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November 4, 2018

Cage Titans 41: Giannetti v. Harvey Review

Gianetti vs. Harvey "The Robbery"

Travis Lizotte

We are on site here at Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts for Cage Titans XLI and we will be reporting from cage side as Cage Titans gets underway;
Sergey Boychun (Debut) v. Brian Velasquez (Debut)
Amateur Welterweight

Round 1: Velasquez starts out the fight with a front kick and the fighters clinch and trade. Velazques initiates the clinch on the fence, Boychun turns and Velasquez slams Boychun with a double leg and passes right into side control. Velasquez has dominant position on the ground starting in crucifix and moving to full mount with the ground and pound. 10-9 Velasquez.
Round 2: Velasquez comes out with another front kick followed by a combination that lands to the face of Boychun. Velasquez changes levels and lands the double leg takedown and hops into mount. Boychun gets his guard back but Velasquez is working to pass it. Boychun throws up a triangle attempts but cannot convert and Velasquez remains in top control. Referee stands the action up and Velasquez shoots for another double leg as the round ends. 10-9 Velasquez.
Round 3: Boychun ducks under the opening punch from Velasquez and lands a huge double leg takedown and for the first time Boychun works from the top. Boychun stands and it peppering the legs of Velasquez with kicks as Velasquez keeps his back on the mat. Boychun returns to the ground with Velasquez and looks to pass his guard. Boychun mounts and Velasquez tries to squeak out but Boychun hops back into guard looking to finish. Velasquez attempts a triangle from the bottom as the fight clock expires. 10-9 Boychun.
Decision: Brian Velasquez defeats Sergey Boychun by Unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Zac Lawrence (1-0) v. Jon Ciampa (1-4)
Amateur Welterweight
Round 1: Lawrence comes out slugging and connects with the cup of Ciampa, Ciampa takes time to recover. Zac comes back strong with more strikes and some nice feints and Jon scores a thunderous double leg takedown and has top control and Zac looks for the keylock to sweep but Ciampa denies the sweep and Lawrence gets mounted and  gives up his back and Ciampa buries two hooks in and looks for the Rear Naked Choke but can not sink it as the round ends. 10-9 Ciampa.
Round 2: Lawrence established the center of the cage early but Ciampa comes across the cage early and gets the double leg takedown and transitions straight to the back and this time he sinks the Rear Naked Choke deep and Lawrence is forced to tap.
Decision: Jon Ciampa defeats Zac Lawrence at :55 of the second round by Submission via Rear Naked Choke.

Ariel Nunez (1-1) v. Jideofor Ojukwu(1-1)
Amateur Middleweight
Round 1: Jideofor comes out and pushes the pace early Ariel lands some nice counter strikes before Jideofor dumps Ariel on the mat and looks to land bombs from the top. Ariel throws up his legs and harvests an arm but Jideofor slams Ariel to the canvas and Nunez lets go of the arm. Jideofor lands back on top where they finish the round. Tough round to score 10-9 Ojukwu.
Round 2: Ariel comes out with front kicks and Jideofor answers with bombs as these guys stand at range and trade blows and Jideofor changes levels and scores the take down and begins to work from the top. Nunez is back to his knees as Ojukwu presses him against the cage wall and lands some ground and pound as he keeps control for the remainder of the round. 10-9 Ojukwu.
Round 3: The come out swinging once again and Nunez lands a nice left hook that prompts Ojukwu to clinch as he works for the takedown and gets the takedown away from the cage. Ojukwu works from half guard but pops up to mount and and Nunez turns on his hip and nearly gives his back. Jideofor establishes the mount and rains down heavy hammer fists for the referee’s stoppage.
Decision: Jideofor Ojukwu defeats Ariel Nunez at 2:34 of the third round by TKO referee’s stoppage due to unanswered strikes (Ground and Pound).

