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June 22, 2019

NEF 39 LIVE REVIEW 6/22/2019

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We are live here at New England Fights.  They have a total of 15 fights in which two of them are professional bouts.  They did lose the main event due to a tough weight cut by Josh Harvey.  We wish him the best in healing up.  Also on the card will be 1 amateur title fight.  The Boucher/Presley fight was changed to a non-title fight due to weight issues.  Pete Czymbor will be host of the night and the refs are Alan Lau and Steve Rita.  The ring girls are the beautiful Veayo twins.  The national anthem has been sung and the fights are about to begin.  During intermission tonight there will be a wedding which will be a first for me to see in the cage.  Another nice touch I want to mention is when the fighters walk out the lights are either blue or red depending on their corner.

145 AM Brandon Maillet-Fevens ( 1-1 CMBJJ) vs. Cody Kilton (0-0 First Class MMA)

Cody rushes in with a right hand.  Brandon gets in a kick to the body.  Cody closes the distance and they collide into the cage.  Brandon takes him down and has the side.  He postures up and drops some punches to the side.  He is now in halfguard and Cody is doing a good job at minimizing damage.  Cody bucks him off and they scramble.  Brandon connects with a right that drops Cody and he gets the ref stoppage.

Brandon Maillet-Fevens defeats Cody Kilton via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:32in Round 1.

185 AM Henry Jeffs (0-0 Independent) vs. Greg Ishihara (0-1 Recon)

They are both swinging and Greg connects and takes Henry to the mat.  He has his back and is hammering him with hammerfists.  He gets the ref stoppage.

Greg Ishihara defeats Henry Jeffs via tko stoppage to strikes at 49 seconds in Round 1.

175 AM Brandon Russell (0-2 Independent) vs. David Hart (0-4 Kenney's MMA)

Brandon gets in a quick jab and closes the gap.  He gets a guillotine and pulls guard.  He is trying hard for the finish but can’t get it.  David is out and passes to the side.  He gets in 4 good punches to the body.  David works a guillotine and gets the tap.

David Hart defeats Brandon Russell via tapout to guillotine at in 2:37 Round 1.

175 AM Jon Assam (0-1 CMBJJ) vs. Justin Philbrook (0-1 Independent)

They are going at it!  Jon gets hit right in the cup.  He has no choice but to shrug it off and continue the fight.  Justin gets in a shot to the body.  Great back and forth round with each fighter working their striking.  The crowd is definitely into this fight.  

Real close round, could go either way.

Rd 2:  Jon starts the round out with an inside leg kick.  Justin dives for a takedown but can’t get it.  Justin lunges forward with a right.  Justin connects with another right that hits Jon hard.  The crowd roars.  They are both swinging away.

Philbrook 10-9

Rd 3:  Jon starts the round off with some kicks.  They are still content just swinging hard at each other all the way into round 3.  Jon is starting to turn it on now and getting in some heavy shots.  Justin catches a leg kick and Jon slips to the mat.  Jon is trying for rear naked choke but is too high.  Jon sweeps and is now on top.  The crowd is roaring and he backs off.  They are back to their feet swinging away.

Another close round!

Jon Assam defeats Justin Philbrook via split decision.  What a war!

170 AM Dylan Williams (0-0 Independent) vs. Mike Murray (0-0 Independent)

They clinch and then break.  They are both swinging and kicking wildly.  Dylan gets Mike to the mat and Mike sweeps.  He is in half guard for a bit.  Dylan gets some space and rolls him over.  He gets kicked off and then dives back in.  Mike sweeps and now has full mount.  He gets in a few punches and then Dylan gives up his back.  He works the rear naked choke and gets the tap.

Mike Murray defeats Dylan Williams via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:15 in Round 1.

155 AM Nate White (1-0 CMBJJ) vs. Justin Kangas (0-0 First Class MMA)

They collide and Justin gets in a knee.  They break and are now swinging away.  Nate gets Justin down to the mat and is in guard.  He passes to full mount and postures up.  He is trying for the finish but he is saved by the bell.

White 10-9

Rd 2:  Justin connects with a front kick and Nate takes him down.  He is in half guard and and he passes to full mount.  He is dropping bombs and gets the ref stoppage.

Nate White defeats Justin Kangas via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:13 Round 1.

170 AM Jason Landry (1-0 Team Landry) vs. Dan Seigars (0-0 Independent)

Jason Landry connects with a punch and Dan turns.  He connects with another right and Dan is out cold.

Jason Landry defeats Dan Seigars via ko at 7 seconds in Round 1.

155 AM Jimmy Jackson (3-3 Young's MMA) vs. Brandon Sewall (0-0 Independent)

They are both working their strikes.  Jimmy gets the takedown but is caught in a guillotine.  He pulls his head free and he now has the back.  He works the rear naked choke and gets the tap.

