg has it hooked.  Josh stomps down and ref stops them for a minute to warn Josh.  Jack takes Josh down and works a fast knee bar for the tap.

Jack Stapleton defeats Josh Welch via tapout to kneebar at 1:19 in Round 1.

138 AM MMA Tom Pagliarulo (1-1) Spero's MMA vs. Edmund Linscott (0-0) IND

Tom gets the takedown and passes to full mount.  He gets in some heavy ground and pound and gets the stoppage.

Tom Pagliarulo defeats Edmund Linscott via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:07 in Rd 1.

145 PRO MMA Andres Rodriguez (1-0) NEMMA vs. Rob Fuller (0-0) Klinch Tribe Kombat

Andres connects with a right that drops Rob.  He finishes him off with a few more punches.

Andres Rodriguez defeats Rob Fuller by ko at 6 seconds in Rd 1.  Not confirmed but I think that is a Combat Zone record.

205 PRO MMA Terrance Jean-Jacques (0-1) Team Link NH vs. Victor Irwin (0-1) Team Panda/Young's

Victor goes for a takedown but is stuffed.  He tries for another takedown and Terrance stuffs it and gets the single leg.  Terrance has Victor's back and Victor stands up.  Terrance gets in a knee to the head.  Terrance is getting in some good ground and pound.  Victor works his way back up and they are in the center.  Victor tries for a takedown and Terrance blocks in and gets in an elbow.

Jean-Jacques 10-9

Rd 2:  Irwin starts us off with a leg kick.  Terrance rips him to the mat and Victor slips out and they are back to their feet.  They are both swinging hard.  Victor connects with a right that has Terrance wobbly.  He is going hard for the finish but Terrance survives.  They are both standing exhausted as the bell sounds.

Irwin 10-9

Rd 3:  Terrance grabs the leg and can't get Victor down.  Terrance gets in a few punches before they break back to the center.  They are both swinging away.  Victor gets in a clean right and Terrance counters.  Terrance goes for the takedown but Victor stuffs it.  What a fight!

Too close to pick that one.

Terrance Jean-Jacques defeats Victor Irwin by unanimous decision.  What a war!

130 PRO MMA Jeff Silva (2-3) Start BJJ vs. Chad Kelly (4-4) Contenders/FAA

They clinch and Rob falls to the mat.  Chad gets in a few punches and they are back to their feet.  Chad gets in a good kick.  Chad grabs Jeff from the back and slams him suplex style.  Jeff is moving fast and Chad is trying to secure the position on the back.  Chad is trying to work an arm triangle but can't get the finish.  They are back to their feet and kicking away.  Chad gets another takedown and has Jeff's back.  Chad is getting in some punches as the round ends.

Kelly 10-9

Rd 2:  They are swinging way and clinch up.  Jeff got in some good punches and Chad gets the takedown.  Chad has his back and Jeff turns into it and is now in guard.  Chad is working a triangle and Jeff gets out and works an armbar for the tap.

Jeff Silva defeats Chad Kelly via tapout to armbar at 3:10 in Rd 2.

150 PRO MMA Rob Best (0-1) Mohawk Valley vs. Brendon Marotte (2-0) Start BJJ

Brendon trips Rob and finishes him off with some ground and pound for the stoppage.

Brendon Marotte defeats Rob Best via tko stoppage to strikes at 26 seconds in Rd 1.

175 PRO MMA Nick Alley (3-3) Team Link Hooksett vs. Jesus Cintron (0-2) Old School Boxing

Jesus goes for a takedown and Nick Alley stuffs it and is making him pay with punches.  Nick rips him to the mat and moves to full mount.  Jesus gets the sweep and Nick gets a triangle for the tap.

Nick Alley defeats Jesus Cintron via tapout to triangle at 1:00 in Rd 1.

170 AM MMA TITLE Duncan Smith (3-2) Evolution Athletix vs. Justin Boraczek (4-1) Spero's MMA

My laptop died but Boraczek won Round 1.

Rd 2:  Duncan goes high with a kick.  He gets Justin to the mat and is in full mount.  Duncan has his arm pinned between his legs and is cranking on it.  He doesnt get the finish yet but he then does a shoulder crank for the tap.

Duncan Smith defeats Justin Boraczek via tapout to kimura at 2:52 in Round 2. He gets the strap!

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Terrance Jean-Jacques and Victor Irwin
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Andres Rodriguez and his 6 second ko
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Jake Stapleton and his kneebah