Brandon Vogel (1-0) v. Rafael Adames (Debut)
Amateur Featherweight
Round 1: Vogel comes out with feints and low kicks to start this fight as Vogel looks to attack the lead leg of Adames. Adames sneaks in some sharp right hands that back Vogel up and he follows with some kicks of his own. Adames lands a left hand that stumbles Vogel but Vogel comes back with more kicks to the legs and body. The lead leg of Adames is getting chewed up as he switches stances as the round ends. 10-9 Vogel.
Round 2: Adames strikes first in round two but is quickly answered by Vogel as both of these fighters find their range early. Fighters are exchanging combinations as both fighters show off their chins. Vogel throws a headkick that glances the chin of Adames and we have a war going on. Vogel goes back to work on that lead leg and follows with some hooks as the round ends. Close round 10-9 Adames.
Round 3: Vogel feints high and lands again to the lead leg, Vogel shoots for the takedown but is stuffed by Adames and they return to striking distance and Vogel is backing him up now and Vogel lands a big right hand that stumbles Adames and Adames answers, what a fight! Adames lands a late double leg in attempt to steal this round. Vogel returns to the feet and lands before Adames takes him down once again. Vogel uses butterfly guard to get back up and they slug it out as the horn sounds….GREAT FIGHT! 10-9 Adames.
Decision: What a great fight we just witnessed! Rafael Adames defeats Brandon Vogel by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Jack Stapleton (1-0) v. Sam Stewart (1-0)
Amateur Strawweight
Round 1: Jack comes out throwing ill fated kicks and some heavy hands that stun Stewart and Jack takes this fight to the mat where he makes his living. Jack goes for broke on a knee lock and gives up position and Sam is on top landing some heavy strikes as Jack ones again takes aim on the leg of Steward and this time the Calf Slicer is deep and causes Stewart to tap.
Decision: Jack Stapleton defeats Sam Stewart by Submission at 2:19 of the first round by submission via Calf Slicer.

Tara Pires (Debut) v. Kristina Katsikis (Debut)
Amateur Bantamweight
Round 1: Kristina comes right out off the glove touch and shoots for the take down and gets Tara to the mast and on her back. Kristina moves to side control and looks to mount but ends up in half guard before moving to mount. Kristina postures up and lands some heavy ground and pound but Tara stand as Kristina pressures once again and gets another takedown but Tara landed some big shots on the feet that stunned Kristina. Kristina finishes the first round on top. 10-9 Katsikis.
Round 2: Tara starts the round with two kicks that cause Kristina to clinch and look for the takedown, Kristina has her on the cage and gets the trip to take the fight back to the mat where Kristina works from top position. Tara gets back up but is taken right back to the canvas and is throwing punches from the bottom to the body of Kristina. Tara uses the butterfly guard to get back up and Tara lands some heavy shots on the feet that open up Kristina and Kristina scores another take down as the round ends. This is another Great Fight! 10-9 Pires.
Round 3: Tara comes out firing on the feet landing big right hands and some sharp leg kicks, Kristina is going for broke on the takedown but Pires fights off the attempts. Tara lands another combination and Kristina is tires once again for the takedown and finally secures it and these girls exchange blows on the mat as this fight comes to a close. 10-9 Pires.
Decision: Kristina Katsikis defeats Tara Pires by Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

James Squires (2-1) v. Dion Rubio (2-0)
Amateur Lightweight
Round 1: Squires comes out throwing absolute bombs and Dion comes back with some heavy hands of his own, Rubio lands a right hand that puts Squires against the fence and Rubio throws Squires to the mat, Dion works from the top and grabs a ten finger guillotine that is deep and Squire is forced to tap. This fight was quick and powerful from both fighters with Rubio landing the hardest shots and eventually the submission!
Decision: Dion Rubio defeats James Squires by first round submission (Ten Finger Guillotine).

Randy Costa (2-0) v. Chris Thorne (5-9)
Pro Bantamweight
Round 1: Randy comes out with a side kick and Chris immediately tries for the takedown but Randy stuffs. Costa backs out and lands some heat that batters the face of Thorne, Randy turns to the body and lands a combination that absolutely crumbles Thorne in a heap as the referee jumps in and saves Thorne form any further damage.
Decision: Randy Costa defeats Chris Thorne at of the first round via TKO Body Shots!