Jimmy Jackson defeats Brandon Sewall via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:01 in Round 1.

155 AM Joe Howard (1-2 CMBJJ) vs. Jordan Crim (0-0 United Fighting Arts Institute)

Jordan Crim connects with a combo that drops Joe and the ref has seen enough.

Jordan Crim defeats Joe Howard via tko to strikes at 8 seconds in Round 1.

135 AM Megan Rosado (1-1 Evolution Athletix) vs. Sarai Knapp (0-0 Lee Brothers MMA)

Megan gets in the first jab.  Megan gets in a good right.  Megan goes for the takedown and is in half guard.  She passes to full mount and gets in 2 hammerfists.  Megan starts punching faster and gets the ref stoppage.

Megan Rosado defeats Sarai Knapp via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:30 in Round 1.

New England Fights doesn’t always have an intermission but when they do they have a wedding in the cage.  I stole that line from Warchild.  Congrats to the Arnold family on getting married.  Awesome job.  There wasn’t a dry eye around the cage!

155 AM Garry Carr (1-1 CMBJJ) vs. Clifford Redman (0-9 Independent)

Cliff with the body shot to start the round.  Clifford with another hard right.  Garry clinches with Cliff and gets in a knee.  They break and are in the center.  Clifford gets in 3 good punches.  Garry gets in a good right and drops Clifford.  Garry is on top and Clifford gives up his back.  Garry gets in some ground and pound and within a second left of the round gets the ref stoppage.

Garry Carr defeats Clifford Redman via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:59 in Round 1.  Garry beats his record for being the oldest person to win in the NEF cage!

125 AM TITLE: Glory Watson (4-0 Young's MMA) vs. Caree Hill (4-1 Team Quest)

Caree gets in a inside leg kick and goes for the takedown.  Glory defends and they both exchange knees and break.  Caree is now pressing Glory up against the cage and is working knees to the thigh.  They break and Glory gets in a solid right.  

Hill 10-9

Rd 2:  Glory gets in a leg kick.  Caree is pressing Glory up against the cage again.  Glory rolls out and gets in a knee to the body.  Blood is forming around Caree’s eye.  Caree is once again clinching Glory up against the cage working her knees.  Glory spins out and they are in the center.  Glory grabs hold of her shoulder and swings her to the mat as the round ends.

Real close round

Rd 3:  They are both exchanging leg kicks.  Caree is pressing Glory up against the cage.  Caree works the takedown and is in guard.  They are tied and they are each striking each other.  

Another close round. Hill 10-9

Rd 4:  Caree gets in a couple leg kicks.  Glory initiates the clinch and Caree has her up against the cage.  They are both exchanging knees to the body.  They break and Glory gets in a combo.  Caree clinches with her and they break.  Now they are both swinging.  

Once again another close round.  

Rd 5:  They are both swinging.  Glory got the better of the exchange.  Caree is now pressing Glory up against the cage.  They break and Caree tries to clinch again.  They break and Glory gets in another good combo.  They fall to the mat and Caree is trying for an armbar but can’t get it.  Glory has hold of the neck and is on top as the round ends.

Watson 10-9

Glory Watson defeats Caree Hill via split decision.  Glory becomes the new NEF 125 lb amateur champ!

125 AM Nate Boucher (4-3 CMBJJ) vs. Robert Presley (5-4 10th Planet/Lancaster Academy)

Nate dives in for a takedown and he gets it.  Robert is very active from the bottom and Nate takes the back.  He flattens him and is trying for the rear naked choke.  He sticks with it and gets the tap.

Nate Boucher defeats Robert Presley via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:46 in Round 1.

160 PRO  Keegan Hornstra (4-10 Evolution Athletix) vs. Dominic Jones (1-1 First Class MMA)

They are both working their strikes.  Dom goes for a takedown but Keegan defends it.  Dom rushes in with a punch and gets the takedown.  He grabs the back and works the rear naked choke for the tap.

Dominic Jones defeats Keegan Hornstra via tapout to rear naked choke at 57 seconds in Round 1.

155 PRO TITLE: Jesse Erickson (9-7 CMBJJ) vs. Dylan Lockard (5-1 PMAA)

Jesse goes high with a kick.  Dylan connects with a right.  Dylan connects with a right and Jesse is hurt.  Dylan is on top dropping elbows and the ref has seen enough.

Dylan Lockard defeats Jesse Erickson via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:15 in Round 1.  Dylan is now the NEF 155 pro lightweight champion.

New England Fights announces their next show will be September 7th in Orono Maine at the Calling Center for the Arts.  Ras Hylton and Zac Richards will be on the card.