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June 7, 2019

Fighter Focus: Jake Bagley (Nostos MMA)

Travis Lizotte

On Saturday June 15th Cage Titans 44 will take place at it’s home in Plymouth, Massachusetts from historic Plymouth Memorial Hall. Former Ultimate Fighter Finalist; Joe Giannetti (7-1) will face his most experienced opponent to date in D’Juan Owens (17-13) in the evening’s Main Event. Thirteen fights including seven professional bouts highlight the evening that includes some of the biggest names on the promotion’s roster including; Giannetti, Zach DiSabatino, Peter Barrett, Don Shainis and Kin Moy. But it may be one of the lesser known fighters on the card that leaves their mark on the Cage Titans crowd, and if he is to have it his way, that statement will be made by Nostos MMA Flyweight; Jake “The Bull” Bagley. I got together with Bagley this week in anticipation of his 130 pound catchweight bout with Andrew Valdina (0-0) to get an idea of what Bagley plans to prove to Cage Titans fans and New England MMA as a whole:

Name: Jake Bagley
Nickname: The Bull
Division: Flyweight
Record: 1-0
Affiliation: Nostos MMA/ Team Kaos
Coaches: Devin Powell and Bill Jones
Age: 25
Born: Sanford, Maine
Fighting out of: Wells, Maine
Style: Brawler, Wrestler
Last Fight: Amateur Debut; February 1st, 2019 at NEF 37 Sub Zero, Unanimous Decision over Canadian; Brady MacDonald (1-2).
Next Scheduled Fight: June 15th 2019 at Cage Titans 44 against Andrew Valdina (0-0, Lauzon MMA)

What lead you to pursue competitive MMA?

Jake: In school, I was never a great student but my athletic ability was on match with most of my peers, what set me aside was my drive to be greater than everyone! I am here to leave a legacy, I want people to remember my name when I am long gone, leave a mark on the world! In High School I was a wrestler, I won Maine State Championships in 2008 and 2009 while at Wrestling Powerhouse; Noble High School (in North Berwick, Maine)! Following High School MMA became my way to continue training and continue to push myself towards greatness.

Who do you look up to in the sport and do you model your style after anyone in particular?

Jake: I would have to say my biggest role model in this sport would have to my coach Bill Jones; the guy has been killing it for the last 14 years...not to mention he gets out of bed every morning to train before going to work, swinging his hammer, to make sure that his family never needs to want for anything!

You’ve mentioned before that you relish being the underdog, tell me a little bit about your first fight (against Brady MacDonald at NEF 37), and what you love so much about being an underdog?

Jake: Oh man! My fight with Brady is something I will never forget, what a WAR! That kid had some clean, fast standup; an unbelievable talent. But I have a drive; a determination that I don’t think many people can match. I’ve always been the person to see something I want and work for it...go out and get it! I’ve got something to prove!

What you have learned in preparation for your fight with Andrew Valdina at Cage Titans 44?

Jake: In my first fight I went into the cage just wanting a brawl, it wasn’t pretty but I didn’t want it to be. This time I have focused a lot more on fundamentals and technique, like keeping my hands up so this tall ass kid (Valdina) doesn’t kick me right in the head!

Tell me about your team, who is helping you prepare for your fight at Cage Titans?

Jake: Well of course you have my Head Coach Devin Powell and the entire crew at Nostos MMA. But I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the rounds with Bill Jones, Bill and I work tirelessly to make sure that I am familiar with all types of situations, Bill has some unique techniques...I have seen em all.

I understand that competing in this sport not only requires preparations in the gym but outside of it, tell me a little about what you do outside the cage, and what does your family think of you punching faces for fun?

Jake: Well outside of the gym I wake up everyday and work, I put in 40 hours at work, and countless hours in the gym throughout the week. I have two beautiful children and an extremely supportive family behind me, they always want what is best for me, for me to reach my fullest potential, the rest is up to me. I can go as far as I set my mind to in this game...I just know I need to work for it, I have all the support in the world!

The Sport of MMA is about testing yourself, often times fighters set goals they wish to achieve both short term and long term in order to test themselves, what are some of your goals as a fighter?

Jake: Right now my goal is to just stay busy, which I have no problem doing being a full time father and working full-time, sometimes it isn’t the easiest to get to the gym, lots of late nights and early mornings. I just want to remain consistent, stick to my schedule, because if I do, I will have put the work in and everything will work out!

I’m a big music fan, tell me what is playing in those headphones during hard training sessions, and during your walk to the cage?

Jake: Music is all about mood to me, I like to listen to something that helps me put my life into perspective in the moment! On any given moment you can catch me listening to anything from Limp Bizkit, to Fall Out Boy or even Reggae just enjoying my day!

You are typically a Flyweight but your fight with Valdina will take place at a weight of 130 pounds, with that said, what is one food you miss during weight cut/ fight camp?

Jake: To be honest with you, I haven’t missed a meal, 130 isn’t really a cut for me at all, I wrestled at 132 in High School and I’m comfortable down here. I was hoping to take my next fight at 125 but Andrew wasn’t able to make the limit for Flyweight, it’s pretty upsetting not being able to find opponents in my weight class, even my debut against Brady (MacDonald) was at 130, but 125 is where I belong, where are all the New England Flyweights?

Cage Titans is quickly becoming one of the top regional promotions on the East Coast, what do you expect from the experience of fighting for Cage Titans, and what can Cage Titans fans expect from Jake “The Bull” Bagley?

Jake: I view this fight as I view most things in life, it’s an opportunity, Cage Titans has been widely publicized and well respected for a while now, people are going to see my name, a win in their cage opens all kinds of doors; doors I plan on knocking down and running through!

Last but not least, we know no one makes the walk to the cage alone, tell me about your support group; Sponsors, Coaches, Training Partners anyone who has helped you prepare for your fight June 15th in Plymouth, Massachusetts….

Jake: Again my main guy is Bill Jones, his Team Kaos/ The Shop logo will be front and center on my walkout shirt. Of course Devin Powell, both have always been open and honest with me and continue to train me to the best of their abilities. Huge shout out to my sponsors; Green Gold, Sneakers Graphics, Brooks Mechanics, Dan Kelley at Skull and Snake Tattoo, Langevin Drywall, Hall Brothers Roofing, The Tranch Ranch and Uncle Pete’s Relief. You guys all jumped at the chance to join my team and be in my corner, when others were all talk you guys had my back and I am 100% grateful for you all! June 15th wouldn’t be possible without my incredible team. Get Ready Plymouth, Massachusetts, here comes Team Bagley!

Cage Titans 44 will take place Saturday June 15th from Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts starting at 6pm eastern time and will be streamed live on For tickets visit