Daniel Pina (1-0) v. Arthur M’pofu (1-0)
Amateur Bantamweight
Round 1: Arthur comes out and goes for the takedown early and he has Pina against the fence threatening the takedown. Pina is doing a great job fending off the takedown and using his hips to stay on his feet. Arthur lands some nice Mauy Thai knees to the body as he closes once again and looks to finish this takedown. Arthur tries to lock up the head of Pina on the break as the first round ends. 10-9 M’Pofu.  
Round 2: Pina takes the center of the cage to start round to and looks for some leg kicks which are returned by Mpofu. Pina initiates the clinch and has Arthur’s back against the fence and Arthur circles out and looks to strike. Pina comes forward with a combination as the round horn sounds. 10-9 Pina.
Round 3: Arthur encourages Pina to bring the fight to him as the third begins with both fighters firing strikes and trading kicks. Arthur is backing Pina up with kicks to the legs and body, Pina returns fire as Arthur continues to throw kicks from distance. Arthur lands a combination and changes levels to try and land a last second takedown to steal round three as the time expires. 10-9 Mpofu.
Decision: Arthur Mpofu defeats Daniel Pina by Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Sean Murrin (1-1) v. Shane Dougherty (2-0)
Amateur Featherweight
Round 1: Shane lands a low leg kick early and it is countered by a nifty combination from Murrin. Shane lands a kick that is caught by Murrin and Murrin dumps Dougherty on the mat but welcomes him back up. Dougherty finally gets Murrin to the ground and hops on his back looking for the choke against the fence. Murrin falls to the canvas and is mounted by Dougherty, Murrin gives up his back and Shane sinks in the Rear Naked Choke and Murrin is saved by the round horn. 10-9 Dougherty.
Round 2: Dougherty draws first punishment as he lands a lower leg kick to kick us off in the second. Dougherty comes forward across the cage and backs Sean up with a combination, Dougherty looks to be heating up now and is landing the majority of the strikes including two glancing head kicks. One of the Dougherty kicks gets the attention of Sean and he taunts Shane, Murrins mouthpiece falls out and Shane attacks and presses Sean against the cage wall for the remainder of the round. 10-9 Dougherty.
Round 3: Dougherty comes forward with a kick to the body and Murin looks to clinch but is turned by Dougherty and Shane gets the takedown and works from half guard. Dougherty maintains heavy pressure on the ground but Murrin gets back to his feet only to be pressed against the cage wall for the remainder of the round. 10-9 Dougherty.
Decision: Shane Dougherty defeats Sean Murrin by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Marty Navis (Pro Debut) v. Montoyia Swilling (0-12)
Professional Welterweight

Round 1: Marty comes out and puts Montoyia on the fence, after some softening up Marty changes levels and lands the takedown and is on top in half guard and pounding on the face of Swilling. Swilling tries to shrimp out but Marty gets on the back of Swilling and is pounding Swilling with shots to the body from the top. Navis switches to elbow for punishment and Navis gets the crucifix and is looking for a Kimura on the left arm of Swilling. Marty gives up the Kimura to take the back and flattens Swilling out and hammerfists the head of Swilling until the referee pulls Navis off the defeated Swilling.  
Decision: Marty Navis defeats Montoyia Swilling at 4:54 of the first round by TKO (Ground and Pound).

Kin Moy (8-3) v. Pat Corrigan (2-1)
Professional Bantamweight
Round 1: Kin comes out landing early and starts to pepper the body of Corrigan with kicks and punches. Kin lands a night left hand over the top that gets Pat’s attention and then fighters trade leg kicks. Corrigan eats a headkick and Moy is working the much less experienced Corrigan but Pat has been able to put together a few combinations early. Moy throws and lands another headkick but Pat is eating some of these power shots by Moy. Moy is throwing a high output of shots including hard shots to the lead leg of Corrigan. With 30 seconds Moy gets a takedown but Pat gets up quickly and lands some shots as the round ends. 10-9 Moy.
Round 2: Kin opens up round number two with a push kick followed by another headkick that glances Corrigan. Kin slips and gets up and takes Pat down but it isn't long before Corrigan returns to his feet. Moy puts Corrigan against the cage and lands knees and punches. Moy lands a single leg and briefly has the back of Corrigan but Corrigan escapes and they return to striking distance. Moy again backs Corrigan down and lands to the chin but again Corrigan shakes it off and circles out. Moy puts another combination together that ends with a wheel kick and these guys are firing on all cylinders as Corrigan looks for another takedown and Moy stuffs and makes him pay. Moy lands in half guard and goes to work as the round ends. 10-9 Moy.
Round 3: Fighters touch gloves and round three is underway. Moy throws another early headkick that is partially blocked by Corrigan. Corrigan shoots for the takedown and Moy stuffs and grabs the Rear Naked Choke and its deep, Corrigan tries to fight the hands but he has no choice but to tap.
Decision: Kin Moy defeats Pat Corrigan by submission Rear Naked Choke at just over a minute in round number 3.

