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January 26, 2019

Cage Titans XLII Live Play by Play: Kin Moy v. (C) Jay Perrin

*Pro Bantamweight Title*

Travis Lizotte

Plymouth, Massachusetts - Saturday January 26th Cage Titans will is ready to kick off their first event of their 2019 catalogue as Michael Polvere presents Cage Titans 42: Moy v. Perrin. Keep up to date with all the action as it goes down here, from Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts by following this article throughout the evening. My photographer for this evening will be Lars Borrsen and we will do our best to bring you not only live coverage but live photos!
Cage Titans 42 is a sold out event, if you missed out on tickets this is where to follow the action.


Am. 170 - Brian Velasquez (0-0, Tri-Force) v. John Ciampa (2-4, Connors MMA)
Round 1: Here we go. Brian comes out with a front kick that misses and we are underway here at Caged Titans 42. Ciampa catches the next kick and takes Velasquez to the mat where Brian sinks a Guillotine for the quick stoppage.
Decision: Brian Velasquez defeats John Ciampa by submission Guillotine at 40 seconds of round 1.

Am. 155 - Xavier Cardona (0-1, Lakeville MMA) v. Alberto Rodriguez (0-0, Sityodtong)
Round 1: Rodriguez comes out and looks to take it to Cardona throwing heavy strikes and looking to finish early Cardona gets the fight to the mat where he looks for a guillotine but Rodriquez strikes his way out and they get back to the feet. Rodriguez looks for a guillotine of his own and Cardona defends and they are back to the feet. Rodriguez once again rushes Cardona who looks for another guillotine and Rodriguez defends again. They Return to the feet where they continue to slug it out. Cardona lands a nasty punch with seconds left that crumbles Rodriguez. He follows up with a grind strike for good measure and John English calls for the stoppage with just one second left in the round!
Decision: Xavier Cardona defeats Alberto Rodriguez by Knockout (Ground Strikes) at 3:00 of the first round.

Am. 205 - Floran Kacaku (2-3, 617 Fights Sports) v. Stephen Kimball (2-2, Nostos)
Round 1: Kimball comes out firing low kicks and jabs, Floran lands a couple jabs of his own and they chase each other around the cage before Kimball lands a double leg takedown and looks to work from the top. Kimball grabs the guillotine and Floran gets up and they return to striking distance. Kimball lands another takedown and looks to sink in a triangle choke that is close but Floran is saved by the bell in round 1. 10-9 Kimball.
Round 2: Floran comes out kicking in round two and is partially blocked by Kimball. Kimball once again goes for the takedown and gets the back of Floran where he sinks in the Rear Naked Choke for the tap!
Decision: Stephen Kimball defeats Floran Kacaku by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:01 of round 2.

Am. 135 - Jeff Joy (1-0, Juniko) v. Will Alfano (0-0, Connors MMA)
Round 1: Will comes out looking to close the distance but Joy does a great job using his jab to stave off the attack of Alfano. Alfano gets inside eventually and lands a big double leg takedown and has Joy in a mounted Guillotine. Joy survives but is mounted by Alfano, Joy works back to half guard but alfano is looking to flatten him out. Joy uses punches from the bottom to create space but Alfano stays heavy from the top. 10-9 Alfano.
Round 2: Joy comes out behind the jab in round two but ALfano closes the distance and takes the fight back to the mat. Joy ends up on top this time and looks to pass the guard of Alfano. Joy works to side control as Alfano looks for an opening but Joy takes the back of Alfano and has both hooks in. Alfano is doing all he can to defend the choke as Joy continues to soften him up with punches. With ten seconds left Alfano sweeps and takes the back of Joy but the round ends. 10-9 Joy.
Round 3: Round three starts with Alfano coming forward with Joy looking to counter strike. Alfano shoots for the takedown and gets top control but Joy is going for broke on a Kimura of Alfano's left arm. Joy sweeps to top control but ALfano pushes off with Butterfly guard and they return to striking distance. Will ducks under a right hook from Joy and lands a takedown as the fight comes to an end. 10-9 Alfano (Close). Great back and fourth battle here with both fighters showing flashes of greatness.
Decision: Jeff Joy defeats Will Alfano by Unanimous Decision.

