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April 1, 2019


Cage Titans returns on April 6th with another installment of mixed martial arts.  Their show will be taking place at their home in Plymouth Mass at the Plymouth Memorial Hall.  Everyone has been awaiting their full fight card and worry no more as it is finally out!  On the fight card there are a total of 16 fights in which 10 of them are professional battles.  Also on the card will be two amateur battles which will be sure to please the crowd.  Check out the full fight card below and make sure to keep checking the website as we get close to the event as we will have our full preview coming out.

185 PRO Shedrick Goodridge (6-10 Driven Gym) vs. Sean Lally (8-4 Sityodtong)
155 PRO Fernando Perez (7-15 Hardknocks) vs. Jimmy Manning (5-1 SSSF)
145 PRO David McClendon (0-1 Victory) vs. Don Shainis (3-2 Citadel)
170 PRO Albert Tulley (1-0 G3 Boxing Club) vs. Zach DiSabatino (5-1 SSSF)
145 PRO Raymond Yanez (3-9 Lashley Training Center) vs. Jeff Perez (4-1 Sityodtong)
115 PRO Ivana Coleman (1-3 Keith Allen) vs. Danielle Hindley (3-1 SSSF)
205 PRO Jesse McElligott (6-3 Connor's MMA) vs. Ron Marshall (0-1 Anubis)
170 PRO John Adams (0-3 Adams MMA) vs. Trevor Gudde (0-0 Florian BJJ)
135 PRO Mike Taylor (1-2, Crown City Combat) vs Jacobo Apito (0-0, Citdael)
135 PRO Rob Fuller (0-3, Klinch Tribe) vs Mitch Raposo (0-0, Regiment Training Center)
145 AM Title Jordan Brown (3-3, Warrior Warehouse) vs Shane Dougherty (3-0, USMMA)
155 AM Title Eddy George (3-2, FAA) vs Dion Rubio (3-0, TriForce)
185 AM Brian Strough (0-2, Crown City Combat) vs Pete Hailer (1-0, Lauzon MMA)
155 AM Mike Lee (0-0, Broadway BJJ) vs Jam Mandov (0-0, Citadel)
135 AM Gabriel Trimino (0-0, Warrior Warehouse) vs Brett Layton (0-1, Lauzon MMA)
125 AM Ebrahim Aziz (0-0, Connors MMA) vs Sean Costello (0-2, SSSF)