Alyssa Krahn (4-2) v. Danielle Hindley (3-0)
Professional Strawweight
Round 1: Danielle throws a headkick out of the gate and slips, Alyssa pounces but Danielle ends up on the back of Krahn with a lot of time to work. Alyssa gets out and gains top position and Hindley looks for the armbar but Alyssa defends and harvests the neck of Hindley, Hindley does not tap and is put to sleep by a tight Rear Naked Choke.
Decision: Alyssa Krahn defeats Danielle Hindley at 2:08 of round one by submission (Rear Naked Choke).

Dan Dubuque (6-2) v. Johnny Campbell (16-10)
Professional Bantamweight
Round 1: Johnny comes out throwing leg kicks that are checked by Dan, Johnny shoots in and gets the takedown under an overhand right from Dubuque. Dan scrambles but Campbell stays tight but its Dan who has Johnny presses against the cage wall. Campbell goes for broke on a back take and Dubuque sneaks out the back door and presses Campbell to the cage. Campbell circles out and takes Dubuque down but they are not on the canvas long. They clinch on the fence with each fighter turning the action at point, Dan remains outside and lands some knees from the clinch. They remain in the clinch for the finish of the first round. Another close round here 10-9 Cupcakes.
Round 2: Johnny comes out throwing kicks once again, Dan rushes in with an upper cut but Campbell eats it and secures the takedown and goes to work from the top with a lot of time left in the round. Johnny goes from half guard to side control and looks for the back take but Dubuque makes it back to the feet and pushes Campbell against the cage. They separate and Campbell lands a huge right hand that drops Dubuque and Johnny pounces as Dan makes an effort to recover. Campbell takes the back and gets his hooks in with 90 seconds left in the round. Dubuque gets back to his feet and Campbell presses him against the cage and lands yet another takedown. Dan returns to the feet an presses Campbell to the cage wall now. Dubuque looks for the ankle pick as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Campbell.
Round 3: They touch gloves ones again and Dan lands a kick and Campbell clinches and pushes Dan on to the cage wall and changes levels looking for the takedown. Dan gets Campbell to the ground in the center of the cage and looks to take the back of Cupcakes. Dubuque lands some shots from the back as he looks for his opening. Campbell stands and is again pushed up against the cage wall as he looks for a much needed finish. Campbell uses a takedown attempt to reverse position on the fence and Dan switches position once again as they continue to clinch on the fence. Campbell lands a trip and takes the back of Dubuque but Dan reverses and needs the finish from top position, Dan lets everything he has left in the gas tank go as the round ends. 10-9 Dubuque.
Decision: Dan Dubuque defeats Johnny Campbell by Split Decision (29-28, 27-29, 28-29).
Dan Dubuque offers Johnny Campbell and immediate rematch which will take place in January at Cage Titans 42.
Michael Polvere announces Kin Moy will fight Jay Perrin at the next Cage Titans event in January for Perrin’s Bantamweight Belt.

Joe Giannetti (7-1) v. Josh Harvey (5-0)
Professional Lightweight
Round 1: Harvey comes out kicking and closes the distance and puts Joe on the cage wall. Giannetti grabs the guillotine and a body triangle and stalls out on the cage. Joe pulls guard with the guillotine still in place as Josh stacks Joe against the fence looking to pop his head out. And Josh pops his head lose and continues to stack Joe in his corner as he looks to work from the top. Harvey lands an elbow from the top as Joe looks for a submission from the bottom. Harvey slams Joe on the neck a couple times to make Joe pay from working from the back. Josh lands some knees from mission control as the first round ends. 10-9 Harvey but could go either way.
Round 2: Josh starts round one with a spinning kick attempt, Josh gets the takedown and again pushes Joe against the fence and looks to work. Josh drops a nice elbow from the top to the face of Giannetti as Joe looks to work the submission from the bottom and Harvey looks to punish Joe from the top. Giannetti remains on the bottom for the duration of the rest of the round, Joe tries to land short shots but Harvey remains in control. 10-9 Harvey.
Round 3: Josh comes out in round three and looks for more of the same as Harvey gets the takedown and looks to once again work from the top against Giannetti. Giannetti looks to roll into a better position but Josh is keeping the pressure tight on the former Ultimate Fighter Competitor. Giannetti takes the back and is looking to finish but Harvey is defending well as Joe is looking to finish this fight and he cannot finish from this position. 10-9 Giannetti.

Decision: Josh Harvey and Joe Giannetti battle to a majority draw (30-27 Harvey, 28-28, 29-29) I do not agree with this decision what so ever, Harvey won this fight.......