Am. 145 - Justin Stevens (0-1, Lakeville MMA) v. Mike Albert (0-2 Skeletor MMA)
Round 1: Albert comes out with feints as Stevens looks for an early takedown but Albert makes him pay with some heavy right hands. Stevens finally walks through the barrage of right hands to secure the takedown and Stevens hops on the back of Albert and looks to flatten him out. Stevens slips the right arm under the chin of Albert for the tap.
Decision: Justin Stevens defeats Mike Albert by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:05 of round 1.

Am. 145 - Stavros Batsinelas (2-3, Citadel MMA) v. Ed Forlenza (3-2, Juniko)
Round 1: Stavros comes out throwing low kicks from the outside as Forlenza looks to get in on a takedown. Forlenza wastes little time getting the takedown as he works from side control, Forlenza locks in a head and arm choke but Stavros gets back to half guard to defend the finish. Forlenza lands some ground strikes but returns to his feet. Forlenza goes quickly back to the mat with Stavros and Stavros sweeps to the back where he looks for a submission of his own. Forlenza is saved by the bell. Close round 10-9 Forlenza.
Round 2: Forlenza comes out in round two throwing bombs that crumble Stavros to the canvas where Forlenza once again works from the top. Stavros is very active from his back in this position and throws up a triangle attempt that is defended by Forlenza. Stavros now looks to isolate the arm of Forlenza as Stavros is winning this round from the bottom as the round expires. 10-9 Batsinelas.
Doctors are attending to Forlenza in between rounds and the cageside official advises referee John English to stop the contest due to an injury to Forlenzas right eye.
Decision: Stavros Batsinelas defeats Ed Forlenza at 3:00 of the second round by TKO (Doctors Stoppage)

We are on a brief intermission while emergency personnel transport Ed Forlenza to the hospital for further evaluation.

Rob Fuller (0-1) v. Randy Costa (3-0)
Rob “The One-Percenter” Fuller
Fighting out of: Lakewood, Colorado
Affiliation: Klinch Tribe
Record: 0-1 (2-9 Overall)  
Last fight: First round TKO loss to Andres Rodriguez at Combat Zone 67.  
Randy “The Zohan” Costa
Fighting out of: Taunton, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Lauzon MMA
Record: 3-0 (3 Knockouts)
Last fight: First round Knockout (Body Shots) of Chris Thorne at Cage Titans 41.
Round 1: Fuller comes out throwing a spinning technique a that gets the action going, and both fighters start to fire away. Costa shoots in for a double leg takedown and follows with heavy hammerfists for the referee stoppage from Steve Rita.
Decision: Randy Costa defeats Rob Fuller by TKO at :42 seconds of the first round!

Main Card:

Fouad Shahin (2-0) v. Arthur MPofu (2-0)
Title beltAmateur Bantamweight TitleTitle belt
Fouad “Heart of the Falcon” Shahin
Fighting out of:
Affiliation: Defensive Edge
Record: 2-0 (1 Knockout, 1 Submission)
Last fight: First round Submission (Armbar) of James Ploss at Combat Zone 64.
Arthur MPofu
Fighting out of: Meriden, Connecticut
Affiliation: SBG East
Record: 2-0 (2 Decisions)
Last fight: Split Decision victory over Daniel Pena at Cage Titans 41.
Round 1: Fouad Shahin comes out throwing but Arthur grabs the clinch and lands some knees to the body and Shahin shoots for a takedown and is stuffed. Fouad looks to land some more leather as Mpofu looks for a takedown of his own against the fence, with a little work Mpofu gets Shahin to the mat and is landing some ground and pound. Shahin looks for some submissions from his back but Arthur answers with some more ground strikes as the round ends. 10-9 Mpofu.
Round 2: Shahin slips on his first kick attempt of the second round and Mpofu jumps on top looking to make him pay for the mistake. Mpofu moves into side control and has plenty of time to work. Mpofu looks for the kimura but Shahin rolls out of the attempt but Mpofu retains side control. Mpofu remains in dominant position as round 2 comes to a close. 10-9 Mpofu.
Round 3: Shahin comes out behind the jab and looking to fire kicks. Arthur comes forward with a combination that backs up Shahin. Mpofu catches a kick from Shahin and backs Fouad into the fence and takes him down. Arthur is working from half guard once again as the round ends. 10-9 Mpofu.
Round 4: Fouad starts the fourth round with a lower leg kick that gets Arthur talking, Mpofu lands a kick of his own that puts Shahin on the ground, Mpofu lets him back up and sets him down with another strike and Arthur lets him up yet again. Shahin lands some combinations as he looks to put his striking together but Mpofu backs him up with an answer of his own as both fighters are content with standing and trading. With ten seconds left in the round Mpofu lands a takedown with no time to work. 10-9 Shahin.
Round 5: Fighters embrace with a hug to start the fifth and final round and Mpofu goes for a quick takedown and lands it on the cage wall. Shahin throws up a triangle that doesn't look like its going to finish but it is keeping Mpofu from mounting any type of offense from this position. Shahin remains on his back looking for the finish as the final bell sounds. 10-9 Shahin.
Decision: Arthur Mpofu defeats Fouad Shahin by Unanimous Decision to claim the Cage Titans Amateur Bantamweight title.

