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April 19, 2019


Combat Zone 70

Warchild and I made our to the venue and took the back roads to make sure that we wouldn’t hit as much traffic.  We made our way into the parking garage and then inside the hotel.  As we walk in the fight fans are all here and ready for some action.  There are a total of 10 fights and the first one will be kickboxing.  Also on the night will be 2 super grappling fights and following that will be 5 professional fights.  The host of the night will be John Vena and the refs are Alan Lau, John English and Kevin MacDonald.  I gotta give a shout out to my buddies Joe Leonard and Chris Kerch for working the lights and video.  Please follow along as I try my best to keep up with the action.  I am using my brand new iPad so we will see if I can type on this new keyboard so bear with me!

135 AM KICK Sarah Lee Sudol (0-0, Nostos MMA) v. Amanda Ferriera (0-0, Team Link Hooksett)

Amanda connects with the first kick.  Sarah fires back with a good kick of her own.  Sarah backs Amanda up with a combo and she circles out.  Amanda gets in a nice right hand.  Amanda connects with 2 front kicks and a right to end the round.

Rd 2:  Both fighters start out with a kick at the same time.  Sarah backs Amanda up again with a combo.  Sarah gets in 3 straight punches and Amanda swings her way out.  Sarah is coming forward and gets hit with a right from Amanda right before the round ends.

Rd 3:  Amanda starts it off with a front kick.  Sarah comes forward and Amanda connects with 2 shots.  Sarah gets in an outside leg kick and Amanda counters.  Sarah rushes in and Amanda gets in a right.  Sarah connects with a kick as the round ends.

Amanda Ferreira defeats Sarah Lee Sudol via split decision.

185 AM Floran Kacaku (2-4, Trifecta) v. Carlton Charles (2-2, Maine)

Carlton connects with a kick to start off the round.  Floran is working the jab.  Carlton get in another hard outside leg kick.  Floran is doing a good job of countering back.  Carlton backs him up again and then gets a takedown.  He passes very quickly to full mount and is laying down some solid ground and pound.  The ref has seen enough and stops the fight.

Carlton Charles defeats Floran Kacaku via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:20 in Rd 1.

185 AM Jeff Reynolds (1-0, Triumph BJJ) v. Spencer Payne (2-0, Ginsberg Academy)

Jeff starts us out with a kick.  Spencer dives for a takedown but is stuffed.  Spencer connects with a hard right and it flash knocked out Jeff.  He comes to quick but is slow to get up.

Spencer Payne defeats Jeff Reynolds via ko at 52 seconds in Round 1.

GRAPPLING Rick Hawn (PMA) v. Greg West (Aqueous BJJ)

The fight has resulted in a draw.

GRAPPLING Ryan Schieding (Burgess) v. Dennis Olsen (Triumph BJJ)

The fight has resulted in a draw.

175 PRO Meylis Cheryyew (0-0, Blackhole BJJ) v. Armus Guyton (0-0 New York)

They start out working leg kicks.  Meylis connects with a leg kick that trips Armus briefly.  Meylis catches a leg and takes Armus to the mat.  They work their way up and are now back to the center of the cage.  Meylis gets two wicked hard leg kicks.  Armus fires back with one of his own.  Meylis does a spinning punch and Armus catches his back.  Armus is pressing him up against the cage briefly then they break.  Armus goes high with a kick and then gets pushed to the mat as the round ends.

Cheryyew 10-9

Rd 2:  Once again they are starting out with leg kicks.  Meylis with a teep kick.  Very close round so far.  Meylis gets the double leg takedown but Armus bounces right back up.  Armus gets in a good punch and then takes him down.  He gets in some heavy ground and pound and gets the stoppage.

Armus Guyton defeats Meylis Cheryyew via tko stoppage to strikes at 3:21 in Round 2.

135 PRO Carl Langston (0-2, Youngs MMA) v. Chris Caterino (1-2, Gate City MMA)

They clinch for a while and exchange knees to the legs.  Carl is trying for the single leg but can’t get it.  They take a minute pause I think for an accidental cup shot.  Chris has Carl pressed up against the cage as the round ends.

Rd 2:  Chris gets in a combo and then goes for a takedown.  The fight is at a stalemate for a while with an occasional knee to the body.  The 10 second timer sounds and Chris tries for a takedown but to no avail.

Rd 3:  Chris has Carl pressed up against the cage again.  Ref breaks it up, yes!!  Chris has Carl pressed up against the cage tonight.  The ref breaks them up again and they are right back.  Ref breaks them up again and they are swinging.

Chris Caterino defeats Carl Langston via unanimous decision.

130 PRO Jeff Silva (3-4, PMA) v Rob Fuller (0-4, Clinch Tribe)

Rob gets in an outside leg kick.  Jeff goes for a takedown and Rob has the neck.  He can’t get it and Jeff gets the sweep.  He passes to full mount and Rob reverses.  Jeff is trying for a triangle and Rob slams his way out of it.  Jeff works an armbar and gets the tap.

Jeff Silva defeats Rob Fuller via tapout to armbar at 2:51 in Round 1.

155 PRO Lewis Corapi (8-4, Sityodtong) v. John Ortolani (8-13, Triumph BJJ)

At this point in the night I have seen so many mustaches I feel like the fighters from New England area planned this LOL.  They come out swinging of course as both of these fighters are veterans in New England.  John trips Lewis and is in guard.  John is fighting for position and gets to half guard.  He tries to pass to full but gets pushed to the side.  He passes to full mount.  John is looking for an arm triangle and ends up getting a rear naked choke for the tap.

John Ortolani defeats Lewis Corapi via tapout to rear naked choke at 3:31 in Round 1.

150 PRO Brendan Marotte (5-0, PMA) v. Adli Edwards (5-1, Team Edwards)

Adli starts us off with two quick leg kicks.  Adli gets the takedown and has the side.  Adli is trying for a kimura but can’t get it.  Brendan gets some space and stands back up.  Adli slams him right back down.  Brendan bucks him off and they are back standing.  They are swinging away as the round ends.

Rd 2:  Adli gets in two leg kicks and gets the quick takedown.  Brendan is trying to stand up and Adli is peppering him with shots.  Adli gets him back to the mat and is in full mount.  Brendan bucks him off and is standing back up.  Adli gets him to the mat and has his back briefly.  He is in guard for the rest of the round.

Rd 3:  Adli gets the takedown and Brendan elbows him from the bottom.  Brendan works his way up and Adli slams him back to the mat.  Brendan once again works his way up and gets in few punches as Adli rips him to the mat.  What a war!!!  Brendan gets back up again and the crowd roars.  He is trying so hard to finish this fight with a punch.  Adli takes him down again.  Brendan has a triangle and is trying to get the finish but the triangle breaks as Adli turns.  

Adli Edwards defeats Brendan Marotte via unanimous decision.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Adli Edwards and Brendan Marotte
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Ortolani's rear naked choke

August 30th will be the next tentative date for Combat Zone 71 so mark your calendars.  The show had just the right amount of fights and it was fun with the grappling and kickboxing mixed in.  They also had just the right amount of fog when the fighters entered the cage that disappeared up in the air almost instantly.  They had two large screens around the room so no matter what fight fans wouldn't miss a beat.  Special thanks to the photos from Warchild.  Well we got another show tonight so off to the next one.