Matt Lyall (0-1) v. Mitch Raposo (Debut)
Catchweight 130lbs.
Matt “Lightning” Lyall
Fighting out of: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Affiliation: Lightning MMA/ Cardo Urso
Record: 0-1 (18-6 Professional Muay Thai)
Last fight: First round Knockout loss to Peter Kim as Stellar Fights 39.
Mitch Raposo
Fighting out of: Fall River, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Regiment Training Center  
Record: Debut (6-0 as Amateur, Cage Titans Amateur Flyweight Champion)
Last fight: Unanimous decision Victory over David Michael Durao for the AMMO Fight League Amateur Flyweight Title.
Fight Scrapped, Lyall did not show!

Montoyia Swilling (0-12) v. Brandon Fleming (4-3)
Montoyia “The Son of God” Swilling
Fighting out of: Watertown, New York
Affiliation: American Top Team
Record: 0-13 (seen the second round just once as a pro)
Last fight: First round TKO (Ground and Pound) loss to Marty Navis at Cage Titans 41.
Brandon “Bad Luck” Fleming
Fighting out of: Marshfield, Massachusetts
Affiliation: South Shore Sportfighting
Record: 4-3 (1 Knockout, 1 Submission)
Last fight: Unanimous decision loss to Blair Tugman at Bellator 123.
Round 1: Swilling comes out behind a jab and eats a leg kick from Fleming, Fleming shoots for a takedown and gets it easily as he looks to batter Swilling on the ground. Fleming goes for what looks to be a ten finger guillotine but Swilling defends. Fleming looks for more from the top as Swilling continues to defend choke attempts. Fleming lands some heavy elbows to the mid section on the ground as he looks to take the back of Swilling. Fleming continues to land heavy strikes from the top as Swilling curls up to defend and springs back to his feet. Fleming has swilling against the fence and picks him up and slams him in the center of the cage and follows with more heavy shots. Fleming looks for a guillotine attempt as the round comes to an end. 10-8 Fleming.
Round 2: Swilling comes out in the second and fires a headkick that is partially blocked by Fleming. Fleming shoots for the takedown immediately following the kick and once again works from the top on Swilling. Fleming works into side control and then to the crucifix position, Fleming goes deep in on an armbar but Swilling rolls out, Fleming follows with a d'arce attempt but again Swilling is defending the submissions well. Fleming lands some knees to the midsection of Swilling as Montoyia continues to defend the onslaught. Swilling scrambles and ends up on the back of Fleming looking for the Rear Naked Choke but Fleming escapes out the backdoor and returns to top position as the second round ends. 10-9 Fleming but the closest round I've ever seen from Swilling.
Between rounds Swilling threw up in his corner bucket and Steve Rita called the end to the fight.
Decision: Brandon Fleming defeats Montoyia Swilling byTKO (Referee Stoppage) at 5:00 of the second round.


Albert Tulley (1-0) v. Marty Navis (1-0)
Albert Tulley
Fighting out of: Gouverneur, New York
Affiliation: G3 Training Center  
Record: 1-0 (1 Knockout)
Last fight: First round Knockout of Eddie Haws at XCP: Rutland - No Way Out.
Marty Navis
Fighting out of: Middleboro, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Lauzon MMA  
Record: 1-0 (1 Knockout)
Last fight: First round TKO (Ground and Pound) of Montoyia Swilling at Cage Titans 41.
Round 1: Navis comes out and back Tulley into the cage and lands a double leg takedown and quickly works to side control as Tulley looks for the Guillotine. Navis softens up the both of Tulley as he continues to try and escape the Guillotine choke. More thunderous blows to the body from Navis and Tulley has no choice but to give up the choke and Marty has him mounted and is landing some ground and pound. Tulley tries to pull Navis in close to end the pounding but Marty postures back up and lands more shots that cause Tulley to give his back. Navis lands more ground and pound and Tulley is just hanging on. Tulley manages to get back to the cage and to his feet briefly but is taken back down quickly and once again faces heavy shots from Navis as the round ends. 10-8 Navis.
Round 2: Navis comes out in the second with a big right hand followed by another takedown as he continues to batter Tulley from the top, landing HEAVILY to the body of Tulley. Marty ends up in full mount once again and is landing more heavy shots. The strikes force the hand of referee John English as he steps in to save Tulley from any further beating.
Decision: Marty Navis defeats Albert Tulley by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 1:23 of the second round.

Shane Manley (4-5) v. Jeff Perez (4-0)
“Super” Shane Manley
Fighting out of: Syracuse, New York
Affiliation: Team Andrello
Record: 4-5 (1 Submission)
Last fight: Second round Submission (Guillotine) loss to Anthony Facchini at Ring of Combat 66
Jeff Perez
Fighting out of: Wareham, Massachusetts
Affiliation: SBG East
Record: 4-0 (3 Submissions)
Last fight: First round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) of Seth Basler at Cage Titans 40.
Round 1: Both men come out throwing jabs followed by some kicks as Manley is the first to go for a takedown and he gets it and has the back of Jeff Perez with two hooks in. Perez sweeps and reverses position and ends up on top but Manley scrambles to his feet as Perez looks for a takedown of his own. Manley puts Perez on the cage and lands some short knees before Perez turns position and looks for a takedown of his own. Manley turns and grabs a guillotine and takes Perez to the mat and looks for the back once again. Manley looks to lock up a d'arce but Perez uses the space to get back to his feet but only briefly as we end up back on the mat with Manley in control landing come body shots. Manley remains on top as the first comes to an end. 10-9 Manley.
Round 2: They come out again throwing jabs and Manley connects with a right hook that backs Perez up. Manley lands another combination and Perez looks for distance and pokes Manley in the eye. The Action is stopped briefly but Manley answers the stoppage with another combination and sets up another takedown. Manley again works his way to the back of Perez and is landing some shots from the back as Perez stands on the cage and eats some heavy knees from Manley before being dumped back to the mat. Manley continues to soften Perez up with knees and punches from the back as Perez looks to escape the hold on Manley. Manley remains on the back of Perez until the final seconds of the round. 10-9 Manley.
Round 3: We stirke once again to open the third and Manley closes distance and once again takes Perez down and looks to beat him up with knees against the cage. Manley is all over Perez not giving the hometowner any space to work. Manley locks up a d'arce and uses it to bring Perez further into deep water as Manley is outclassing Perez in the grappling game. Perez finally makes his way back to the feet and turns Manley's back to the cage as he looks for a final burst. But once again Manley turns the action and takes Perez down in the center of the cage. Manley gets the back and has both hooks in and continues to work on the grounded Perez as the round and fight comes to a close. 10-9 Manley.
Decision: Shane Manley defeats Jeff Perez by Unanimous Decision.


Darius Estell (4-1) v. Zach DiSabatino (5-0)
Darius “Solo Beast” Estell
Fighting out of: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Affiliation: Michigan Top Team
Record: 4-1 (2 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)
Last fight: Third round Submission (Guillotine) of Erick Rodriguez at AMMO Fight League 5.  
Zach “DiSab” DiSabatino
Fighting out of: Marshfield, Massachusetts
Affiliation: South Shore Sportfighting  
Record: 5-0 (3 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)
Last fight: First round Knockout of Johnny Adams at Cage Titans 40.
Round 1: Estell comes out firing as DiSabatino looks to keep some distance, Zach clinches Estell and puts his back on the fence and looks for a takedown. DiSabatino lands a thunderous takedown and works the Michigan native from side control. Estell gets back to his feet but the pressure continues from DiSabatino as he pressures Estell on the fence before landing another takedown. Estell takes some shots on the cage to work to his feet as Zach continues to maintain heavy pressure on the fence. Dasius finally circles out to striking distance as Zach shoots for another takedown and Estell grabs a Guillotine. They return to the center of the cage and exchange punches in the clinch before DiSabatino wraps Estell up again as the round ends. 10-9 DiSabatino.
Round 2: Estell comes out in round 2 looking to finish this fight with strikes chasing Zach all over the cage before DiSabatino can chase him down and tie him up against the cage. Estell pushes Zach off him and they return to striking distance and Estell lands some heavy leather that bloodies the nose of DiSabatino. DiSabatino ties up with Estell but Estell pushes off and lands some more heavy combinations that have DiSabatino in trouble. Estell has that look in his eye that he wants to end this fight standing as Zach shoots for yet another takedown. Estell stuffs and lands more leather and DiSabatino finally gets the takedown he so sorely needs. Estell makes it back to the feet and gets his back off the cage and lands more heavy punches at the round ends. 10-9 Estell.
Round 3: Estell comes out landing heavy leather once again and knocks the mouthpiece out of DiSabatino, John English stops the action to replace the mouthpiece and DiSabatino comes out of the break with a quick takedown but cannot do anything with it before Estell stands against the fence once again. DiSabatino's face is destroyed as Estell lands more combinations and continues to get the best of the striking exchanges. Zach ties up again and gets Estell to the mat but Estell works his way back up just to be dumped again. Estell throws up a triangle that is fought off by Zach but then Estell returns to his feet and takes the back of DiSabatino. Estell rolls to the mat but Zach ends up on top looking to take the back of Estell. But Estell gets back to his feet again and finishes the fight with his back on the cage. 10-9 Estell. VERY CLOSE FIGHT!

Decision: Darius Estell defeats Zach DiSabatino by Split-Decision.

Connor Barry (5-2) v. Joe Giannetti (7-1-1)
Connor “Bareknuckle” Barry
Fighting out of: Stoneham, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Citadel MMA
Record: 5-2 (3 Submissions)  
Last fight: First round Submission (Armbar) of Peter Barrett at Cage Titans 39.
Joe “Skeletor” Giannetti
Fighting out of: Plymouth, Massachusetts
Affiliation: South Shore Sportfighting
Record: 7-1-1 (6 Submissions)
Last fight: Majority Draw with Josh Harvey at Cage Titans 41.
Round 1: Joe comes out and clinches quick and puts Connor on the fence but Barry turns the action and puts Joe on his back and starts his work from top control. Giannetti as always is very active from the back as Connor looks for room to do work on the Ultimate Fighter finalist. Connor continues to work to pass the guard of Giannetti to no avail as Joe is super strong from rubber guard. Connor returns to his feet landing downward strikes as the round ends. 10-9 Giannetti from the work off his back. Tough round to score.
Round 2: Connor comes across the cage to start the round striking his way inside and getting the takedown on Barry. Joe Works from the top as Connor tries to work back to his feet while defending submissions, Connor Wall walks and ends up on top of Giannetti and ends up in side control and looks to trap the arms of Giannetti. Barry stays on top and does some damage as the round ends. 10-9 Barry....close again.
Round 3: Connor comes out in round three with some lower leg kicks and Joe ties him up and puts him on the cage looking to take the fight back to the mat. Giannetti eventually lands the trip and ends up on top of Barry with time to work. Connor uses a wizzer and turns but Joe ends up in triangle position and isolates the head of Barry. Joe gives up the head of Barry and looks for the armbar and Barry defends but is taking hammerfists on the top of the head, the fists don't look like they are doing damage but Steve Rita stops the fight.
Decision: Joe Giannetti defeats Connor Barry by TKO (Hammerfists) at 3:40 of round 3.  

Kin Moy (9-3) v. (Title belt) Jay Perrin (7-3)
Title beltPro Bantamweight TitleTitle belt
Kin “Kong” Moy
Fighting out of: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Citadel MMA
Record: 9-3 (2 Knockouts, 6 Submissions)
Last fight: Third round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) of Patrick Corrigan as Cage Titans 41.
Title beltJay “Savage” Perrin
Fighting out of: Hudson, New Hampshire
Affiliation: Sityodtong  
Record: 7-3 (2 Knockouts, 3 Submissions)
Last fight: Unanimous decision Victory over Johnny Campbell at Cage Titans 40; for the Cage Titans Pro Bantamweight Title.  
Round 1: Jay lands first throwing the jab out there to get things started, Jay lands more jabs before ducking under and taking Kin down with a double leg. Kin works to get up but Jay sucks him back to the mat as he looks to work from the top. Kin works the switch and gets back to his feet but Jay has heavy pressure on Kin on the fence as Perrin lands some knees before Moy can circle out. Jay comes across the cage again and takes Kin to the mat once again. Kin gets his feet under him but Perrin sucks him right back down to the mat, but Kin stands and returns to striking distance where Kin lands some shots before being taken down once again. Perrin takes Kin's back quickly but Moy reverses as the first round ends. 10-9 Perrin.
Round 2: Fighters exchange heavy kicks to start the second round as Perrin mixes in another takedown, Kin returns to his feet and is pressured against the cage. Jay Perrin lands some nice dirty boxing as his pressure is overwhelming. Kin attempts to strike his way off the cage but Perrin stays close. Perrin lands more dirty boxing before changing levels for another takedown. Kin takes the top briefly in a scramble but Perrin returns to his feet and applies more cage pressure looking for yet another takedown. Kin grabs a guillotine and goes to the ground with it as Perrin sweeps his way back to the top. Kin gets back to the feet and they exchange in the clinch before Jay scores another takedown against the fence. They scramble with as the round ends. 10-9 Perrin.
Round 3: We exchange jabs again to start the third as Perrin looks for a takedown again and is stuffed this time. Moy answers with some technical strikes but its short lived before Perrin scores yet another takedown. Moy throws up a triangle attempt and lands some hammerfists to the head of Perrin before jay can break the hold and return to dominant top position. Moy gives his back to stand up and Perrin is all over him attacking the back and finishing against the fence. Both fighters land some heavy shots on the fence before Perrin ties up once again and gets the takedown. Perrin ends up in the guard of Moy and Moy throws up a triangle attempt as the round ends. 10-9 Perrin.
Round 4: Both fighters come out in the fourth looking to set up their striking but again it is Perrin backing down Moy, Moy circles and lands some strikes of his own but they are returned by Perrin and Jay clinches against the cage again. Moy grabs a front choke that looks tight and takes some pressure away but Perrin reverses and has Moy back on the cage with more heavy pressure. Both men land some sharp shrikes from the clinch as Perrin looks to change levels once again. Perrin finally secures the takedown but Kin is on his way up as the round ends. 10-9 Moy. but a close round.
Round 5: Kin comes out in the fifth and backs Perrin up with strikes but Perrin has none of it and shoots in and takes down the striker. Kin once again bridges on a hip and makes it back to his feet but it isn't long before Perrin has him back down and Moy now has a front choke and he is looking to do damage. Perrin gets back up but is taken down by Moy but its short lived. Perrin gets his feet back and takes Moy down and goes for the back but Moy escapes. They return to the center of the cage where Moy i dictating the pace and lands a big overhand right before Perrin scored another takedown. Perrin lets Kin back up an they grapple on the cage until the final bell. 10-9 Moy, close again.
Decision: Jay Perrin defeats Kin Moy by Unanimous Decision to retain his Cage Titans Bantamweight Title.